Getaway 3/? (EunHae, SJ, EN, angst, romance, PG-M)

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Getaway 3/? (EunHae, SJ, EN, angst, romance, PG-M)

ViestiKirjoittaja jamie » To Heinä 18, 2013 6:12 pm

TITLE Getaway
AUTHOR jamie / puplished originally at under my other nickname faithphase
LENGHT about 15 chapters at most?
GENRE angst, romance,
FANDOM Super Junior
WARNINGS bad language, possible violence, possible smut
SUMMARY “Sometimes I feel like my head is like the sea; the water is moving, but at the same time it’s not going anywhere.
I just hear the wind and the waves humming in my head, and there’s nothing else but the hum.

...And I’m all alone even when the whole world is around me.”

AN This is my first fanfiction in English, so please be merciful. :) Also my first kpop-fic. As you can suppose English isn't my native language, and I haven't studied it after ninth class. You can comment in English or Finnish. There might be some typos, and I try to correct them anytime I notice them. If you've read and don't want to comment, please at least click like/tykkää! Hope you can enjoy. If you find some bad grammar mistakes, please inform me.

I've started to rewrite the chapters, so these three first chapters are the updated ones for now!


1 BOY - X

The rain was falling heavily to the ground, and the sky was covered with dark clouds. There were also big puddles everywhere and some of the streets were almost churning with the water.

It couldn't possibly be any other day than Monday.

Most of the high school students were already inside – luckily for them – just waiting for their classes to start, as well as few of the B-class’ students were doing.

Donghae was sitting on the bench with his two friends, chatting about everything and nothing about their ordinary lives as they always did. They talked about Sungmin’s success in his martial arts hobby; about the new, 'definitely mind-blowing' game Kyuhyun was impatiently waiting; about the latter’s annoying sister and how Kyuhyun had avenged the girl by flavoring her dinner with enormous amount of chili; how Donghae’s neighbor’s kids had stained the building’s wall with mud and had gotten scolded quite loudly and so on. But eventually there was only five minutes left before the classes would start, so they decided to get up from their asses and started to walk towards the classroom.

They were all wearing the same, boringly wonted school uniforms; black pants and a white collared shirt with a dark burgundy tie and none other than a black jacket with their school’s logo on top of it all. Donghae had the exactly same costume as everyone else, but he was fond of keeping the few top buttons of his shirt open, his tie was loose and his jacket was rarely buttoned up. His warm chestnut-brown hair was styled the same as when he crawled up from his bed in the morning, and he didn’t usually differ with this rule. It was only the first and the lasts days of schools when he had enough time or energy to do any proper styling, so for the rest of the year it remained as the same bedhead.

From the outside he didn’t have many flaws to whine about – except the fact that he was a bit too short for his own liking – so it wasn't a surprise that he was quite popular amongst the girls. But he didn't usually even notice the attention he got; he was mostly happy the way he was and he didn't have the insurmountable urge to give his time to those girls. Of course he was quite impressed for the praises he got, but he usually felt a bit awkward to have any conversations with his admirers – so he was most likely to be the first one to flee from those embarrassing situations.

He didn't get it; he wasn’t that handsome and definitely not any more interesting than all the other guys around.

"Hey Donghae, did you do your homework?" Kyuhyun asked, obviously looking for his workbooks and notes while he was almost turning his whole backpack upside down.

In Donghae’s opinion, the one year younger and a much more talented guy should have had the status of an ‘ideal boyfriend material’. His hair was dark chocolate brown, almost black and at some points a little bit wavier. He was tall and confident, although his skin wasn’t as flawless as Donghae’s, but altogether he couldn’t understand why so many girls ignored him. And then there was Sungmin. Well, he didn’t need to think about that since the girls were usually already cooing at him and squeezing his cute hamster cheeks.

Maybe it was a bit weird for an 18 year old boy to be not-so interested in the opposite sex. But he didn’t need to hurry with things like that, right? It was normal to be more interested in sports like soccer or playing video games with his friends. There wasn’t anything wrong with that.

At least he wanted to think so.

Kyuhyun looked Donghae with extraordinary innocent eyes, making the latter sigh and dig into his own bag, since he was quite sure what was this all about. He waved his notes in the air and tilted his head with a meaningful look.

“Once again, you didn’t do your homework?" he said with a look that already told Kyuhyun that he was going to surrender, even though he was definitely mocking his friend.

"Please, give me those...! I don't want to get yelled at again. I'll be fast!" the younger guy insisted (he had skipped one class in middle school since he was so smart), and with a sigh Donghae gave up again and handed his notes to him.

"I bet you were playing and that's why you failed to do them – again. Did you even get any sleep last night? You have horrible eye-bags”, Sungmin murmured, narrowing his eyes suspiciously towards Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun was just about to start writing the answers into his own notebook, but he raised his head with miffed eyes.

"Of course not! I fell asleep while doing them, and that’s why I wasn’t able to get them ready. You're always so doubtful..." the youngest huffed, trying to write the answers down as fast as he could, even though the two others knew his friend’s habits well enough. It was already beyond eight and the teacher could come in any second, the youngest really needed to hurry and they decided it to let it be.

"Because you're no one to trust in that aspect..." Sungmin sighed in defeat and fortunately Kyuhyun didn’t hear him. But then he turned his head towards the door, just to see when their teacher finally came in and was about to start their class.

"Crap!" the one hissed, trying to look guiltless while writing the last words down. But he was done in time, sighing in relief and giving Donghae's notes back to their owner.

"I owe you", Kyuhyun whispered. Donghae leaned towards the other one, so their older teacher wouldn’t hear them talking.

"Like this would be your last time”, he scoffed. “Just give me a good Christmas present, I’ve been counting these down and when the semester ends you’ll have a nice pot to pay back.”

Kyuhyun groaned exasperatedly, then shutting his mouth when their teacher started the class with his monotonic and extremely boring voice.

He really tried his best to focus on the teaching, but it was almost impossible; the subject was boring, and since it had been raining outside for all the morning, he felt way more than he would if the sun would have been shining. Bored, he twiddled his pen between his fingers, fighting against the sleepiness that hovered over the whole classroom. He was too tired to even think about anything. Donghae yawned, a bit too loudly and their teacher gave him a grim look. He shut his mouth and could hear some subdued giggles coming from his classmates mouths.

After a hour and forty five minutes of math the sky was finally starting to get clearer. The brunette noticed it and smiled a little towards the windows when the rain stopped from falling and it discretely lifted his mood at least.

Eventually the lesson was over and they had 15 minutes of break. Without any said words all the three boys stood up and left the room, heading to the corridors to pass the time.

Donghae exhaled loudly when he had sat down onto the floor and leaning his back against the wall. Everyone remained silent for a good minute, trying to bear with the weariness. But Donghae was about to ask something about their P.E. class, Sungmin was faster opening his mouth.

“Did you know that that guy’s father died because of an overdose in last week?”

“Who are you talking about?" Donghae asked while frowning, having not seen Sungmin’s miniature head- and eye-gesture towards one of the guy’s sitting alone at the other side of the corridor.

“He”, he nodded his head side-on, “The one with the blueish hair. I don't remember his first name, but it’s Lee something", Kyuhyun answered before Sungmin.

Donghae noticed the blue haired guy with a big bruise on his face. He looked like he was totally in his own world while listening to music from his headphones, tapping his fingers against his thigh and staring somewhere to the floor in front of him.

"I heard that his father was really a junkie”, Sungmin murmured quietly, frowning his eyebrows and turning his head to Donghae. “Heroin”, Min continued, whispering.

"Makes me think where did he get that bruise, because that looks pretty new to me", Kyuhyun said, leaning his head against the wall.

Donghae didn't say anything to that because he drowned in his outpouring thoughts. He felt bit badly for the guy – and actually ‘a bit’ was an understatement – he couldn't possibly have very nice life if his father was a drug addict and now he looked like he had been beaten up. But if his father was dead, who had been the one to hit him? His mother? He really doubted that, since the mark seemed to be from a fist more than from a palm. Why would anyone hit him? Was he one of those guys who were always seeking for fights and troubles? Could that be that…the drug addict’s son was a junkie too?

Even though Donghae’s mother was frequently away because of her work, and his older brother was a university student, he often spent his time alone.

Nonetheless he thought that they still had a kind of a good life. His mother was kind and was working so hard to give a better education and a life overall for his boys.

So in his opinion, that blue haired one really had a tough life. It was something that was hard to understand when you didn’t have to worry about things that were regular for him and happening without he needed to do anything else but to study and be a good son.

He didn’t realize, but he was occasionally throwing glances towards the guy on the other side. And even he – he who knew really little about depression or such things could still easily see that in those black eyes floated much of sadness. Donghae couldn’t see the reason behind it though. He couldn’t say if that look was caused by that kid’s father’s death; or because someone had hit him; or if it was just plain depression towards everything? How much pain could a one guy evens drag inside him?

Donghae knew that he had seen that guy before inside the school building, but not many often when he started to think about that more. Actually very rarely - but he didn't know if it was because he didn't give any attention to it or if the guy did just skive a lot. Donghae didn't do that – even when he didn't like school that much, he was able to see his friends in school at least.

Had he ever seen that guy hanging around with anyone...? Donghae furrowed his eyebrows, trying to memorize even some tiny moments, but in the end he didn’t find any. He had never seen that blue mop of hair close to anybody.

Why, though?

This brunette wasn’t someone who would judge anyone because of their parents, conditions at home, et cetera. That guy was skinny, but there really wasn’t any out-standing reason to avoid him. When he looked closer, he saw that he actually had some darker eyeliner – or something like that, he wasn’t the expert with those things anyway – and of course he had his extraordinary blue hair. It wasn’t that often when people dyed their hair and usually not with blue at least. But it didn’t look bad on him.

Donghae was suddenly returned from his thoughts back into reality when he felt a painful poke on his ribs. And he then noticed how most of the other students had already returned to their classroom. He followed his two friends with slouching steps while sighing heavily for the umpteenth time in the last 15 minutes without even noticing it himself.

It was finally time for the lunch break and Donghae arrived to the canteen with his friends. Kyuhyun was being enthusiastic about his new gaming records and Sungmin was forced to listen that endless babbling about it, when the older one just couldn't say no to him when he was so excited about his favorite thing like a 5 year old so it was already too cute to have a heart to cut it off.

Donghae should have been listening to it too, but he was abnormally quiet, sunk deep in his thoughts. He didn't even know why he thought about that – thinking so much it was almost annoying him already. He hissed lightly and soon they sat down at their usual table in the middle of the right side of the refectory. Even Kyu stopped his waffling and giving furrowed brows at first to Sungmin, then towards Donghae who was under his intense gaze now.

"How come you’re being so quiet Donghae? It’s kind of…unusual for you”, Sungmin muttered, picking on his food with his chopsticks. He received a troublesome look from the brunette, who then turned his eyes to elsewhere, trying to avoid a conversation of this matter.

“It's…nothing, really”, Donghae tried, making his voice sound like he was tired or bored, but he also knew that his friends knew him way too well to catch up when he was lying. And he was a horrible liar.

“Don't even try”, Kyuhyun scoffed, eyes narrowed, tilting his head.

“I'm just tired, I didn't sleep very well. The… One neighbor was making some noises at night.”

Sungmin gave him an unconvincing gaze, obviously not buying that, but he stayed silent and thought that it would be better if Donghae told them when he wanted to by himself – not by force. Ultimately Donghae would tell if something was really bothering him.

Now he didn't know – he didn't even know why he kept thinking about everything. And today, 'everything' meant mostly that boy who had that a bruise on his face.

Just why…? Why it was disrupting him so much?

When the school day ended, Donghae headed straight to home. He wasn't interested to interact with his friends any more that day, and he mostly just wanted to be left alone; spend some time by himself.

The area was actually a block full of almost identical flats side by side with two floors and three apartments on each. The building’s plastering was just plain creamy white with dark frames and roof. He lived at the second floor, so he needed to jog up the spiral staircase. Their door was the dark gray one in the middle and the number on it was 13 So far it hadn't brought them any bad luck.

When he got inside, he noticed the pile of mail lying on the floor. He picked the letters up and threw them on top of the commode and kicked his sneakers off his feet.

He was glad to be finally at home, and for once it was actually relieving to be home alone without anyone in sight. Even their mother wasn't going to be at home till Thursday and his brother, Dongwha, wasn't probably going to be home before eight in the evening, so Donghae really spent quite a lot of time on his own. But he was 18 already, so it shouldn't be a big thing.

Sometimes, however, he felt pretty lonely because he didn't meet his friends often outside the school, when both of them had their own lives and hobbies. After school they also were usually so exhausted that no-one was energetic enough to go anywhere when next day was going to be a school day again.

While slightly changing his backpack's position on his back he thought that he should probably do first all of his homework. Even if he truthfully wanted to just sink on his bed, close his eyes and forget everything for a little while.

He closed the room's door after him and decided actually to do what he had dreamt of and sighed heavily while falling down on his bed. He was feeling so lazy and exhausted physically, but his head was much worse when it felt like it could burst into little pieces.

Maybe his subconscious was actually too overdriven, so it felt like his superficial thoughts had all just escaped. And it was weird, because he rarely stopped to think about anything very profound. He didn't have to – even when his life wasn't all happy-happy joy-joy, but his life was still just so normal and didn't include anything special that would cause some deeper thinking.

Somehow he still felt that he needed to understand more. He just needed to understand what kind of life the blue haired guy had and what kind of things chased him so down.

Donghae had easily seen the sorrow, despair and pain in the guy's pitch-black eyes, and he almost shivered when he thought those painful looking eyes.

Why couldn’t he stop thinking? It was nothing new to see people like that around him – or was it, actually? Had he ever really paid any attention till this certain day? He wanted to answer yes, but his heart said against it. Had he always been so indifferent towards people who were slightly different?

The brunette rolled around on his bed, holding a pillow against his chest and he really hoped the ceiling would come to be more interesting when he just kept gazing it, but no, it didn't. At all.

Why had someone wanted to hurt him like that? Was all that pain coming from the inside, or was it actually coming from the outside? Was there someone, one certain who was making his life so hard? Had his father been one of the reasons why the boy was like that today?

What was his name anyway…?

Hastily he sat up and viewed the bookcase on the other side of his room, and he remembered that their school distributed a yearbook every year. He didn't have the last year's book because it, but he had the first year’s. The guy was apparently about as old as he and on the same grade level, somehow he had the hunch that he was in either in the class E or F. Donghae almost jumped on the floor and searched that book with his eyes among the other books, sliding his fingers against the back of the book’s.

“Where is it, damn it…”

He was almost giving up when he finally observed a navy blue book on the top shelf. It was the right one. His fingers grabbed the heavy book and he sat back down on the floor and started to riffle the pages in a hurry. He was on the B-class, and there was five others too till F. Donghae shifted through every student, every Lees even more precisely. He narrowed his eyes while looking through everyone, checking everything at least twice before he moved forward – until he finally got on to the pages of the E-class. And there he was.

His eyes widened in surprise - like he wouldn’t have believed that he could find him at all. But it was the same guy; looking a bit younger of course, with his original, black hair color and a different hairstyle, but it couldn’t be anyone else. He couldn’t go wrong with those eyes and that sunken expression.

Donghae felt how his heart skipped few beats even though the muscle inside his ribcage was mostly beating in an erratic way.

Hyukjae. Lee Hyukjae.
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Re: Getaway 1/? (Super Junior, ENG, angst, romance)

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Donghae had fallen asleep on his bed while he had tried to do his homework, due to the exhaustion caused by math. He had slept peacefully his head on top of an open math book, his body rolled in some kind of a curl. His arms and knees were towards the wall which was decorated with some photos of him, Kyuhyun and Sungmin, some posters and just random pictures.

It was already twenty minutes past eight in the evening, and Donghae had fallen asleep over two hours ago.

The door of Donghae’s room was soon opened, when his big brother peeked into his room. He furrowed his eyebrows, but then a slight smile increased up to his lips when he noticed Donghae sleeping. He leaned over his brother and blew to his ear teasingly, which made the younger whine because of the discomfort feeling.

”Donghae, you should probably wake up.”

The latter just hummed in his sleep and pulled the duvet even closer to his chin, still giving no bigger reaction to his brother’s voice. Donghwa shook the younger one’s body and it made the other one narrow his eyes and yawn sleepily, until Donghae turned around towards his brother.

”How long you’ve been sleeping?” the older asked while his eyebrows elevated questioningly.

“Uh, what’s the time?” Donghae questioned, looking around and trying to find his cellphone. But he didn’t find it and he turned his gaze back to his brother, waiting for an answer.

”8:30PM, I just came home.”

“Oh fuck, how perfect… How I’m supposed to sleep at night…”

Dongwha, with his brown university logoed hoodie and regular blue jeans, pouted his lips and patted his brother’s shoulder gently. They had always been close, but nowadays the older one was much busier with his studies, so they didn’t really have time to each other anymore. When they did though, it felt like they were just being kids again. They could talk about anything and tease each other – just like back in the days.

“Are you hungry? I could do some dinner – I mean, some ramen maybe…?” the older one said, while Donghae still tried to wake up into this world again. But he had been sleeping so long it wasn’t that easy. However, he managed to sit up, soon rubbing his eyes and yawning heavily. Then his stomach started to growl loudly, giving his quite clear answer to his brother’s question.

“I guess you are”, Donghwa snickered. He stood up and ruffled up his little brother’s brown, soft hair, leaving them just even messier than they already had been. “You kid.”

“Maybe, but I’m starving”, Donghae said, focusing his eyes on to the pile of school books, pens and notes. He realized that he had managed to do only half of his math works.

Suddenly remembered a certain person and how he had been thinking about Hyukjae – a lot before he had fallen asleep. It started to really annoy him already, because he didn’t know anything about him, except his name. And it was actually none of Donghae’s business to think about Hyukjae’s life. They were completely strangers to each other and there was no chance they could get to know each other, so he didn’t have any good reason to keep on worrying about him all the time.

It was so hard to focus on anything when his mind was more occupied to think about a guy who wouldn’t most likely give a damn about him. He didn’t know what kind of voice did he had, what was his favorite subject was – just nothing. And it was driving Donghae crazy faster than he wanted.

With a deep exhale he decided to put his school books back into his backpack, even though half of them were still undone, then stretching his arms and back, hearing a loud snap from his joints that made him groan. I should just forget him. We have nothing in common. He may not even know about my existence…

Just few minutes later his brother yelled that the food was getting cold if he wouldn’t come to eat right now. So, Donghae stood up and strolled into the kitchen while badly trying to shut off his continuously babbling mind.

After eating some simple ramen he went back to his room, leaning against the window and looking upon the city which was bathing in the nightly neon lights. It was already dark, but at least the weather was much better than in the morning; the sky was almost completely clear - just some little light, fluffy gray clouds could be seen right above the buildings. But when the clouds faded off there was only the darkness and few little stars left. It was actually quite rare to see stars there, but now he really could see a few of them – and it was beautiful. Somehow the outside was calling Donghae, and he actually felt like he might need some fresh air.

Luckily it was still so warm outside so a burgundy red hoodie was enough to keep him ward. He also changed his black school pants to more skinnier and stylish black jeans, which definitely felt more ‘him’ than those shapeless pants. Donghae took his cellphone and keys, and walked to the hallway, immediately receiving a question from his brother.

“Where are you going?”

“Just…out”, Donghae answered, while same time he tied his shoelaces of his black Converses.

“Okay. Don’t stay too late though, you have school tomorrow, kiddo.”

“Neh. I’m going”, he murmured, then disappearing from the apartment.

He walked out of their house, just wandering forward on the streets. The weather had pleasantly cooled off and Donghae liked it more that way. He felt how the fresh air infiltrated inside his lungs and made his head feel lighter. The air had some kind of calming trait to him and it felt so good.

He didn’t even notice how his feet just brought him forward and forward, and in no time he was actually twenty minutes away from the area he lived.

The yellowish lights of the street lamps illuminated the way to the park, where he used to go play with his brother already so many years ago. There were many trees and in the daylight it looked very pretty and peaceful with lots of nature’s radiant and vivid colors.

The gravels under his feet kept making a crunchy sound until he deviated from the original route and took the small path through the few large pinewoods, until he could see the bright, almost white lights coming somewhere further. There was also a children playground with swings and climbing frames, two sandboxes, carousel and benches surrounded by the low wooden fence. On the other side of the fence was a basketball court. It looked like a popular playground, and when he had been younger, it surely had been. Now it looked a bit sad and abandoned in the increasing darkness of the night and when there was none one to play and have fun at this time anymore.

It was almost scary when the street lamps’ lights enlightened only those few crooks of it and the shadows covered most it while the thick, white fog soared around the field. And Donghae really felt like he had been scared to death when he noticed he wasn’t actually alone, unlike he had thought. He just didn’t expect anyone to be there.

Donghae flinched and whimpered like a kicked puppy when he saw that someone was sitting on top of one of the climbing frames.

“What the heck are you doing there?” he suddenly yelled without thinking, almost startling himself again with his own, loud voice. He got back only a questioning look from the guy – apparently – who had black a cap and hood over his head. Donghae couldn’t really see any better, since the street lamps didn’t properly light the sight.

“Is it your goddamn business?” the stranger huffed, inevitably annoyed, with that hoarse voice that sent shivers running along Donghae’s spine. It was so cold and so distant, yet somehow surprisingly…was it even rightful to say…addictive?

“It is, b-because you scared me!” Donghae huffed, a little bit embarrassed because it really wasn’t his business to intervene whatever the stranger wanted to do with his spare time. The guy didn’t even answer, although he kept going. ”O-okay, I find it kind of creepy that you just sit there alone in the dark and startle innocent people!” Donghae said a bit annoyed, hoping that he would even get a proper answer once. He knew he should leave, but he was also fascinated by the guy’s voice and his deviant, mysterious essence.

And because he was very often acting like a stubborn and bored five year old kid, he wanted to stay because then he would able (or at least try) to talk to this someone. Even if this weird stranger didn’t seem to be interested about Donghae’s presence even a bit.

“So what”, the guy stated coldly, not even turning his gaze towards Donghae, who was getting impatient. Seriously what’s wrong with this guy…!

“You could at least apologize like normal people would do”, Donghae murmured with enough voice so the hooded guy would definitely hear it even if he didn’t want to, while stomping his foot against the ground.

“I’m not like everyone else and I’m not going to apologize”, the stranger said, tone still cold and indifferent. Actually nothing changed in his voice or tone. It remained exactly the same.

His words made Donghae narrow his eyes tighter and look up to the figure. He couldn’t see his facial features or his other features at all because it was so dark and the guy’s hoodie was so loose, black and shut up to the neck.

Donghae didn’t know what to do anymore. Usually he would have just walked away like anyone else, but now it didn’t seem to be his first option. The stranger was being like a magnet that kept him there.

“Why are you here?” the brunette then asked, confused. He didn’t want to give up but he already felt so frustrated. When he thought about it, somehow this guy’s voice reminded him of Hyukjae. But there was no way… There was no way he could be Hyukjae, right?

Donghae was almost able to forget the darkness of the night, although the situation was somewhat strange. He felt like he was stepping on thin ice, constantly waiting for it to crack.

It was not difficult to perceive how the stranger hanging on top of the frames didn’t want anyone to interfere with his being – and perhaps because of his strong repulsive attitude, Donghae wanted to stay even more stubbornly.

That guy wanted so much him to leave that it caused the opposite reaction in another. It felt like that that cold toned voice had delved deep into Donghae’s bones and he didn’t want to let go.

Donghae looked up frowning slightly, although he couldn’t see the other's face at all. He felt weird inside his stomach, which wasn’t really comfortable in any way; it was more like a strange mixture of anxiety, confusion and excitement when he was so damn curious about this young man, who would probably prefer to punch him straight to the face than to get to know Donghae. And judging by the voice the stranger was somewhere around the same age gap as he.

”Why aren’t you going already?” the low, clearly irritated voice asked, causing Donghae to fall from his daydreams.

Everything else had been long forgotten and Donghae was just concentrating to think about the moment, which was not very neutral but not completely full of pure loathing either.

”I have a right to be here if I want”, Donghae instantly answered, with a bit of new-found confidence (although he still sounded like a arguing five year old).

While Donghae had kept insisting his will, he didn’t realize that from the above it was much easier to see his obvious characteristics than from the ground where he stood. The light shadowed over the other's face, so Donghae couldn’t properly see the other’s face from any angle.

”I’ve seen you before”, the darker figure said suddenly said, with a somehow deeper voice.

The very phrase sent chills down to Donghae’s spines, but the tone of the voice made ​​him shiver in earnest. The stranger’s appearance was so icy, so hard and almost cruel, even if he hadn’t yet said anything much at all.

Donghae couldn’t help but wonder what had made this boy so antagonistic at this young age.

”M-me?” Donghae stuttered nervously, which greatly annoyed him. He didn’t want to sound timid nor insecure either.

The boy didn’t reply to Donghae’s stutter, but instead kept seated at his place quietly, until he raised his eyes to the sky and spoke, and Donghae could only see a hint of his pale, quite sharp jawline.

”…And I know you’ve seen me. Though, I bet you have only looked at me but you never had really seen.”

Donghae felt that his head emptied in a record speed. What on earth was that supposed to mean? But those words made him think. Those made him think about the time earlier that day when he had thought about Hyukjae. The blue haired guy from the corridor…

The fact, that he had never noticed him, even though he had perhaps seen. And it felt so true it almost made him feel sick.

Suddenly, maybe fortunately, his phone began to ring, cutting Donghae’s thoughts and he quickly dug it out of his pocket, turning his back to the frame for a moment. He recognized the familiar caller ID and raised the phone against his ear.

”Hey kid, where are you? It’s kind of late already, you should come home. I don’t like that you’re wandering around at this time”, his big brother said and Donghae was easily able to recognize the grinning from is voice. Even though Donghae was already an adult, he did understand that his brother had his duty to take care of him when their mother wasn’t around. Though, Donghwa did enjoy mocking him because of his younger age and sometimes it made the brunette feel a little bit embarrassed.

”Y-yeah, I’m coming”, he said but couldn’t really focus on the phone call when his mind was wandering somewhere else.

”Well then, I’m going to sleep now. I have an exam tomorrow so I might come a bit later again”, Donghwa said, and Donghae knew he was smiling. They bid short goodbyes and the call was soon ended.

Donghae exhaled and stuffed the phone back into his pocket, then turning around, hoping that he could ask the hooded boy what he had been talking about, but unfortunately, he couldn’t. The boy was already long gone. Donghae hadn’t even heard the other going, and it almost seemed like there originally had been no one. But before getting paranoid about becoming crazy, he saw the footprints on the sand. Otherwise the situation would have been far too oppressive for his liking. Why did he disappear like this? He was like…a ghost… He gulped, turning against the direction where he came from, with the intention to walk home by the most direct route.

Where did this guy seriously come from, though? And why was Donghae’s life suddenly filled up with people who messed up with his mind like this?

And Hyukjae… I’ve never talked to him. I’ve barely noticed him before either. Now he’s the only one taking my attention, until this guy. Even though it sounds crazy, I can’t stop thinking about him – or this guy now.

They are both so different from me. People notice me because they think I’m good looking. I haven’t noticed Hyukjae before Sungmin mentioned about him. Am I really that indifferent towards other people than my friends?

Why these kinds of people just suddenly appear to my life, and even into my thoughts?

All the way till home Donghae was deeply lost in his thoughts. He couldn’t concentrate to anything else, even if he tried.

It feels like someone is trying to get inside my head. But I don’t really understand why. Is there something I need to understand? What could it possibly be?

It’s like… Hyukjae and this guy… They’re living in greyscale when my life is in full colors. But is it really so? Is my life in full colors? Am I happy with my life?

Why do they have so much sorrow in their eyes? Is there anyone they can rely on…?

It took Donghae good half an hour to finally get home. He tried to be silently so he wouldn’t wake up his brother, who seemed to be asleep already because the apartment was unlit and he couldn’t hear any noises coming. He sneaked into his room, took of his hoodie and jeans and then lied down on his bed.

Only the street lamps lights lightened his room, and he could only see the shadows getting darker. Still, he knew that he would not be able to fall asleep soon. He was too awake after his little nap and the long walk, and not at least because of the encounter with the strange guy. He decided to stare up to the ceiling, trying to settle his storming head. Maybe it would black him out in the end.


There was only darkness and echoing whispers around him. He couldn’t see anything at first until he felt the strangling pain all over him, though he couldn’t feel anything else than the pain. His heart was hollow.

He tried to stand up, but it took him minutes that felt like an eternity. But somehow, suddenly gaining some strength he managed to stand up. His feet felt like stones and every movement was exhausting as hell.

He could hear his rough breathing getting even more difficult, like the air was lacking in the emptiness.

Suddenly he heard a loud rustle of countless wings, and he realized the darkness over him was hovered by flock of white crows. When he looked closer, he could see that everything was actually seen in negatives.

And the birds were screaming – the caw of the crows was agonizing and ear hurting.

…Until it was totally silent again.

He breathed heavily, trying to bear with his overly beating heart which made his chest ache. Now the silence was even more oppressive than the caws before. His hands were shaking brutally and he could feel the ice cold sweat on his skin when the whispers came back again.

He couldn’t hear his own voice when he tried to speak. His mouth didn’t move at all and nothing came out – and he couldn’t move any other muscle either.

And when he was finally able to speak again, he knew that no one was listening.

No one ever was.
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Re: Getaway 3/? (Super Junior, ENG, angst, romance, K18)

ViestiKirjoittaja jamie » Ma Heinä 22, 2013 5:33 pm


The following days went by in a thick mental fog. Donghae had been absent-minded, almost completely in his own thoughts for all the time, and unusually quiet.

Kyuhyun and Sungmin were putting up a note of it, but hadn’t immediately started to demand information from him because of the assumption that it could be just fatigue. But three days began to be too much for them, when they finally opened their mouths since it was so rare that Donghae was behaving like that.

”Donghae, are you seriously alright? You’ve been so… Not yourself at all. You know you can talk to us, right?” Sungmin said as they were sitting at the lunch table in the cafeteria. They always sat in the same area, at the dining room’s far end in the table for four, if no one invited them to sit elsewhere.

Donghae looked up from his food, not quite knowing what to say. He poked his food with disposable chopsticks, turning his gaze away while sighing. He knew he had been acting quite weirdly for his character, and of course his two best friends would notice something like that.

”I’m…fine. I just have lot of things in my mind lately…” he said, hoping that those two wouldn’t ask more, because he honestly didn’t know how to answer.

Neither of his friends was quite satisfied with the answer that didn’t really tell them anything; it wasn’t really exhaustive or calming response.

”What do you mean? What things?” Kyuhyun still tried, furrowing his eyebrows and glancing at Sungmin, who had the same expression.

“Let’s get out of here, I’m not hungry anymore”, Donghae mumbled and rose from the table. Sungmin was frowning even more, but both he and the youngest went after Donghae without insisting else.

The brunette hadn’t seen Hyukjae for couple of days, even though sometimes he really had been looking for him. Maybe they just were not occurring in the same place at the same time? Just the same, he was still a bit worried.

The trio was soon relocated into the lobby near the lockers, and Donghae leaned against them in frustration. He looked for a long time somewhere into the void, trying hard to get some words out. He had the need to talk to someone, but he wasn’t exactly sure how or what about. Even though he trusted his friends, it might have been a little suspicious if he suddenly started to show his worries towards a guy he knew nothing about.

”Uh… You guys remember the guy you talked about on Monday?” Donghae finally blurted out questioningly, still not looking straightly into his friends’ eyes.

“Who?” Sungmin asked with confusion.

“The one with the blue hair and the bruise on his face…” the latter continued, still avoiding any eye contact.

“Yeah, I remember. What about him?” Kyuhyun asked, frowning, but having that look in his eyes that Donghae would most likely need to explain this thing right from the start at some point.

”I just… I--uh, nothing… But the same day I went out to the park and met some really strange guy. He said some things that stil keep circling in my mind and… I didn’t even see his face, it was so damn dark already and he had a hood on his head. He sat on the top of a play frame and he scared me; with his presence, his words and not least with his voice. I can still hear his voice in my head crystal clear. His voice was hoarse, but icy…” Donghae babbled, but his own voice faded off at the end, so the two others probably heard only some incoherent mumbling.

“What did he say then?” Sungmin said, contemplating whether he should be waiting for something unpleasant to come or not.

”He said –“, Donghae started, but was interrupted with a very familiar figure, which he almost didn’t notice, but something in him picked on it immediately. He only saw a glimpse of Hyukjae but it was enough to stun all his vitals.

”He said…?” Kyuhyun repeated, waiting for the answer while he kept his arms crossed against his chest. But Donghae didn’t have the time to end his sentence when he saw the familiar mop of blue locks. His eyes were probably as wide as saucers, and he suddenly ran after him without hesitating.

It couldn’t be him, right? They couldn’t be the same and one person, right? But the mere essence the guy was giving was exactly the same as that guy's at the park, and Donghae just couldn’t let go of it.

“Hey! H-hyukjae, wait!”

Kyuhyun and Sungmin were flabbergasted – even they didn’t remember that guy’s first name and now Donghae was running towards that guy, while shouting his name. And they thought Donghae didn’t know him, so what on earth was happening right now?

The brunette couldn’t let the matter slip through his fingers (even though they studied in the same school and would eventually cross their paths again later), but it bothered him too much to let him go like that. The whole encounter with the boy with that dark aura had been so strange, yet it seemed to torment him so much that it could bother him for the rest of his life if he wouldn’t get the answers now.

The blue haired didn’t turn around, even if he clearly heard to be called. There could’t be so many Hyukjae’s around anyway.

But as a matter of fact, he was surprised to realize that Donghae knew his name. He certainly knew Donghae’s name, especially since many of the girls seemed to speak about him - and because he was almost always spending his time alone, he was able to hear this and that from time to time when he wasn’t listening to music.

Hyukjae wasn’t quite sure though why he had even walked so close to them so Donghae had been able to see him. Hyukjae particularly still didn’t want to speak to him when he didn’t have anything to say anyway.

The brown haired in the other hand, clearly seemed to have something to say though.


Hyukjae heard a shout behind him again, but he still didn’t dare to stop. He ignored the students who seemed to be surprised because of the absurd and strange situation. People hardly ever spoke to him if they didn’t have to – so it was even stranger when one of the popular boys wanted to talk to him so eagerly.

In the end he felt how Donghae got a grip of his shoulder, and soon turned him around to face him. His expression stayed the same, cold and annoyed, evidently giving out the unapproachable gist and aura.

”H-Hyukjae…” Donghae started a little uncertainly, without being able to decide what he wanted to say. Those chocolate brown, soft eyes had a lost gaze while he tried to grow some courage again.

” Are you… Are you the guy from the park?”

Hyukjae looked at Donghae contemptuously, wanting to just walk away when he almost had been exposed. However, the look in his eyes was only a part of his armor which prevented people from hurting him.

He didn’t know the reason he had even talked to this brunette that night; usually he kept his mouth shut and acted like no one could see him. He shifted on his place and didn’t look Donghae in the eyes.

”This city has quite a lot of parks.”

“You know what I mean”, Donghae said with a more serious look, “I remember your voice. I can’t be mistaken”, he murmured, noticing the dull gaze in the black orbs.

“Then what about it, even if I was?” Hyukjae huffed, hoping that he would get rid of the situation, and the other’s hand on his shoulder. He felt uneasy when someone touched him.

Donghae stood silent for a moment, wondering what to say next while he hadn’t thought about this in advance. He hadn’t thought that they could really be the one and same person.

Sungmin and Kyuhyun were left in their places to watch and wonder the situation and where it would develop. They didn’t have a clue why Donghae suddenly wanted to talk with that boy whom Donghae had never had anything to do with him.

The blond had at least tried to put some pieces together, guessing that Hyukjae might have something to do with the guy Donghae had just told he had met in the park. He just didn’t understand what the brunette would want to talk about with that guy.

Those two didn’t exchange a word to each other when they were focusing just to see what might happen, while being so far away they couldn’t hear a thing from their direction.

Donghae took a deep breath and looked away from Hyukjae, a bit uneasy, until he turned his eyes back to the very dark, intimidating eyes.

”What did you mean with your words? Why would you say them to me?” Donghae asked, very confused. At the same time he wondered if he could severely get anything out of Hyukjae when he was such a reserved person and didn’t really give him the feeling that he could actually answer anything.

Hyukjae exchanged his weight from one foot to another, huffing to Donghae’s questions.

”Why should I tell you?”

Donghae seemed disappointed, but decided to continue his endeavor after few seconds, but surprisingly, Hyukjae opened his mouth to continue.

”Actually… How could you even understand those kind of things? Your life is so easy and perfect, so why would you need to think about things like that?” Hyukjae said coldly, judgmental look in his eyes.

Yes, Donghae had an easy life compared to Hyukjae’s: loving family, friends, proper place to call as home, and probably quite good marks from school. Donghae would most likely go to the university or college after high school and be successful. After all, he was quite popular too.

Although Hyukjae himself didn’t care about any of those preferences. Not anymore.

And he just knew that Donghae had no idea of what kind of life Hyukjae’s really was.

The brunette looked at him silently, trying to utter a word but failing. Yes, it was true that he just didn’t have to worry about anything specific.

”I could, if someone would make me understand”, Donghae said quietly, with a bit of caution while focusing fully onto Hyukjae, even though the latter didn’t really seem to give his full attention to Donghae.

”Whatever... By the way, how do you even know my name?” Hyukjae looked at the other sharply, his eyes reminding Donghae of black ice. He had never seen even a glimpse of a neutral expression in them. The expression just remained completely same, whatever the other one said. Donghae again was perhaps much more accessible with his softer features and (usually) constant, toothy smiles.

”I found it from the yearbook…” Donghae muttered, a bit embarrassed honestly since he felt like a creepy stalker right now.

Hyukjae didn’t say anything, but it really bothered him why would a guy like Donghae purposely search him from the yearbook?

”Found? You searched – for some specific reason?” he suddenly asked, more mockingly than before. He wasn’t sure if he should be amused or irritated really.

Donghae went a little difficult and couldn’t say anything that would make any sense.

”Seriously... I’m leaving now since you got your answer anyway”, Hyukjae said and then escaped from the brunette’s grip, marching towards the stairs that led to the building’s southern wing.

Donghae stayed at that place, staring after his fading figure. Truthfully, his head was now even more confused than it had been before.

It really had been Hyukjae then.

Another weekend had already managed to pass by and Tuesday began. There were still some ten minutes before the class would start, when Donghae drew his attention towards the person he hadn’t seen even once in Friday or Monday.

He found it strange how he didn’t manage to see Hyukjae more often at school, even though in theory it was almost inevitable that they would meet in the corridors of the school at least once a day. But because it wasn’t the case, Donghae had begun to wonder if the blue haired one visited the school just when he wanted. That was how it seemed to be, anyway.

Donghae hadn’t spoken about Hyukjae after the incident, but he was still constantly thinking about him. Hyukjae had gotten him thinking about the things he hadn’t previously paid attention to in the same way.

Today, the brunette didn’t bother to shout out after him, but he had followed after, so he could catch him when he had taken a clear note of his face that had newer contusions again; a cut on his lip and a bruise around his left eye. Donghae had no idea how the boy managed to get another wounds in such a short time.

The latter couldn’t even deny the fact that every time he saw those bruises and other hints of abuse, he immediately started to feel worried. It wasn’t normal to come to school looking like that.

Especially when Hyukjae didn’t particularly look like a guy who would want to pick up on fights on purpose.

“Hyukjae, wait”, Donghae called, being just few steps behind. He didn’t see how Hyukjae tensed slightly, but he could hear when he exhaled irritably.

”What do you want?” he growled, and tried to keep his gaze anywhere else but in Donghae, burning holes with his eyes to the lockers behind him. He didn’t like it when Donghae just kept following him like a puppy and tried to ask about things he didn’t want to answer.

”What happened to you?” Donghae's face had a worried frown and a concerned look in his chocolate eyes. But it didn’t yet have any effect on Hyukjae.

”It’s none of your business”, the latter hissed, hoping to get rid of Donghae as soon as possible.

“But those are new ones, aren’t they?” Donghae insisted.

Of course he had to notice his new bruises. But why did he care? No one ever cared, and this certain person had never cared before either. So why care now? Was it some kind of a stupid dare? A joke between his friends? Did they just want to laugh at his pathetic state? Those thoughts made Hyukjae tighten his fists.

Why didn’t he give up already? He didn’t need Donghae’s, or anyone else’s pity, even if it would be real. They didn’t know him. He didn’t need them.

“Seriously, why don’t you just leave me alone?” he snarled and started to walk away. He found it so strange that Donghae paid him any attention, or was frequently trailing behind him like this so suddenly. They weren’t friends, or even familiar with each other. So why did he kept following and asking those annoying questions then?

Donghae grabbed on his shoulder and stopped him, stepping in front of him and preventing him to keep on walking.

“Have you even treated them?”

“No. They’re not that bad.”

Donghae bit his bottom lip and gazed Hyukjae with concern in his soft, brown eyes, and Hyukjae almost let himself think that his worry could be real. Donghae huffed and crossed his arms above his chest in frustration. It made Hyukjae rolling his eyes and sighing heavily. There was a moment of silence, before Donghae noticed it was almost the time when his class would start, and he almost panicked.

“Shit, I’m sorry I need to go! I'll see you around!” Donghae said and withdrew back to the way he came from with a silly looking smile on his face.

“Please don’t”, Hyukjae murmured, but the brown haired guy was already gone. He didn’t know why he looked after the boy who just disappeared, until he shook his head and decided to head towards his own class.

Hyukjae’s day went forward like a snail; so slowly that he thought he could fall asleep at any minute. He didn’t really listen or concentrate on the classes, when his mind was faraway somewhere else.

His wounds were quite okay, but the new bruise on his back was aching unpleasantly like someone had stabbed him. The relaxing ointment had lost its effect already, and it made sitting on his chair so frustratingly painful, and the bruise on his back wasn’t even the only one of its kind. Although his skin wasn’t covered with same kind of bruises, some of his muscles were stuck and other places just sore as hell. He couldn’t even keep on track of the times he had been beaten up – it happened so often these days he had stopped counting a long way ago.

He had gotten beaten, his ribs were sometimes crushed, he had been kicked, beaten, strangled, and even more...

Before his drug attic father’s death Hyukjae had often been beaten up by his father, when the man had tried to get money from his son for his drugs; the extra money what he really didn’t have. It had been at least weekly, and had continued over the years, until his middle-aged father had eventually died of an overdose.

After the funeral the situation had been calmer for a while, until his father’s dealers had begun to charge the debts from him. Hyukjae’s money wasn’t even worth of the name of money, as he just managed to buy all that was necessary for himself to be able to survive somehow – sometimes not even that. His mother paid his rent and gave some extra money to use, but it was supposed to cover all from the food till his minimal phone bill, and so on...

The dealers wouldn’t give up though, so they always took what they were capable of by force; as in beating him up in the matter if their threats or urging didn’t properly go through.

And his father had the debt to the extent which would’ve been able to fund his rent for months.

But he didn’t want to give up. He didn’t want to pay his father's debts that he had acquired by himself.

Hyukjae didn’t really miss his father either. The man had caused only grief and hardship throughout his whole life, and the boy's life wasn’t facilitated by the fact that his mother had left her husband and son when he had been only eight years old. His mother had had dependency problems too - which she had fortunately gotten rid of later - now, however, Hyukjae was already an adult – and he had never been so close with his mother either – so it was truthfully out of the question that the boy would’ve moved to live with his mother.

Hyukjae was really all alone; alone with the violence, money problems, depression, and not least with himself.

Donghae kept bothering him when the days went by; he greeted him when they saw each other (actually when Donghae saw Hyukjae because the latter didn’t really want to be noticed), he ran after Hyukjae to ask stupid questions (only to get annoyed answers), but even after few weeks he haven’t stopped doing so.

And Hyukjae was kind of confused because of it. He didn’t understand the brunette and his actions towards him. He didn’t have the slightest idea why Donghae kept bothering him.

Hyukjae wasn’t the only one who had noticed it though; Sungmin and Kyuhyun noticed it too. But they let Donghae do so, and didn’t mention about it when it seemed to calm down the brunette in some weird way.

And Donghae could be very stubborn when he wanted; like these days, when he insisted to disturb the blue haired one again and again, even after all the rejection he got.

But he just wasn’t one of them who only cared about themselves; he really cared about his friends and tried to give his attention to them equally. And it wasn’t hard to notice that Hyukjae was, as a matter of fact, always alone if it wasn’t Donghae trailing after him. Hyukjae just had something in him that made Donghae even more curious about him when the days went on.

After several encounters, Hyukjae somehow started to almost enjoy the bickerish conversations (if it was even possible to call them as that) between them. He still hadn’t properly smiled even once, but sometimes he had some kind of a devilish grin on his face. And because Donghae had noticed that, he kept trying even more. Even, if Hyukjae usually was just being like a nasty bitch with his words, the brunette knew that there was some more under that hard shieldof his.

You could say that he had this – a bit weird – obsession try to befriend with Hyukjae.

But Donghae was also worried. Hyukjae had almost weekly some bruises or wounds on his face – and the brunette couldn’t know if there were often even more of them under all the clothes. He didn’t know about Hyukjae’s situation, but anyone could see that it wasn’t healthy or for his good at all.

It was the 4th of October, when Donghae, the younger one of the two, noticed a big, dark bruise on Hyukjae’s eye again. The latter’s eye was swollen and it seemed to be very painful.

He had seen Hyukjae at the inner ward that day, and had immediately walked to him after he had seen the bruise. He was concerned, because it looked a bit more severe than some others before, and it made him fear that those wounds would just get worse if he didn’t do anything soon enough.

This time, Hyukjae had a black cap on his head and really seemed to try avoiding Donghae’s sharp hawk-eyes from noticing him. The visor of the cap somehow managed to fade the bruise in its shadow, but unfortunately the other one had already noticed it and was already heading towards the boy.

“Shut up”, Hyukjae then suddenly snapped, and changed his direction to the other way before Donghae had even opened his mouth.

“I didn’t even say anything yet”, Donghae squeaked, trying to keep up with the older one’s pace.

“So don’t start either.”

“I’ve tried to be not too invading, but your wounds are getting more serious and I can’t stop worrying...!” he said with a whine. “There’s someone who…beats you up, right? Why…?” Donghae asked carefully, being afraid that Hyukjae could shut his completely outside, just in a matter of seconds, and he didn’t want that, but he needed to know. He couldn’t just stay put and do nothing, when he was sure he could try to do something for him. Anything, really.

He couldn’t believe how calm Hyukjae was able stay; he didn’t seem scared or exactly anguished, but Donghae was pretty sure it was all just façade and in reality the older one wanted to have someone who cared.

“You don’t need to think about that”, Hyukjae then said, sounding more reserved again and Donghae was so afraid the other would lock him out. He had been trying to address with him for so long and he wasn’t ready to give up.

“But I will, even if you don’t want me to”, Donghae started, “You should at least show those to the nurse…”

“It’s not up to you. I’m fine, dammit!” Hyukjae snarled and narrowed his eyes; and they looked even darker in anger than usually.


“Shut up already! It’s none of your business! I don’t need your pity. I’m fine – perfectly fine without you trying to do something for it.”

Donghae gulped and it was easily seen that his eyes were full of concern and fear; he almost felt like crying being the more sensitive type he had always been.

“But Hyuk—!”

“Stop following me!” the latter growled and soon disappeared from his sight. Donghae couldn’t do anything else than just sigh and stomp his foot against the floor in frustration. Why don’t you let me help you when you clearly need someone? He madly ruffled his hair, not knowing what to do. He even kicked the trash can nearby, whining when the pain burst through his toes.

“Goddammit, you jerk…!” he hissed to the can, eventually letting his body fall on the ground, leaning against the wall and wanting to scream because Hyukjae just wouldn’t want to understand that he was being serious; he didn’t want to hurt him. He only wanted to help anyway.

And maybe get to know Hyukjae a little, if he just would let him closer…
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Re: Getaway 3/? (Super Junior, ENG, angst, romance, K18)

ViestiKirjoittaja Pinja-Chan » La Elo 31, 2013 11:01 pm

Mä mietin pitkän tovin sitä, kirjoittaisinko englanniksi vai suomeksi. Lopulta sit päädyin suomeen, koska en luota englannintaitoihini tähän kellonaikaan. :D
Mä tykkään Haehyuk – parituksesta tosi paljon. Se oli mun ensimmäinen paritus, josta aloin tykkäämään Super Junioriin tutustuessa, jonka takia kyseinen pari on omalla tavallaan erityinen mulle. Tämä oli yksi syy siihen, että klikkasin tän aukia ja aloin lukea. Myös otsikko herätti mussa mielenkiintoa. Se kuulosti kivalta ja mielenkiintoiselta + halusin tietää, miten se liittyy tarinaan jne.

Mä tykkään tästä ficistä paljon. Toi alku vaikutti ensin silleen tutulta ja turvalliselta silleen hyvällä tavalla (you know, tyyppi a näkee tyyppi b ensimmäistä kertaa koulussa ja huomaa ajattelevansa sitä), mut sit siinä oli kuitenkin omia mausteita, mikä sit lopulta tekikin tästä erilaisen. Se laitto tän erottumaan muista ja myös samalla nosti omaan luokkaansa.

jamie kirjoitti:”You may have seen people and things, but how often you really have looked?”

Tää oli todella hyvä lause, mikä sai myös mut hetkeksi aikaa pysähtymään ja ajattelemaan tota kohtaa. Mä myös tykkäsin muutenkin tosta puistokohtauksesta. Mä en osaa oikein paremmin perustella miksi. :'3

Mä tykkään myös näistä hahmoista tässä ficissä. Mä tykkäsin etenkin Hyukjaen roolista, koska se on tollainen kovia kokenut, joka on myös aikalailla omavarainen (tai siis saa jonkin verran rahallista tukea äidiltään, mutta muuten). Elämän kovan kohtelun ja ylipäätään ihmisten takia hänelle on muodostunut eräänlainen kuori, mistä tekstissäkin puhuttiin. Ainakin näin mä tässä vaiheessa tulkitsisin tän.
Donghae vaikuttaa taas tosi kiltiltä henkilöltä ja myös hyvältä opiskelijalta, joka haluaisi auttaa Hyukjaeta, syystä tai toisesta.
Myös Sungmin, Kyuhyun ja Donghwa vaikuttivat ihan kivoilta hahmoilta, vaikkei heistä suurempaa kuvaa vielä saakkaan muodostettua.

Kuten tästä kommentista oletkin varmaan saanut jo selville, tykkäsin todella paljon tästä. Olisi tosi hienoa, jos myös Lafin puolelle tulisi ficin uusia osia.~ Sit voisin yrittää taas kommentoida uudemmankin kerran, ehkäpä jopa englanniksi, ja jatkaa lukemista. Mua kiinnostaa ihan liikaa, mitä kaikkea juoneen mahtuu.
... musta tuntuu ihan siltä, et jätin tästä nyt jotain kommentoimatta. No, jos tulee mieleen niin ainahan sitä voi editoida viestiä tai jotain sen tapaista. ^^;
Nyt hetkeksi heippa ja toivottavasti kuulemme uudestaan näissä merkeissä!
Life is tough but try to be postive always i will do my best So you will do your best.

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Re: Getaway 3/? (EunHae, SJ, EN, angst, romance, PG-M)

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Kiitos kommentista! :3

I came here to tell that the first three chapters are now rewritten thoroughly! I decided to write it from the beginning because I think my English has improved since the start etc. So please read the chapters again although the storyline hasn't changed. I think it flows better now.

Thank you for your time, new updates coming sooner or later ~

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