Godspeed. [Kai/Uruha, R - NC 17, AU] update: 3/3

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Godspeed. [Kai/Uruha, R - NC 17, AU] update: 3/3

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Title: Godspeed.
Author: Nera
Rating: R
Chapters: 1/3
Beta and co-pilot: hinua
Pairings/characters: K/U
Bands: the GazettE (main), SID, ZWEI, Alice Nine, Dir en grey, Exist Trace, Miyavi
Genre: Post-apocalyptic AU, bandfic
Warnings: cursing, guns, violence, character death, use of real names, m/m & m/f relationships
Summary: “Kouyou huddled around on a beach he didn't recognise. He was wet and cold, he had sand in his eyes. His hair had escaped from the makeshift ponytail and it whipped him in the face. Akira was nowhere to be seen, neither the ship they had abandoned. Kouyou was frightened, and he shouted into the salty wind for the friend he wished hadn't sunken with their life raft.”

Disclaimer: The events and characters depicted in the following piece of work are completely fictitious. Even though similarities with the members of The Gazette, or other public personae may be found they are in no way implying that any of the events or character traits are true. I do not know the members of The Gazette, or other public personae, and am in no way affiliated to them, the story itself is completely untrue and is in no way meant to reflect the private lives, actual practices, or activities of any persons named. No harm, libel or disrespect is intended. No statements whatsoever and no commercial gain are made out of the work archived here; this is simply for entertainment purposes. I admit to certain similarities to the film Lord of the Flies, the TV series The Clan, but these are only for inspirational purposes. No copy right infringement intended.

Comments: This was a Summer Vacation Writing Challenge from the darling uruai community. I couldn't have done this without the help of hinua, because this was indeed a challenge. Extensive AN will be found at the end of the fic, in part 3. Hang on tight!

Word count: 8097/23 146

“An island can be dreadful for someone from outside. Everything is complete, and everyone has his obstinate, sure, and self-sufficient place. Within their shores, everything functions according to rituals that are as hard as rock from repetition, and at the same time they amble through their days as whimsically and casually as if the world ended at the horizon.”
- Tove Jansson, The Summer Book.

Kouyou awoke to an unpleasant feeling of cool sea air brushing his cheek, biting at his nose and ears. Somewhere a seagull shrieked in the distance and he coughed up some sand that threatened to choke him. He was panicked stricken for a moment, when he realised Akira wasn't with him. They had left together, aboard a boat which had held the promise of a better tomorrow, since their home town Kanagawa was more or less deserted.



A few years ago, it had all started with the simple outbreak of the annual flu. Kouyou remembered he had felt a little stuffy and he had coughed now and then, but the ones who really got ill was his parents. First his mother had been transferred into hospital care when her fever didn't go down and soon after his step-father was there as well. Kouyou remembered being scared out of his wits, because he had only been fourteen at the time and highly dependant of his parents being the only child, no matter how much he disliked his step-father. He had stood by the drive-way when the ambulance had taken his mother away, it had been a hot day in the middle of May and he had been wearing his favourite shorts and Gundam t-shirt, his knees all scruffy. The neighbouring lady had tried to soothe his nervousness with little success. Kouyou was upset and he continued to be upset the whole following week, until it was his step-father's turn to be dispatched. His mother never came back, no matter how much they kept reassuring him she would. Kouyou had sat in their living room, watching TV to get some understanding about the situation which seemed terrible. He regretted the days he had wished his mother would just go away with his step-father and not come back, but when they now were gone... He was devastated.
Kouyou's best friend Akira had ran over a few days later, when his sisters had gotten anxious enough to come bother their youngest brother about their parents. Akira usually sat inside playing video games in his room and he wasn't used to get interrupted for other things than lunch and dinner. Seeing the skinny boy with monkey-like features run over to the other end of the street usually meant nasty business. Akira and his two older sisters were used to being alone for longer times, for their parents both worked long hours and many times a long way from home. So when they got anxious it was serious.

Kouyou and Akira had eventually ended up together in Akira's house, mostly because they got hungry and Kouyou only knew how to cook instant noodles. And the instant noodles slowly ran out, as well as his tears when he got the phone call that his parents hadn't made it. No one ever did, it seemed. Kouyou was devastated and Akira was at loss of words when his best friend didn't appreciate even his clumsiest attempts of consolidation. Kouyou mourned his parents and a few weeks later he stood under an umbrella in his best suit with an uncle and aunt, looking at their graves. Both were sniffing, Kouyou was mainly staring, his eyes void of emotion.

The media announced it was a pandemic flu that stretched over the entire planet and it seemed it only affected adults. Akira was about 900 % sure it would make them zombies and he was thrilled, because it meant he hadn't prepared for the apocalypse in vain. Kouyou couldn't believe his ears and eyes when his nerd friend talked so animatedly about shooting or slicing the head of a walking dead. In the end, they had ended up fighting about it, because Kouyou was adamant about not killing his parents.

“Why not? Don't you think it'd be nicer for them if you made sure they're properly dead?” Akira had asked one night when they sat on his bed in his cramped cupboard to room, reading comics. His voice was laced with innocence and a whole lot of honest curiosity. Kouyou grimaced. There was no honour in being a zombie of course, they just kinda walked around and wanted your innards, right? That was all he knew, for his knowledge was limited to comics and the horror films he had watched in secret from his parents.

“I don't know...” Kouyou muttered and pulled his baseball cap further down his face to hide his pout. “I'll have to go live with my aunt on the other side of town.”

“That sucks. Is she even nice?” Akira frowned and threw the comic he had finished into a messy pile of other things, such as socks and t-shirts.

“She's cool. But I'll come here everyday with the monorail, I promise.” Kouyou smiled his toothy smile and even Akira laughed.

“What will happen to your house?” Akira suddenly remembered and Kouyou's mood dropped instantly when he thought about the empty space he had been avoiding for the past weeks both before and after the funeral.

“I don't know... Maybe sell it? I heard it will go to my uncle, because it's my step-dad's house.” Kouyou sighed and leaned into the wall behind his back and hugged his knees tight. Akira could see it wasn't a very comfortable subject for Kouyou and he huffed softly as he laid back on his bed and stared up into the ceiling.

“Hey Shima,” Akira nudged Kouyou with his foot. “If it all goes to shit, we can always run away, you know?”

Kouyou grinned.



Kouyou huddled around on a beach he didn't recognise. He was wet and cold, he had sand in his eyes. His hair had escaped from the makeshift ponytail and it whipped him in the face. Akira was nowhere to be seen, neither the ship they had abandoned. Kouyou was frightened, and he shouted into the salty wind for the friend he wished hadn't sunken with their life raft. Akira's sisters had been on board with them as well and Kouyou had no idea where they were either. Kouyou looked around for foot prints in the sand, but found none that could've been fresh enough because of the strong wind doing what it did best – mess things up.

His fingernails and lips were a purplish blue when he spotted the first Suzuki, Nana, washed up on shore, lying on her back with her eyes closed. Kouyou ran up to her, calling her name as he did, but she remained still. Dread set itself in Kouyou's gut like a block of ice and he wished it wasn't as bad as it seemed. She was just unconscious, right?

“Nana?” he crouched down next to her and shook her shoulder timidly. When he got no response he tried again a little more vigorously than before, but she still didn't react. Kouyou attempted to locate a pulse the same way they did on TV, but the blood rushing in his own ears and his numb fingers didn't do much for him when he held onto her frail wrist. He tried again under her chin but to no avail. Her lips were blue and her round face paler than it normally was. Kouyou was terrified. “Oh my God...” he muttered and looked around himself. What was he supposed to do now? Where the hell was Akira and his other sister Tsuki. It hadn't even crossed Kouyou's mind they might've drowned, because for a he knew, Tsuki was a poor swimmer and apparently Nana was one too. Considering the tide was all but gentle, how good you swam didn't matter much. Kouyou thanked his poor luck he was alive, but he didn't know if it was worth it.

“Fuck!” he cried and got up on shaky legs and grabbed hold of Nana's lifeless shoulders. He needed to drag her up from the water line and the sea weed that had gotten tangled in her jeans. Kouyou didn't want to cry, but he was close to. He was so scared something similar would've happened to Akira or Tsuki, because he didn't want to be alone, wherever on Earth he now was.

Kouyou managed to pull Nana's body about ten metres up the shore and placed placed her in the middle of a couple of boulders and tried to make it look like she had fallen asleep, leaning against the rocks. He zipped up her parka with shaky fingers and brushed some of her short, black hair behind her ear. He didn't really know if that was the way she would've preferred her hair to be arranged, but it was the best he could do for her now. He dreaded the moment he would have to show her body to Akira and Tsuki. They would be mortified, no doubt, because Kouyou knew he was.

He clapped his hands in front of himself and said a quick prayer in the hopes she wouldn't come back and haunt him, before he after a moment of hesitation grabbed her muffler and wrapped it around himself. It was as soggy as the rest of his clothes, but he lived in the hope he'd find something where he could take cover and maybe dry himself. There had to be habitation on this piece of land! Kouyou rubbed his nose before he got up from the coarse sand and trotted towards the woodland which grew not far away from the shore line.

The trees were tall and dark, some of them had already dropped their leaves for the incoming winter. Kouyou didn't find much shelter between the stems or the high shrubbery that pulled at his clothes. He was tired and he was lonely, but most of all, he was frustrated. He couldn't see any sign of life on this godforsaken plot of land, save from the seagulls that had screeched above him. Kouyou waded further into the woods, desperate to find someone or at least something. He didn't know what he was looking for. To be honest, what were you even supposed to look for? He was sixteen years old, an orphan and had gathered most of his boy scout knowledge via TV documentaries and video games.
His source of knowledge was no more nowadays. Last spring the TV stations had died down because the last adults running them had passed away. Kouyou and Akira had decided they needed to see more of this than just their home-town, so they had packed their bags and taken a risk by getting on a boat with a fisherman's son. Both of Akira's sisters had joined them and they had set sail towards the unknown in hopes of finding some sort of answers. It was supposed to be an exciting adventure, full of hope! But it hadn't been a pleasant journey. They all had been sea sick for two days straight. Now Kouyou just felt sick because he had had to say good bye to a friend in a very crude way.

“Where are you Suzuki...” Kouyou wondered aloud, gazing up past the black branches into the steel grey sky. If it would start to rain, he would be so screwed, that much he knew. He was shivering already in his wet tennis shoes and jeans coat and a cold shower wouldn't help him getting any warmer. He was so fucked and he was ready to give up. This wasn't the way he had envisioned he would die. Truth to be told he had never thought about how he should die, but now that he did, this certainly wasn't the way.

“Akira!” he called into the woods and got but a weak echo in response, along with a few pairs of fluttering bird wings. Kouyou continued to work his way through the foliage, thinking if he could get onto higher ground he'd be able to maybe spot something or someone.

What he didn't know was that someone had already spotted him.

Kouyou walked for what seemed like an eternity before he had to crouch down to try to warm himself up. He was freezing and he wasn't sure how he was supposed to get any warmer. Nana's muffler did a shit job to be honest and wearing that jacket was like sitting in a freezer. He sneezed loudly and scared some birds from hiding. Kouyou had made it up maybe a few hundred metres of a hill, but there was still much left to climb. He didn't see anything but trees and more trees, but he knew that if he could get high enough on that hill, he would be able to gaze further. Something with this forest bothered him and he was sure someone was watching him, but that would've been stupid, right? He shook off the feeling and continued to look around himself, finding nothing but trees and more trees.
It was at times like these when Kouyou wished he had been more interested in P.E in school. He had hated most of it, running for example was something he loathed and it didn't help that the teacher was obsessed with football and more or less expected every boy to be part of the football club. Kouyou had been there, for maybe a month, before he decided he couldn't take it and changed to baseball, much to his teacher's dismay and Akira's too, because Akira had been part of the football team as well. They had done pretty much everything together, except for dying and Kouyou felt bad for himself and Akira, because they didn't know where they were.

“Where are you Suzuki?” Kouyou sighed and wiggled his toes inside his shoes. They were cold as ice. He remembered he didn't know what time it was either, and his wristwatch didn't do much for him. It had stopped at what he thought was 15:32 in the afternoon, but it could be night time just as well. Kouyou rubbed at the clock's face in a vain attempt to maybe make the inside less foggy and maybe, just maybe, get it back to life. It would've been a sort-of friend, but it was useless.

Kouyou got up and turned his back to the woodland and decided he would make it up that godforsaken hill, no matter how much effort it would take, or if he would die trying, but he was going to get up there and there was no way around it now. He was still bothered by the feeling that someone was watching him, but he tried to reason with himself that if they were human, they would come and greet him, so it had to be animals, like squirrels and birds.

“One step at the time, Shima,” he pushed himself, his breaths coming out as white puffs as he pushed through thick spider webs and ferns that reached up to his waist in height. “One, little, step at the time, you can do it.” Kouyou rolled his eyes at himself and his one-man cheer leading pack before he sneezed again. Two times, and a third, having him bend over to collect himself.

“One step and I swear to God, I will end you.” an unfamiliar voice made the hairs on Kouyou's neck and arms stand up straight and he froze, still bent over himself and awkwardly aware of how dumb he must've looked like.

“Ouch, don't be mean to the kid, Hiroto” another voice joined in in the mocking and Kouyou could tell they weren't much older than he was. The first voice, apparently Hiroto, seemed to be younger. Kouyou didn't know if he dared to look up at his captors, so he tried to peek at them as discreetly as he could from behind his shoulder-length hair. The little he saw was definitely human and it relaxed him so much he dared to stand up straight, hands in the air, because that was how you behaved in a tricky situation, at least if you believed the things you saw on TV.

“Don't shoot!” he squeaked as he noticed what the human called Hiroto was holding. It was a mean looking long-bow and it had an arrow pointed in his direction. The bow looked at least three sizes too big for its owner, if he was allowed some mild exaggeration. He was just a child, and his slightly taller friend didn't look much older. Kouyou was happy he hadn't encountered some blood thirsty zombies. The happiness was short-lived for his part though.

“Won't have to.” Hiroto grimaced and Kouyou felt a sting behind his right ear. The next thing he knew, was that the world slowly became a dark place and he felt moss against his cheek before he lost consciousness.


Kouyou had wished he had woken up in his own bed, with his mother in the living room watching re-runs of soap-operas and dinner on its way. In fact, he had wished so hard for it that he had dreamt of it when he was out cold. A hot shower would be nice as well.
Instead he woke up to being handcuffed onto the railing in a make-shift bed, in something that most likely had served as a hospital. It was still in nice condition, save from being darker and cooler than the average hospital. He had been to one once, when he had been maybe ten years old and gotten a bad case of pneumonia. He rattled the handcuffs in a mix of annoyance and mild panic and the sound echoed unpleasantly through the room.

“Hello?” he called into the open air. Well, at least he was inside and someone had been kind enough to remove his cold and wet coat and shoes. He felt a little cooler that what was comfortable and would've preferred another layer to keep warm.
“Is anybody here?” Kouyou shouted towards the door he spotted on the left of his bed. It was slightly ajar and he thought he could hear some foot steps and animated chattering outside. The foot steps moved in the direction of his room and Kouyou didn't know should he be excited or terrified.

A couple of kids no older than him walked into the room. There was this Hiroto boy and his friend he had meet in the forest, along with a girl and a boy he hadn't seen before. The girl was shorter than all of them, had dark brown hair and wore faded jeans with a thick overcoat. She couldn't be older than twelve at most in Kouyou's opinion. The unknown boy looked like he was maybe the same age as Kouyou and his black hair fell into his dark, piercing eyes.

“'ow old are ye?” the boy demanded and Kouyou was taken aback by the cold tone. He didn't recognise the dialect either.

“What?” Kouyou was baffled. The question didn't make sense to him.

“What's yer age?” the same boy asked again, with slight irritation. When Kouyou didn't open his mouth, the boy pulled out a big hunting knife, took two quick strides and placed it under Kouyou's chin. He heard the taller of the boys gasp and the girl protested. “Just answer the question!”

“Sixteen!” Kouyou shrieked and tried to back away from the sharp blade as much as the handcuffs allowed. The other visibly relaxed but still had his knife pointed at Kouyou.

“'iroto, Miko and Aki caught ye sneezin' in the bush.” he nodded in the direction of the two Kouyou had had the pleasure of meeting earlier. He didn't remember seeing the girl though.

“Yeah, I'm allergic to ferns and they maybe noticed I was soaked?” Kouyou stared disbelievingly at the foursome that just had walked in. “And what do you mean? I only remember meeting those two.”

The girl, Miko, grinned at this and tapped herself behind her right ear. Kouyou's hand instinctively rose to touch the same spot, but again, he was limited by the handcuffs. He sighed heavily when the other four chuckled at him, even the boy who hadn't introduced himself and had the most intimidating eyes, had a ball at his expense. Kouyou frowned and pulled at his restraints.

“Can you guys release me?” he asked when the sniggers and giggles finally died down. “Please?” he added as they looked at him like he was loony.

“We'll see.” Hiroto smiled.

“We'll see?” Kouyou fumed. How was that fair?

“We need to know more about you, before we can let you go,” Aki chimed in and the nameless kid tapped his foot impatiently on the floor. “By the look of it you're not from the area.” he then added and Kouyou's frown deepened. Had it been that obvious? Probably, but in his own opinion he didn't stick out that much. Aki must've noticed this because he was quick to add:

“You wandered around aimlessly and kept shouting after some 'Akira' and you were soaking wet, had no plan how to get dry... Just to name a-”

“Have you seen Akira? Black unruly hair and looks like a monkey? Or his sister Tsuki?” Kouyou looked hopefully at them, now that they had mentioned Akira's name. Maybe he and his sister had made it to this camp before him and maybe they were safe and secure. Kouyou got his hopes up, but had to be disappointed when the four strangers looked at each other puzzled, then shook their heads 'no'.


Akira peered around himself on the windy hill he was standing on. He had washed ashore with Tsuki not very far away from where Kouyou had started his journey into the woods. Akira had just barely missed his best friend and other sister by walking further up north, when Kouyou had walked into the west instead. He and his sister had been taken into custody by some other kids in their age they had ran into on an abandoned high way. They had been taken further north, into a tiny village, where they had been dressed in warm clothing and fed, but also questioned thoroughly. Not only had the gang insulted them from the ground to the skies for being dumb enough to leave the mainland, but also made sure they knew they had about a whole zero percent chance to survive in the wild the way they were prepared. Akira had wanted to start a fight, because he wasn't up for being called a loser. Tsuki had tried to stop them from fighting, but Akira had ended up with a black eye and his opponent got a bruised cheek. They had laughed on it afterwards, and Akira had got the recognition that he wasn't some sad city kid who couldn't fend for himself.

Later on, after being more or less accepted into the crowd and introduced to the ones the group considered their leaders, Akira had climbed the hill close by and stared out at the vast ocean. He had cursed and shouted, because it had separated him from his best friend and his sister. Tsuki wasn't saying much. Akira figured she was too devastated to do anything else but stare in front of herself at the moment. He didn't blame her, because he knew she had been very into Kouyou for some time already. His personal opinion was that it was disgusting, because to him Kouyou was another sibling and siblings didn't fall in love with each other.

Akira had now left his sister in the Buddhist monastery where the kids from the village had taken cover. It had plenty of space and the young monks who lived there had been happy give them housing. The older ones had passed away with the flu, much like every other adult on the island and mainland. It was their luck, for the monks knew how to cultivate the land and cure simple diseases, which many of the young children didn't know anything of. It wasn't much they could do, but they managed. Akira had admired them, because back in Kanagawa, he and Kouyou had been left with nothing after all the adults had gone to a better place.

Akira had trotted down to the pier to take a closer look at the ships that had anchored there. It was windy and cold, and the dark green sea wasn't friendly. White sea foam collected by the rocks and he felt intimidated by the waves he now knew had taken his loved ones from him. This wasn't fair. Kouyou and Nana weren't supposed to be gone. They were all supposed to go to Sendai or Sapporo or anywhere they could and live happily together in a house! Now that idea wouldn't happen. Maybe he should just kill himself and the suffering would end for his part. Akira huffed and pulled at his hoodie before pushed his hands further down his pockets.

“Don't do it.” a gentle voice contradicted his thoughts. Akira turned around and found one of the older teens had followed him down the road. It was Mao, a scrawny boy with big lips that reminded him of Kouyou, because Kouyou had similar porn-star lips, as Akira once had told him. They had fought that one out too and Kouyou had since then been insecure about his lips. Despite his gentle appearance, Mao's eyes were all but innocent – they were pretty mischievous to be honest, and it made Akira a little vary of him.

“Do what?” Akira huffed and turned back to the raging ocean.

“Kill yourself. It's not worth it. Your sister would be all alone,” Mao cocked an eyebrow and Akira's blood pressure went up a notch. “I would hate for my sister to be all alone and sad, without someone to take care of her...” Mao continued and seemed to take great pleasure in teasing the younger boy.

“Don't you dare touch my sister,” Akira hissed through gritted teeth and he balled his hands into tight fists in his pockets.

“Oh, you're so hot-headed, Aki-chan!” Mao laughed and patted him on the shoulder, as he stepped out on the breakwater. Akira was tempted to push Mao into the water, but he didn't need to get into trouble. They were in enough trouble as it was, because despite the kids had given them shelter, it didn't mean they trusted them. Akira could see it in their gazes, he knew this all from the video games he had played.

“Is there a reason you followed me?” Akira pouted and kicked at some dirt on the ground.

“No reason,” Mao sallied and jumped out on some rocks. “Damn, we should've laid some nets today, we could've caught a lot of fish with this storm coming in!” he then exclaimed, looking too happy about such a simple thing. This was the reason Akira didn't like Mao. Too weird for his liking and too slippery. Like an eel that slunk away when you thought you had a proper grip of it.

Akira frowned and turned around, determined to get back to the monastery and get away from Mao, before he would punch him in the face. Maybe he would get along better with some of the other boys there. Kyo seemed nice. At least he didn't look as mischievous as Mao did. It might be because he was a monk and a few years older than him. Akira looked over his shoulder and found that Mao hadn't followed him, but sat on the boulders and seemed content with the situation.

This town might've been really nice in the summer, Akira thought as he walked back up. There were trees and detached houses with their own yards. Pretty idyllic. Akira would've loved to live here, but then the place would've needed electricity and running water. Akira was pretty certain only the water part was okay-ish any more, because in Kanagawa the power had died down not much before they had left. Power was needed for video games and for keeping the fridge on. The other things didn't really bother Akira. He liked simple things. And video games was one of those things. And Kouyou and his sister the other. Akira sniffed, but hurried to wipe away any tears he could've shed by accident. Boys didn't cry.

It was warm and cosy inside the monastery and Akira hurried as quietly as he could to not disturb the monks that tended to their daily chores. He headed for the room he shared with his sister. It was a tiny room, barely enough to comfortably house two people, but Akira figured the room was for sleeping and meditation, not callisthenics or other things. There was roughly 30 centimetres of space between his and Tsuki's futons, the walls were white and thin. Maybe he could do some relaxing before they would have dinner, at six as Kyo had told him. They would announce it so they wouldn't miss it. Thinking about food made Akira realise how hungry he indeed was. The food they had been served after they had been picked up had been enough then, but Akira liked to think of himself as a growing man, who'd need food often and in healthy servings. Rice and pickled vegetables, with a tiny grilled fish on the side, weren't his favourite but in this situation he just had to say his thanks and take the food they served.

Akira found his sister in their shared room, laying on her side with her face towards the wall. Akira didn't really blame her.

“Yo.” he greeted, half-heartedly.

“Hi.” Tsuki murmured but didn't turn to face him. Akira left his borrowed shoes and coat in a corner and sat down on his own futon. He stared at the strip of floor which separated their beds, his gaze following the pattern of the floor.

“Where are our own clothes?” Akira tried. The ones they were given were worn but warm, but they weren't their own. They were the last reminder of home and Akira kinda wanted his belt back, because it was a birthday gift from Kouyou. Tsuki turned over to lay on her back, still staring ahead of herself. Akira could see her eyes were red and puffy. He decided then and there that he would try to be strong for them both. It would be hard, but he'd manage.

“I don't know... Maybe in some wash area,” Tsuki sniffed. She hugged herself around her middle. She glanced at her brother and smiled weakly. “We were pretty soaked...”

“Yeah.” Akira nodded, returning the smile.

“Maybe they'll be dry by nightfall...” she mused, turning her gaze back to the ceiling. Akira nodded and picked on the fuzz on his socks. They were silent for a while, not having much to say to each other.

“Kyo seems nice.” Akira tried. Tsuki hummed something nondescript as an answer. Akira frowned, but tried again and asked if she had meet anyone else when he was out working off his frustration. Tsuki answered she had met Mao, which made Akira's blood pressure rise with about fifty units, but she also told him she had met a girl that was called Mally. Mally had showed her around the monastery and where she could go and where she should avoid going if it only was possible. This calmed Akira down a bit, but he was still iffy about Mao. He couldn't do much though, because Mao was part of the leading characters in this group, or clan as Tsuki revealed they liked to call themselves. They also were on a small island called Ajishima in the Miyagi prefecture, not far from the mainland, in a town called Aji and the harbour was called Ajihama. The temple was the Everlasting Spring temple where monks and at times even nuns, had stayed for a few centuries already. It was somewhat comforting that big cities like Sendai weren't far away, but at the same a tiny bit disheartening to know they had no chance to go to Kurosaki, because there was another clan inhabiting the town of Futawatashihama down south, and they also had the boats. Tsuki then told Akira how excited she had gotten, because it meant Nana and Kouyou could be alive and well, but her hopes had been shot down, when Mally had told her the Futawatashihama clan was prone to violence. Apparently they had had no problems killing trespassers they had felt threatened their safety. Tsuki had been disgusted and asked if Mally just could show her where they would be staying.

Akira admitted he was pretty shocked to know they had so blood-thirsty neighbours not very far from where they were staying. And he got even more determined to avenge Kouyou's and Nana's deaths if the clan was behind them. Akira pursed his lips punched his pillow, making his sister flinch.

“Sorry...” Akira apologised, a little ashamed of his outburst, but sitting still like a duck on this island was already driving him nuts and he had been there for a whopping six hours. To then think of staying there for more than a week made his head itch and possibly spending the rest of his life there... He didn't even know if he'd live until he was eighty-five! Akira wanted to flip a table or break something.

“It's okay...” Tsuki whispered before she broke into devastated tears. The thought of her sister and Kouyou being brutally killed and left in the woods was just too much to handle, when she first had been given this sliver of hope that they might've made it. Or that they might've been washed ashore just like Akira and she had! But Mally and many other inhabitants were pretty much set on them being dead. “What awful, awful people that Futawatashihama crowd must be!” Tsuki hiccuped. Akira felt himself tearing up as well, despite he had promised himself he would be a man and a strong one too.

“Maybe we can get the monks to light a candle and say a prayer for them.” his voice trembled and he wiped his face furiously, because boys still didn't cry and men even less. Tsuki's shoulders shook as she wept into her pillow but Akira thought he might've heard a weak yes in between the sobbing.

The siblings remained apathetic to their surroundings until it was time for dinner. Akira and Tsuki appeared for the clan with tousled hair and puffy eyes, and some of the members nodded their heads in sympathy whereas some either didn't care or thought it was funny they looked so pathetic. The food wasn't different from what they had in the afternoon, save from the vegetables that weren't pickled this time, but fresh. Akira hated vegetables with passion and he had to bite down hard to not seem ungrateful. He really missed daifuku and nikuman, just to name a few things. He vaguely remembered that they wouldn't be getting any meat here, because this was a Buddhist temple and Buddhists didn't consume meat. He had noticed the monks didn't take part in eating the fish either. This was going to be a long stay. Kyo was nice enough to agree on lighting a candle and having a simple ceremony for Kouyou and Nana, which lightened the siblings mood a little.
It didn't mean Akira did feel any better about himself.


On the other side of the island, Kouyou had been set free from his prison, fed and changed and even shown around a little. The nameless kid that had pulled the knife on him had also been identified. His name was Yutaka and he acted like a leader for the bunch of about fifteen kids in all different ages. He wasn't the oldest in their clan, Kouyou had been told. They had a couple of older teens there as well, which was the reason they had been panicky to know is age. Aoi and Takamasa, were both in their late teens and Aoi would be turning twenty next spring. Both were more or less terrified of what would happen to them if they crossed the line. Would they just fall down and die or would they survive and live on? No one knew.

Kouyou had managed to make a friend out of Hiroto, but the rest of the bunch remained suspicious towards him. He had been there for a week now and was slowly getting used to the idea of Akira and his sister Tsuki not being alive. Hiroto had been quick to inform him that there was another clan called Aji on the island and that they were quick to finish off anyone they found a threat. This had made Kouyou sick to his stomach and he had had to excuse himself to the closest lavatory. He couldn't really stand the idea of Akira's head being chopped off and raised up on a spike in the road-side. Hiroto had stood by his side when he had thrown up most of his late lunch or dinner and grimaced when he had seen Kouyou's ashy face.

“Maybe you should lie down for a while...” Hiroto had suggested. Kouyou didn't mind much, for he had felt like the air had been punched out of him. He had needed time to think and reassess his situation. He really was alone for the first time in his life and it sucked. Kouyou had more or less fallen into a state of apathy and it had concerned his room mate plenty. Kouyou shared his room with a scrawny kid called Toshiya. They lived in a two-storey semi-detached house not far from the sea shore, with a couple of other kids sharing the house with him. Toshiya was a year older than him and prone to angst and experimenting with thick eye-liner. Harmless hobbies, but it served to creep him out at times. Not to mention Kouyou was dead certain Toshiya had tried to hit on him more than once.

Kouyou had been staring into the ceiling of his room and wished something awful would've happened to him whilst he bummed around in his misery, when a toddler, maybe the age of four, with a cowboy hat hanging around his neck and a toy lorry in his hand, had tumbled into his room and sat down on the chair that they used as a night stand. Kouyou, who long ago had decided he was useless with kids, only stared at the big black eyes that stared at him.

“Can I hide here?” the kid had asked him, eyebrows up to his bushy hairline.

“Why?” was the only thing Kouyou could think of asking.

“Yutaka's going to cut my hair and I don't like it.” the kid pursed his fat lips and it made his round face look even rounder and chubbier. His jeans overalls were dirty and the flannel shirt could've used some tending to. Kouyou raised and eyebrow, but before he said anything, there was a loud rapping on his door and the kid dived in under his bed with lightning speed.

“Ruki, where ah ye, ye little runt?” Yutaka's voice boomed through the door, before he opened it. He looked around quickly before he caught Kouyou staring back at him. “Sorry.” he tried, but more like failed because there was little to no remorse in his voice. Kouyou shook his head frantically. Yutaka and his huge knife were intimidating to him and he had ever since decided he'd stay out of his way to avoid becoming a human pelt. Yutaka almost stared through the walls of Kouyou's and Toshiya's room, before he locked onto a tiny trainer under Kouyou's bed. He raised one finger to his lips and motioned for Kouyou to keep quiet while he started to talk animatedly about the weather in the bay and how they should lay out nets and go see if there was any poultry they could hunt. Kouyou merely nodded and swallowed his nervousness, because this side of Yutaka was even more intimidating.

Yutaka walked in beside Kouyou's bed and cocked one eyebrow before he bent down and pulled Ruki out from underneath the bed. It didn't happen quietly at all. Ruki kicked up a hell of a fight and screamed and kicked at Yutaka and a little at Kouyou as well for being a traitor.

“Calm dun, ankle biter!” Yutaka barked and Ruki thrashed around even harder. He was adamant about not getting his hair cut and couldn't care less about having manners.

“No!” Ruki shrieked and tried to wriggle himself out of Yutaka's firm grip without much success.

“Keep calm! We're only goin' to cut yer 'air,” Ruki squirmed and struggled against Yutaka who dragged him outside Kouyou's room. “Don't be such a baby! I'll throw ye to the sharks!”

“No, no, no, no!” Ruki wailed and Kouyou felt a little bad for both Yutaka and Ruki. He scratched the back of his head and got the fine idea to use some low blows, mostly aimed at himself to calm the kid down.

“Hey, Ruki!” Kouyou called and both Yutaka and Ruki froze mid-fight in the door-opening and Yutaka glowered at him, whereas Ruki looked at him like Kouyou had a lifeboat and he was drowning. “You'll look like a girl, just like me-” he opened his ponytail and let his hair fall around his face and down on his shoulders. “- if you don't let Yutaka cut your hair. Then all the other boys will call you Ruki-chan and Miko will have to braid your hair.” Kouyou tried very hard to hold back the twitching he felt in the corner of his mouth when Ruki's face first fell down and then his eyes widened into saucers. Yutaka looked equally ruffled.

“I'm a boy! I'm a boy!” Ruki shouted and pulled his cowboy hat so far down on his head it covered his eyes. Yutaka seemed to catch the drift and played on Kouyou's game.

“Ye'll be aye lass with that lon' 'air, Ruki-chan, so let's go chop it off before supper.” he ushered the hysterical kid out of Kouyou's room and when Ruki wasn't looking he mouthed a thanks and waved good-bye to Kouyou who only nodded. Well. That went a lot smoother than he had anticipated. Kouyou got up from his bed where he had been sitting through the entire charade, to close the door when he almost fell face first on the floor. He had stumbled upon something on the floor and at closer inspection it was the lorry Ruki had brought with him. Kouyou picked it up and decided he would return it to Ruki later that night when they all had dinner at the community centre.

Kouyou adapted to life in the small fisherman's village and over time he managed to gain the trust of the few inhabitants. Toshiya even gave up on hitting on him, when he realised Kouyou didn't become uncomfortable about it like he had hoped he would. Instead they became pretty good friends. Kouyou even remembered to return Ruki's toy and the little kid with his two friends stared long and hard at him, before they decided Kouyou was a girl because of his long hair. They didn't believe a word that came out of his mouth, neither the ones that Yutaka tried to brick into their heads.

Hiroto and Aki had tried teaching Kouyou how to use the composite bow they had aimed at Kouyou's head the first time they had met, but Kouyou had been shit at it. It had ended in far more face-palms than anyone would've thought necessary. Aoi had tried teaching him how to lay out nets with Toshiya, but that was about as disastrous as the attempts on archery. Ruki had had a blast though, because he had stolen a trout about half his size and ran around town swinging it around his head like a trophy. Yutaka had lost some of his intimidating edge when he had ran after the kid, shouting and muttering profanities in the next breath. Ruki had eventually gotten caught when he fell over and split his lip, but the entire clan was laughing with him at the incident and soon enough he had puffed up his tiny chest and told everyone he was a man.

Miko refused to teach him how to use a blow-needle. Cooking was out of the question. Kouyou had eventually found some peace of mind in the field with Takamasa. It was hard labour at this time of the month, but all the rice, fruits, greens and grain that was left, had to be collected, as well as wood had to be chopped for the incoming winter. Takamasa was a proud worker and he shone with glory when he revealed he would be a dad really soon. It had taken Kouyou aback for a spilt second, because there were a total of four girls in the entire clan and all had seemed way too young for being mothers. Takamasa revealed that his partner Ayumu, was indeed the same age as him and they were expecting. Kouyou found himself genuinely happy for them and their happiness. Takamasa asked he would keep it a secret, because they didn't have any doctor here to help Ayumu, and he didn't want to cause panic among the other teens.

Kouyou had agreed, but wanted to know more about Yutaka's and Ruki's relationship, because Yutaka didn't seem like he had a partner and Ruki and he had very little resemblance. Takamasa had become vary, because it was kind of rude to gossip on the ones that they considered leader. It was weird to Kouyou that it was Yutaka who had shouldered the responsibilities of the leader, despite he wasn't the oldest or the biggest. Takamasa smiled and said it didn't always happen logically and the leader wasn't necessarily the biggest or oldest person. Yutaka was charismatic and hard working, and that was important, because the kids listened to him.

“Except for Ruki...” Kouyou had sniggered between chopping fire wood. Takamasa had laughed out loud and agreed.

“Yeah, not Ruki,” he grinned. “Ruki and Yutaka aren't siblings or related in any way, but they have a weird relationship because Yutaka cares for Ruki like he's his baby brother.” Takamasa smiled warmly. Kouyou nodded and wrapped his scarf tighter around his neck. He was grateful he had been supplied with some warmer clothes, since his jeans coat had been pretty cold since the day he had washed ashore. He still kept looking at it and remembered how pissed off he had been at Akira when he had stolen it from him, just to appear as cool as Kouyou had. Kouyou scratched his nose and pretended it itched, when in fact he was pretty sad there was no Akira for him in this world any more.

“He did have a half-brother though, but he disappeared soon after their parents died from the flu...” Takamasa mused and Kouyou felt a pang of guilt wash through him, because he had thought Yutaka was a heartless and cold person out of spite, but now that he put things into perspective he understood him a lot more. In a way, Yutaka and he were very similar, but he wouldn't dare to go tell him this, because Yutaka still thought of him as a city kid with no practical skills in his entire body.

“Does he talk about him?” he dared to ask, but Takamasa only shook his head no. It was to be expected, Kouyou figured.

Takamasa helped him gather the wood they had chopped and followed other workers in for dinner at the community centre as they did every night. Kouyou was fond of the warmness that radiated from the clan now that he was considered part of it. He finally belonged.

The sun had set a few hours earlier and the day had come to it's end. Kouyou fell into bed and started snoring softly, in perfect sync with Toshiya as soon as his head hit the pillow. It had been a good day and Kouyou remembered looking forward to the following day before he became unconscious.

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Re: Godspeed. [Kai/Uruha, R - NC 17, AU] 1/3

ViestiKirjoittaja gnrbu » La Elo 31, 2013 12:18 pm

Hello there. I've seen you celebrate/moan about this fic on eljay, so I thought I'd come and take a look. First thing to impress me was the disclaimer. So professional! ;D

I wouldn't have thought you the type to write post-apocalypse. At least it wasn't a zombie apocalypse despite Reita's predictions (oh god please tell me it will not be a zombie apocalypse!). So, shipwrecked kids on a deserted island. Sounds like Famous Five meets Peter Pan at the set of Lord of the Flies. Truth be told, I couldn't really bring myself to care about Reita and his sisters, though I guess the tension between the two communities on the island will be brought up again.

I like what you did with Kai and Ruki in the hair-cutting episode, though I still have no idea how you're going to get Kai and Uruha together. Looking forward to it.

The level of writing is pretty good, but I don't think it's quite up to your usual level. I spotted some spag problems. Maybe it's because this fic is more about action than description than your previous works? It's cool that you're trying out new things, even if this one didn't enthrall me quite as much as, say, your Toshiya/Uruha porn.

What was the pic, btw? Part of the prompt? Also, what's with Kai's accent? Nice work on that one though.

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Re: Godspeed. [Kai/Uruha, R - NC 17, AU] 1/3

ViestiKirjoittaja Nera » La Elo 31, 2013 6:20 pm

Ohai. I had to moan about this one on Lj, because it was a total bitch to write. I mean, IT DIDN'T WANT TO END. 3: And the disclaimer I stole from another user, I hope she won't mind much, haha. But I like to use it when I've been fiddling with so many films and TV series in a fic. One needs to cover her ass, so to say... ;D

Don't worry. There'll be no zombies in this one. I have a paralyzing fear for zombies and have no interest in writing anything about them. :D I avoid them like the freaking plague!

The level of writing is pretty good, but I don't think it's quite up to your usual level. I spotted some spag problems. Maybe it's because this fic is more about action than description than your previous works? It's cool that you're trying out new things, even if this one didn't enthrall me quite as much as, say, your Toshiya/Uruha porn.

Hahahahahaa, oh yeah... I mean. I tried. I really did... I'm not mega proud of this fic. But I'm glad I wrote it, because it has everything I usually don't write - aka teens, it's post-apocalyptic, people have died and will die some more, TEENS. And in slight defense of the fic, much hasn't happened yet. Maybe give the last two parts a chance and see if it was for you? :) Let me know if something is unbearable. Typos are embarrassing as fug. (Also, more sexy U/T is in the making, just saying! I'm honestly looking forward to everything I've thought up for the following one, and I'm hoping it'll entertain the readers as well!)

The pic is actually something I found on tumblr of all places, I have no idea what manga it's from, but I found it fitting when describing baby Uruha and baby Reita huddling together at Reita's place. Kai's accent is something I decided I wanted to add, mainly because of reasons. Yeah. %D

Thanks for giving this a chance and also, for commenting. :) I hope you'll come back for the next episode! <3

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Re: Godspeed. [Kai/Uruha, R - NC 17, AU] 2/3

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Word count: 16 334 / 23 146

"Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings—always darker, emptier and simpler."
Friedrich Nietzsche

Akira had a hard time living in the same camp as Mao. Mao loved to taunt him and his sister as well, despite most of the clan had told them they should ignore his attempts to piss them off. Clearly it didn't always work for them either, but you had to try. The other leader, Tora, was gentler and said less. Akira noticed he talked with a funny accent and every other word was a profanity. Another monk, Shou, had revealed Tora's family was from the southern parts of the country and they had moved there a few years ago, and he didn't speak because he had been teased a lot for the way he spoke. Akira felt kinda bad for him. Shou reassured him that there was no need, because Tora had thick skin and an attitude that rivalled Mao's.

Winter rolled in on the island and the weather grew cold and the days dark. Tsuki and Akira weren't used to temperatures this low, because the winters in Kanagawa were warm in comparison. They hadn't seen that much snow since they had visited Sapporo back when they were five years old and they had had no idea snow work was that hard!

“Can't believe shovelling is this rough!” Akira had huffed between digs to Die, a lanky teen a few years older than him. Die laughed soundlessly and patted Akira on the shoulder. Akira had at first thought Die was rude when he didn't talk back, but it turned out the boy was mute and had to blow a whistle or clap his hands when he wanted attention. When he wanted to speak he had to use sign language, which Akira understood very little of, or then write his words down on a piece of paper. Despite this, Die had become one of Akira's favourite persons and he was kinda attached to him, even if the goddamn whistle irritated him to no end.

“What do you think is for dinner?” Akira asked Die who shrugged his shoulders and then moved his hands in the way that made Akira think of fish and noodles. “God, I really want some pizza...” he moaned and dug his shovel into the snow to clear the path to the monastery. Die smiled knowingly and went back to his work.

They had hot ramen for dinner, much to Akira disappointment.

The bay froze the following week and made it hard for them to use the sea as a food source. No one was really keen on trying to walk out on the ice either, for an icy cold and wet death wasn't anyones favourite idea of dying.

“We can always take the risk and go south for poultry or game.” Mally had suggested, when they had a meeting about the situation they were in, despite the knowledge that the other clan kept a close eye on the border. She got both support and discouragement from the other members.

“Is it really a good idea?” Tsuki asked, because the southern clans legendary blood lust she had been told about still made her uneasy. “I'd hate to see anyone get shot.”

“Well, it's either starve to death, or take the risk of getting caught and get food,” Mao dead panned with a cheeky grin Akira wanted to punch off his face. “Plus I think they're pretty busy keeping warm and alive down there to spend time on watching out for us...” he shoved his hands into his pockets and leaned back into the chair he sat on.

“Wouldn't it be easier if you just made up with them and share resources?” Akira grumbled under his breath and a pregnant silence fell over the hall. Akira suddenly felt naked under everyones scrutiny.

“I suppose Suzuki here wants to be first in line when hunting on enemy grounds.” Mao smiled coldly.

“That was not wha-” Akira felt his blood pressure rising again with the animosity coming from Mao.

“Then don't come with stupid fucking shit like that,” Mao slammed his fist into the table and a frightened yelp echoed through the room. “We have our reasons not to be friendly with that group of baby faces,” Mao sneered and looked around the table for recognition. Some nodded very slightly and dared not to look up from where they sat. “I'm not expecting you to understand them either.”

Akira felt Kyo's hand on his arm under the table when he was about to retort. The monk shook his head ever so slightly – it simply wasn't worth the fighting. Tora spoke up next and he delivered what was on his mind in a few simple sentences, nothing more, nothing less. They would go out into enemy territory if and when the food sources ran low, not any sooner. Not even Mao got to interject in the things Tora had to say, because the tall boy's hazel eyes made everyone feel insecure.

Akira wandered out of the meeting with Die tailing after him. His mute friend tried to cheer him up with comical charades, but Akira's pride had taken a major blow and he was frustrated. Die surprised him by punching him lightly in the arm and Akira scowled before he returned the blow. The taller of the two grinned victoriously and ruffled his hair with affection, before he took off in the direction of his room.

“Fuck off, Dai-Dai!” Akira shouted across the halls and ran after him. Die disappeared around a corner and Akira cursed his short legs that couldn't quite keep up with the giraffe legs Die had. Akira knew there were only two places Die would run to and those were either his own room or Akira's. He decided to jog towards Die's room first, then he could investigate his and Tsuki's room.

He was half-way through the corridor leading down to his room when someone grabbed him by the arm and pulled him aside forcefully. Akira crashed into the wooden wall shoulder first and he cursed and moaned.

“What the fuck, Die?” he roared, but quieted down when he stared into the blade of a huge knife.

“Shut up, Suzuki, or I'll gut you like the trout you are!”

“The hell, Mao?” Akira wheezed with slight panic as Mao pressed down hard on his wind pipe to keep him steady against the wall. The knife was still way too close to his face for him to be comfortable and Akira tried to pulled at Mao's hands to get him away from himself.

“You aren't so cocky now are you?” Mao smiled cruelly and tightened his grip on Akira's neck. “I just wanted to give you the gentle reminder Suzuki, that it is I and Tora who call the shots. Not you. And my patience with you is wearing thin.” Mao pressed the knife into the skin of Akira's cheek, just on his cheek bone. Akira hissed and tried to wriggle away from the searing pain.

“I hope we can come to an understanding regarding this matter,” Mao smiled, deceptively innocent. “Blood shed is so unnecessary.” he mused and gently cut Akira's face open, from ear to ear, going across his nose. Akira couldn't but scream and cry as Mao cut him with a placid smile on his face. Hurried foot steps boomed against the wooden floors inside the shrine and Mao was quick to punch Akira in the face, breaking his nose before he withdrew the knife and patted Akira on his bruised cheek. Akira wailed and sank down on the floor, clutching his bleeding face and bloodied college shirt. Mao crouched down next to him and pulled a concerned face.

“What is going on?” Kyo came running around the corner with Shou, no doubt others were coming to see what the commotion was about. “Akira!”

“He just cut himself because he was careless when he was running around in the corridors. He seems very groggy right now.” Mao was quick to explain what was happening. Kyo and Shou crouched down next to Akira who currently was too upset to take part in any of the conversation, despite he knew Mao was lying. Fucking Mao.

“Akira, can you let go of your face, we need to see what has happened...” Shou prodded gently and tried to pull Akira's hands away from his face. Akira resisted, the lower half of his face covered in blood and Kyo had to hold onto Akira's other hand to help Shou look at the bloody mess in front of them. Akira whimpered as the monks examined his face and wiped away the excess blood with their robes. Shou moved some of Akira's hair out of his face to take a closer look at his nose. More people gathered around them and they gasped and were in awe of what had happened.

“I'm no doctor, but I dare say this is broken...” Shou wrinkled his nose and hooked his arm under Akira's and Kyo did the same. “Let's take you to the nursing room, ok?” he smiled warily. Akira groaned as an answer and Mao mouthed something about staying behind and cleaning up the mess. As soon as the trio disappeared Mao pulled a younger girl aside and told her to hurry up and wipe up the mess. The rest he ordered to scram. This was enough commotion for the day.

Akira's face was fixed to the best of the monks abilities. He was made to wear a very archaic cast and bandages, as well as kept on pain relieving herbal tea, which in his opinion didn't work enough. Akira had told Kyo and Shou multiple times it was Mao who had jacked him up, but apparently it all rang to deaf ears. Tsuki was furious and had promised she would avenge him as soon as she could. Akira had muttered something nondescript and fallen back into his bed. He was exhausted and drugged up and now his face was ruined. Tsuki didn't have the heart to tell him it had been jacked up since his birth, but instead tucked him in and sat next to him while he rested. She told him dumb stories to make him relax – stories their parents had told them when they had happened to be at home and she told him ghost stories and what her opinion about the island was. Akira fell into a drug-induced sleep after a good ten minutes.
Tsuki got up.


“Kou-chan... I want to go sled downhill!” Ruki moaned across the table at dinner time. Yutaka was quick to shove him in the side to make him sit down and behave, but the kid's pout grew, if possible, even bigger.

“What's keeping you from going?” Kouyou asked. He wasn't going to bother with the nickname, because Ruki still thought he was a girl, because of his long, black hair.

“Yutaka says it's too dark and cold outside.” Ruki leaned back into the chair he was sitting on and gave the best kicked puppy-look he could ever muster. Kouyou would never admit it got to him. It was getting closer and closer to spring, but there was still a lot of snow covering the ground. Apparently this was normal for this area. Kouyou had taken a big dislike for the strong winds that blew over the hills. Ruki had also started to like him, which was funny enough, since Kouyou didn't think he was any good with kids. But in the beginning of January, the kid had started tailing him around the village, asking him why he was so tall and where did he come from. Ruki was still determined that Kouyou was a girl and it was endlessly amusing.
Spending a lot of time with Ruki also meant he had to spend a lot of time with Yutaka. This kid still intimidated him, even if the softer side came out every now and then. Kouyou didn't really know how to feel about that though. But, Yutaka was growing on him as a person and they had started to talk and get to know each other, albeit slowly. The main focus was still on Ruki.

“Well it is dark and it is cold...” Kouyou began and crocodile tears gathered in Ruki's eyes. “But what the fudge... I mean, we can go make snow angels!” It was as if Christmas had come twice in a weekend for Ruki. He bounced in his seat and spilled his soup all over the place in the process, which made Yutaka growl. See if Ruki cared the slightest.

“Can we go now, please?”

“Eat your dinner first, then we can get dressed and head outside.” Kouyou smiled.

Ruki ate and dressed with lightning speed and Kouyou laughed when they ran out in the cold winter night to star gaze and make snow angels. Yutaka had been hard to get to join the fun, because he was acting cool and collected, whereas Kouyou, who still thought he was bad with kids, had a ball with Ruki.

Kouyou laid on his back in the knee-deep snow and looked up into the skies, Ruki's head on his stomach and the kid did the same. Their breaths became white puffs against the black canvas that was the sky. Yutaka had been coaxed into getting down in the snow as well and laid next to Kouyou with Ruki's feet on his stomach.

“Diamonds.” Ruki smiled contently and pointed towards the sky with thick mitten. Kouyou grinned and patted Ruki on the forehead, much to his dislike.

“They're stars, silly.”

“But they look like diamonds!” Kouyou could hear the pout in Ruki's voice.

“Do ye even know what aye diamond is?” Yutaka asked drily, but Kouyou was certain there was a hint of amusement in his voice.

“Yeah!” the kid exclaimed defiantly.

“Well let's 'ear it then.” Yutaka wiggled Ruki's legs on his stomach in anticipation of the answer.

“Everything that glitters is a diamond!” Ruki chuckled, seemingly very pleased with himself and his answer. Kouyou couldn't help but laugh at the answer and even Yutaka cracked up. “Cats see in the dark because their eyes are diamonds!” Ruki added for emphasis and Yutaka had to cover his mouth not to laugh even harder.

“I'm bored now! Snow fight! I'm on the same team as Kou-chan!” Ruki exclaimed after the two teens had calmed down a little. He rolled onto his stomach and got up on his short legs and tumbled away, collecting snow in his lap as he went.

“That's bloody unfair, squirrel!” Yutaka grunted and got up, because Kouyou wasted no time teaming up with Ruki.

“It's unfair to be two boys against a girl!” Ruki shouted back and threw the first snowball in Yutaka's direction. It missed with a mile and Yutaka grinned like a wolf. He was up for this alright! Yutaka assembled a few snowballs and aimed them at both Ruki and Kouyou who both did their best to beat Yutaka up. Ruki wasn't much help for Kouyou and he made most of the hits, while Ruki mostly just threw the balls in every direction.
Yutaka grinned from ear to ear and shouted slurs at Ruki about how he was just as much a girl like Kouyou and that his aim was so poor he should buy a new one at the hardware store. Ruki became frustrated and a little furious as well, as he threw the snowballs with more vigour but with not very much more precision. Kouyou helped the best he could and as soon as Ruki got too tired, Yutaka got the upper hand and ended up piling a heap of snow on Ruki and Kouyou had to run for cover. He tripped on the way and ended face first in the snow, gargling and cursing. Yutaka shouted something about washing Kouyou's mouth, because it was filthy and Ruki screeched it was unfair and Kouyou tried to scramble away.

“'ere we go!” Yutaka tackled Kouyou and waved to Ruki to come and do something too, because Kouyou had been naughty. Ruki didn't really know what to do when Kouyou squealed like the girl he wasn't, when Yutaka washed his face with ice-cold snow. He had it in his mouth and his nose and some of it stuck in his ears and underneath his scarf.

“I give up, I give up!” he cried over Yutaka's cackling. Ruki banged his little fists against Yutaka's arm and back to make him stop and ended up pushing the teen over Kouyou. Yutaka landed with a synchronised 'oof' across Kouyou, his face in his chest and hands in his face. Kouyou howled from the slight pain and Ruki was quick to come up with a remedy.

“You should kiss Kou-chan better!” he crossed his arms and looked pointedly at the huffing heap that were Kouyou and Yutaka.

“What?” Yutaka looked from Kouyou to Ruki. Kouyou blushed crimson, which was unnecessary since his face was red from the snow bath he had been delivered. “Ah can't do that!” he sat up as did Kouyou. Kouyou was embarrassed beyond saving and Yutaka was equally uneasy.

“Why not?” Ruki stared at Yutaka with his bottom lip jutting out in a defiant pout.

“Because...” well, if the argument about Kouyou being a boy hadn't gone through the first five-hundred times, neither would it go now. Yutaka turned to Kouyou and looked really apologetic about being alive and thinking at the moment. Kouyou stared back at him, terrified and embarrassed.

“Would ye mind?” Yutaka asked, looking everywhere but in Kouyou's direction. Kouyou swallowed loudly and shook his head weakly. Ruki, the tiny little bastard, giggled. Yutaka leaned forward and brushed his lips against Kouyou's cheek ever so softly. He felt his own cheeks heat up and Kouyou turned, if possible, even redder and the teen bit his lower lip. Yutaka pulled back about as quickly as he had pecked Kouyou on the cheek and got up from the snow.

“Okay, le's go inside. This is 'nuff monkey-business for one night, aye?” Yutaka grabbed Ruki by the hand and Kouyou fell flat on his back into the snow and covered his face with his hands.

“Kou-chan hurry up!” Ruki called over his shoulder and extended his other hand towards the flustered teen. Kouyou scrambled to his feet and took hold of Ruki's hand. Yutaka kept his gaze strictly focused on the snow in front of his feet and Kouyou tried to avoid looking in his direction as well, as Ruki was happily ignorant about the fact that he had just made two people very awkward around each other.

They walked to Yutaka's and Ruki's house and when Kouyou was about to let go, Ruki clutched his hand even tighter and stared at him like him going home was nuts.

“No! You are going to watch over me,” he stared at Kouyou and then at Yutaka. “And you will not sleep.”

It remained uncertain who face-palmed harder.

Ruki fell asleep with his head on Kouyou's shoulder. Kouyou laid on Ruki's narrow bed with the kid in his lap, clutching his waist like his life depended on it. It was a little uncomfortable and a little embarrassing as Yutaka sat on the bed next to Ruki's and watched the two of them with mild interest.

“He's like a log...” Kouyou murmured softly and looked at Yutaka shyly.

“Yeah.” Yutaka smiled kindly.

Ruki had taken his good time falling asleep. He had been hyper, then devastated that Kouyou would have to go sleep in his own room, then gleeful that Kouyou said he would stay if it was OK with Yutaka. This led to Ruki pleading a moaning and crying to the other teen to let Kou-chan stay, because Kou-chan was cute and could keep Yutaka company and what not. It ended up in Yutaka and Kouyou blushing madly – again. When Ruki finally calmed down and dived into his pyjamas, he demanded that Kou-chan would lay down next to him so he would feel safe. To avoid drama, Kouyou had agreed without fighting and the room had gotten silent.

“'e really likes ye.” Yutaka's smile was a little forlorn.

“You think so?” Kouyou looked over at Yutaka who nodded. “I thought I was bad with kids.” he added with an embarrassed chuckle.

“Ye're doin' great with the kid, dontcha worry.” Yutaka reassured and studied his skinny knees. They were silent for a while, until Ruki started grinding his teeth and both teens winced.

“Does he do this?” Kouyou grimaced and Yutaka chuckled. Yeah, the kid did grind his teeth.

“Ah'm usually asleep too when he goes on with that morbid grindin' of 'is.” Yutaka smiled and got up. He walked over to Ruki's bed, sat down on the edge and tapped the kid gently on the cheek.

“Stop yer grindin', ankle biter.” he whispered and Ruki grimaced in his sleep, but did stop grinding. He nuzzled closer to Kouyou's chest and Kouyou noticed he was smiling. Ruki was kinda cute after all, underneath all the temper tantrums he threw. He mentioned it to Yutaka who smiled warmly. It kinda freaked Kouyou out, because that had to be the most radiant smile he had ever seen on anyone, and he associated Yutaka with a grumpy and scary feeling. Not happiness. He only noticed he was staring when Yutaka looked back, one eyebrow raised and an amused grin on his lips.

“So-sorry...” Kouyou muttered, his cheeks dusted with an unflattering shade of pink, and he looked away. Yutaka smiled, gently and shook his head.

“Don't fret yer pretty 'ead,” Yutaka teased and Kouyou pulled a face at the endearment. He wanted to sit up and leave the room already, because this weird tension was getting to him and he was quite frankly pretty uncomfortable. But curious at the same time. “Seriously...” Yutaka pressed on.

“Okay...” Kouyou looked awkwardly at him and then back to Ruki, who twitched and mumbled something nondescript in his sleep. “Is that normal? For him to twitch like that?”

Yutaka had to cover his mouth with his hand to not laugh too loudly. Kouyou was definitely becoming Kou-chan, at the speed of about three-hundred kilometres per hour.

“It's fine, stop frettin',” Yutaka brushed some of Ruki's unruly hair out of his face. “'e's aye twitchy sleeper, but 'e sleeps like 'e's dead.”

Kouyou might've been fantasizing about things, but Yutaka looked so peaceful and proud of the squirt he was taking care of. Yutaka's smile put a smile on Kouyou's face as well and he felt oddly at ease.

“Sorry abot the kiss earlier.” Yutaka confessed suddenly. It took Kouyou off guard and he suddenly felt nervous again. He fiddled with his shirt sleeve and would've wanted to move away again. They were a little too close for comfort.

“It's... Quite alright,” he mused. “I don't mind, really.”

“Ye don't?” Yutaka rose one curious brow and Kouyou could feel excitement pool in his stomach and his heart rate sped up.

“No.” he mumbled weakly and quirked his his lips up ever so slightly. Yutaka looked at Kouyou for a second, his gaze travelling up and down his face, before he moved his hand to the other side of Kouyou. He was careful not to squish Ruki when he leaned in over him and Kouyou. Kouyou's heart was beating so, so fast he was afraid it would wake Ruki up and echo throughout the entire island.
Yutaka got closer and soon they were so close their noses touched and both smiled sheepishly. Kouyou tilted his lips up and Yutaka tilted his head a bit to the left, both closed their eyes and their lips touched shyly. It was a gentle kiss, soft and unassuming. Kouyou felt himself blush and heat radiated from Yutaka's face. Kouyou opened his eyes and they pulled apart slightly. Kouyou's heart continued beating fast as he looked at Yutaka, who looked back, a soft smile on his face and Kouyou couldn't but smile back. It felt nice. Warm. A little moist. And Yutaka was a good kisser. Kouyou hadn't kissed many people before – certainly not any boys – but dared say it was good. He wondered if Yutaka thought it was shit, because for all he knew Yutaka could've kissed hundreds of people, which all probably were so much better than him and-

“Kou-chan, stop yer frettin'.” Yutaka repeated and smiled down at the blushing boy underneath him. Kouyou smiled and crinkled his nose. He raised his free hand and laid it cautiously on Yutaka's shoulder.

“Can we do that again?” he asked timidly and Yutaka chuckled softly. Then he nodded a 'yes' and their lips touched again, a little bolder than the first time, a little more hungry for satisfaction and Kouyou felt how that same excitement built up again in his stomach and he guessed Yutaka felt it too, since his kisses got a bit deeper. Kouyou would've been eager to continue exploring this new attraction and he would've wanted to feel Yutaka closer, but Ruki wriggled against him and Kouyou's first instinct was to push Yutaka away with as much force he could muster and he hit Yutaka in the nose while he did. Yutaka yelped and fell off of the bed and Kouyou wanted to die of shame.

“Kou-chan...” Ruki muttered, rubbing his eyes as he sat up. “I'm thirsty.” he whined.

“... Wha- OK, don't worry, I'll get you some water...” Kouyou sighed and wiped his brow from invisible, nervous sweat. He hear Yutaka flop down on the floor completely and guessed the other was trying to collect himself from the utter embarrassment they just had gone through. Kouyou stepped over Yutaka and mouthed an apology, as he slunk into the kitchen to get some water for the kid. He faintly heard Ruki asking Yutaka why he was so red in the face and Yutaka answering him that he was feeling hot. Kouyou's heart leaped a bit in his chest, but soon after he found himself laughing silently in the kitchen.

This certainly made things interesting.


A fine day in the end of March, Tsuki had marched up to Mao and hit him hard in the face, cracked her knuckles and got a stinging cheek in return. Mao had walked away from the scene with a black eye and bruised pride, since there had been plenty of people witnessing the situation. The bullying had been permitted long enough in Tsuki's opinion and she did what she thought was best. Mao hadn't tolerated that kind of behaviour for very long and ordered Tsuki to pack her shit and leave the village under escort. Tora hadn't had very much say in the matter, Akira the least. Both siblings were furious and devastated to have to be separated, most likely to never meet again.

“Don't worry Aki,” Tsuki whispered as she hugged her baby brother good bye. “I'm tougher than that.” she raised her bandaged fist and clutched the scruffy backpack strap with her other when they parted. She was certain Mao tch'd in the background, but she deemed it fitting for the arse who dared to wreck her little brother's face. Akira's face had healed moderately well – Tsuki knew it would've become neater with stitches, but the lack of doctors made that impossible. The scar would be morbid to look at, but there wasn't much they could do about it. Die had suggested he tied a bandanna around his face, but Akira had refused.

“Dai-Dai, keep my stupid brother safe from harm, ok?” Tsuki smiled as sweetly as she could at the mute kid who nodded vigorously. He even drew a cross over his heart with his finger to emphasize his point. Akira grunted. Tsuki knew Akira would be safe with Die. They were good. “They will not get me. This island will not get me.” she poked Akira in the chest at each word.

“Stay strong, ok?” Akira murmured. He had given up on not crying immediately. Tsuki was adamant about not crying in front of this lot. She glared at Mao, who merely raised one eyebrow. Then she glared at the monks who despite having been very helpful, also had been irritatingly lethargic about the situation at hand. She squeezed Akira's shoulder one more time, before she waved goodbye.

Mally had escorted her down the road and pointed her in the right direction.

“Walk until you're stopped or you reach a fishing village the size of this one.” she had said and frowned. Tsuki had liked her a lot, but she was a fan of Mao and that didn't sit too well with her.

“Thanks.” she had bit out and started her long walk. Her shoes chafed her heels and the sweater she had under her coat wasn't very warm, now that the wind caught her on the road. She cursed like a pirate and cursed the whole monastery and she cursed the leader of the clan and she cursed the freaking flu that had killed of the entire planet. She even cursed the contents of her backpack – a whole packet of rice crackers and a tiny bottle of water. Fucking great, she shouted into the woods and got some cackling in return. She pushed her hair away from her face and started jogging to get some warmth. The road to the other village was either short, or then they were busy screwing her over in the Aji village.

“Fucking fuck!” she growled and had to stop in the middle of the hill upwards. She hadn't been running for a very long time and it didn't help it was cold either, but she was tired and angry. She would've wanted to hit something. Preferably someone, or mostly just Mao. If she made it alive to the other village and they didn't execute her on sight, she would start a war, for Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
Tsuki took a sip of water when she came to the summit of the hill. Trees and more trees. A couple of abandoned cars and more trees. Tsuki hated trees. She wanted skyscrapers and neon lights and the smell of gasoline. Now she had fresh and cold sea air that didn't do shit for her as well as the pitch black night. These things didn't do shit. She didn't see the end of the island in the horizon, so she assumed there still was a good bit left to walk.

Night fell and Tsuki found herself lucky when she ran into an abandoned farm house on the road. She knocked on the door, but there was no answer. She took shelter there and found a couple of matches that weren't too soggy to be used and managed to make a tiny fire in the hearth. She found some duvets in the linen closet and after a thorough inspection decided she could sleep in them, despite it crept her out. They weren't entirely dry, but there wasn't anything else to use either. She went through the cupboards and cabinets, finding next to nothing that was edible. Her stomach was growling.

Tsuki settled for a couple of crackers and a few gulps of water, before she went so sleep. She made sure she had stuffed the fireplace with enough fuel so it would keep on burning even after she had fallen asleep. She shivered and snuggled up into the bedding, trying to find comfort in them. Before she fell asleep she realised how lonely she were, now that her dumb little brother wasn't there with her. Tears burned at the back of her eyes, but she refused them. She would be strong for Akira and strong for her lost sister and Kouyou. The thought of them lulled her into shallow sleep whilst the fire cracked in the night.

Morning came and Tsuki's breath formed white wisps in the air. Her eyelashes were frosty and she felt cold all over. The fire had died down to tiny embers. She warmed her cold fingers in the heat that radiated from them and was quick to get up and clean up after herself. She hid the duvets where she had found them and ate a few crackers to get herself going. She had a lot of walking to do and not very much to survive on. Now she was hungry and pissed off. Not a pretty combination.

She came out of the house and briefly wondered how much the time was, but because she genuinely had no idea of how to tell the time based on the position of the sun, she gave up and settled for early morning. Tsuki continued down the road in a energetic pace. She wanted to be found or just find the godforsaken village she had been told about and roads had to end somewhere!

Tsuki walked and walked. She encountered some more carcasses to cars, she ran a little down hill and stopped for a cracker when she felt light-headed from low blood-sugar levels. She was angry and shouted her annoyance into the endless sea of trees. Vulgar words, sad words, positively murderous words. Everything she could come up with. By midday she had reached another summit and she crouched down, muttering profanities. The last of her crackers tasted like cardboard and the last drops of water were too sweet to be allowed to run out.

“Fuck my life...” she sighed and wiped the moisture from her face. She still had a whole lot of road to cover and she decided she would attempt to get through to the village. There just wasn't any other option. She pulled her backpack up on her shoulders and continued walking. It was getting warmer and warmer which felt odd in Tsuki's opinion. She ended up taking off her jacket and strapped it around her hips.

Somewhere a branched cracked and birds cawed anxiously. Tsuki paid it no heed. She was determined to get away from the woodland road and to a place where she could drink water and maybe even eat something. Food felt like a delightful thing and she would settle for even the simplest of bean sprouts just as long as she got food! Tsuki did stop dead in her tracks when an arrow came whooshing by her and bored itself into the nearby tree trunk. Tsuki shrieked and made a run for it. Another arrow came flying and landed into the tree in front of her.

“What do you want?” she shouted, panic-stricken as she looked around herself to see who it was that attacked her. “You can't kill me! I'm not from here!” she tried as a desperate last measure, to at least rouse their curiosity.

The bushes rustled and two boys, maybe a year younger than her emerged, bows raised, ready to shoot her. Tsuki sighed deeply. Trigger happy kids, amazing!

“What do you mean you're not from here?” the boy with a squirrel-like face asked as they approached her.

“That I'm not from here. I'm not from this island. And I'm thirsty and hungry and don't you touch me!” Tsuki growled as they tried to pacify her and her flailing arms.

“Stop flailing and we'll take you back to our home-”

“Yeah right, like I'm going to follow some unknown rascals through the forest- stop touching me!”

“This way lady.” one of the kids took her by the arm and held her in a steady grip while they pulled her with them into the woodland and towards the unknown. Tsuki didn't spare them any sympathy, nor profanities.


Kouyou and Yutaka kept meeting up. It wasn't easy when Ruki tailed after Yutaka almost everywhere, but the times the kid was busy with his own friends, Kouyou stole Yutaka away and they kissed and caressed each other. Yutaka pushed Kouyou up against walls, into the mattress of his bed or just held him close. Kouyou let him do all this and pulled him atop of himself to feel his weight on him.

“Ruki wants ye to move in with us,” Yutaka had moaned between their kisses an unusually warm afternoon in late March. Kouyou grinned and captured Yutaka's lower lip between his teeth and pulled playfully.

“He's cute.” he muttered and toyed with the neck of Yutaka's shirt.

“'e's in love with ye. 'e talks about ye all the time.” Yutaka pushed Kouyou's knees apart and wrapped his long legs around his tiny waist. Kouyou felt heat pooling in his stomach. He was nervous, because they hadn't gone further than touching and kissing, despite having been together for almost a month now. Kouyou wasn't sure he was ready to go any further right now.

“Does he?” he distracted himself from Yutaka's curious hands and lips which trailed down his neck and he winced when he felt teeth nipping at his skin.

“Yeah. Traded 'is bed for the floor, just to 'ave ye 'ere. 'e's done it several times now, but Ah keep tellin' 'im no.” Yutaka grinned. Kouyou chuckled, but it turned into a moan when Yutaka ground his hips against Kouyou. It was subtle and almost accidental, more than it was with purpose. Both teens knew where they were going, but still too nervous to actually go all the way. Yutaka did it again and left it hanging like a question. Kouyou's eyes closed and his head fell back into the bedding, exposing his neck to Yutaka, who kissed it with enthusiasm, albeit a tremor of precariousness. Yutaka thrust again, with a little more confidence and moaned audibly when Kouyou met his movements and it felt so good. Kouyou's hands were stiff around his shoulders and they clutched his shirt with abandon. Yutaka wrapped his arms around Kouyou's lithe figure and nuzzled his neck.

“Yutaka...” Kouyou hissed into the shorter boy's ear. It all felt overwhelming. Kouyou had masturbated to the idea of Yutaka touching him even more intimately and their naked bodies intertwining in bed, more than once, and now that it was happening he didn't know if he could handle it. The honey-like frustration he felt burning in his body increased when he felt Yutaka's hand wander down his side and the teen rising up a little, so he could ease his hand between their bodies.

“Does it feel good?” Yutaka asked, cautiously as his fingers ghosted the bulge between Kouyou's legs. Kouyou squeaked out a meek 'yes' and Yutaka took it as encouragement to carry on and press down a little harder. Kouyou's every muscle tensed in his body and his breath hitched. He was so close.

“I'm- Ah!” Kouyou exclaimed as he came into his underwear with a shaky moan. Yutaka grinned like he had won the grand price, but Kouyou covered his face with both hands. Good God, he was so embarrassed. “I'm sorry.” he groaned.

“Is alright, Kou,” Yutaka whispered and tried to pry the other boy's hands away from his face. “'ey, is alright. Ah don't mind.”

“I feel dirty...” Kouyou complained. Yutaka hadn't even touched him properly and Kouyou had shot his load just like that!

“Ah can lend ye some-” Yutaka was interrupted by a hysterical shriek that echoed through the entire village. Kouyou shot up like he had forgotten his pants were soiled. “What the devil was that?” Yutaka shot a questioning glare in the direction of the window.

“I know that voice! Hurry up and lend me a pair of boxers!” Kouyou scrambled out of Yutaka's bed and pulled off his pants, before he even thought the other might be watching. Yutaka did watch and Kouyou turned away from him, beet red in the face. “Quickly!” he urged and Yutaka got up, rustled through his drawers and handed Kouyou a pair of boxer shorts to wear. While Kouyou wiggled around trying to get dressed, Yutaka took a good look and cursed softly under his breath. When Kouyou was almost done he sneaked up behind him, grinning like a wolf.

“Ye look 'ot.” he held onto Kouyou's skinny hips and kissed the nape of his neck affectionately. “Le's go, nudie.”

“Hey!” Kouyou grunted and sprinted after Yutaka who got a good head start. Kouyou tried to smooth out his shirt and his hair, which both were ruffled and rumpled from the heaving petting and kissing. As soon as they came out of the building Kouyou became anxious. He knew exactly who's voice he had heard screaming and shouting. His heart raced and almost hurt from the anticipation. Could it be?

“Get your sticky paws off me!”

It could.

Kouyou felt joyous.

A loud slap resonated from between the buildings and when they reached the square outside the community centre, Kouyou knew exactly why his heart raced and eyes stung.

“Suzuki!” he shouted across the square and every single pair of eyes turned in his direction. Kouyou laughed gleefully and ran towards the girl Hiroto and Aki had dragged into the village. “Suzuki Tsuki!” he repeated and ignored everyone, both Yutaka and Ruki who had tumbled into the square and clung to Yutaka, except her and her wiry frame.

“Kouyou?” Tsuki couldn't believe her eyes as the one person she thought she wouldn't see again appeared in front of her. Kouyou's hair was longer, his frame thinner and his cheekbones more prominent. But he was alive. And he looked like he was well. They stood and looked at each other, both in awe, an arms length away from each other.

“Is it really you?” Tsuki stared at Kouyou, disbelief written all over her face.

“Yeah.” Kouyou smiled sheepishly. A heart beat later they embraced each other. Kouyou pressed Tsuki hard against himself, not wanting to let go of her, now that he finally had some part of the Suzuki family collected. He had missed her. He still missed Akira so much it was silly. He had gotten new friends now, but old friends and childhood friends... There was nothing like having them in your life.

“Fucking fuck, Kouyou, I thought you were dead.” Tsuki mumbled and rammed her fists against Kouyou's shoulder blades in mock-anger.

“Likewise, Tsuki.” Kouyou sniffed. He tried not to cry, but it was hard to not choke up. He had missed Tsuki's foul mouth and hot temper. Some of her cooking too.

“You're such a girl.” Tsuki smiled against Kouyou's sweater.

“Yeah, I know...” Kouyou laughed at the irony and they pulled apart. He felt gazes burning in his back and he cleared his throat. “This is Suzuki Tsuki. She's my best friend's big sister.” he introduced her to the clan members that had gathered around the commotion. Tsuki bowed slightly but grimaced at the younger kids who had caught her in the woods.

Yutaka dared to step closer and eyed her up and down. Her nose looked funny to her and her raggedy look both amused and worried him a little.

“Where did'ye come from?” he asked, his eyes stern. His scary-mode was on.

“Ajihama.” Tsuki answered and brushed some of her hair out of her eyes. Yutaka's jaw clenched when he heard the name of the harbour. “Why?”

“What were ye doin' in the woods?” Yutaka pressed on, ignoring her question. Kouyou felt egos would clash soon, for both were dominating personalities and most of Tsuki's temper was regulated by the amount food she had eaten.

“The good people sent me away for being difficult and teaching their so called leader a lesson about bullying others.” Tsuki crossed her arms on her chest and stared Yutaka in the eye. Only then did Kouyou notice the bandages on her right hand and how bruised it looked.

“Tsuki, did you-”

“Yes I did,” she nodded, her lips a thin line. “Can we eat now, I've only had crackers and a gulp of water.”

Most of the villages inhabitants followed her into the community centre where they cooked up something simple for their guest to eat. Kouyou wanted to ask so many questions and he was sure many others wanted to do it as well. Tsuki refused to say anything to anyone the whole time she was eating. Hiroto was picked on, for he had a bright red hand print on his left cheek from where she had slapped him. Kouyou felt kind of proud of her. Ruki made the observation that Tsuki also was a girl while he pulled at Kouyou's hair, which served to puzzle her but Kouyou promised he would explain it all when they were alone together.

When they finally were alone in Kouyou and Toshiya's room, the latter agreeing on staying somewhere else that night, Kouyou told Tsuki everything. He told her about how he had crashed ashore and buried Nana, been frozen and close to giving up on this life when the same crew had found him. He told her about how he had been afraid of Yutaka and how he had had a hard time finding his place here, how much he had missed the Suzuki siblings and how alone he had felt. He told her about Ruki who thought he was a girl because of his long hair and wiry frame and how the kid wasn't Yutaka's real brother or child. Kouyou spoke animatedly about how fucking hard it was to fire Hiroto's bow or chop wood and find edible mushrooms and pull up a net from the water, and how hard it was to understand Yutaka's accent. He even told Tsuki how they had ended up kissing, how he was so in love and how Ruki ground his teeth when he slept and how much he looked forward to Takamasa and Ayumu's baby.

Tsuki had cried when she heard about her sister. She had crumbled in front of Kouyou and from the shock of knowing he was alive and well and he had some kind of a family. Tsuki laughed at the story about how Ruki had stolen the fish from the fishermen in the bay and how Yutaka had ran after him. She laughed and cried when Kouyou told her about his loneliness and both wept bitter tears now that the knew Akira was alive but mutilated by Mao. Kouyou and she smiled grimly at the stories about the monks and what they did and didn't do. They prayed for her dead sister and held each other close now that they finally were together again.

Tsuki laid her head down on Kouyou's pillow and hugged herself around the middle. It felt good to be together with Kouyou again, as it at the same time hurt to know he had moved forward in his life and was involved with someone else. Not just anyone, but with the boy whom the clan considered their leader. She admitted she had never guessed Kouyou would be gay, but now she just had to accept the reality of the situation. She cuddled closer into the bedding and smiled at him when he smiled at her. Tsuki wished she could send some message to Akira – to let him know there wasn't a care in the world with her now, for she knew both her favourite boys were alive and well. Kouyou had swallowed a new wave of sadness and agreed. He wanted to meet Akira and punch him and love him and introduce him to his new friends.

“Akira is fine. He has a good friend there called Die to keep him company.” Tsuki muttered and pouted. Kouyou smiled, a little sadly, but he smiled.

“Good.” Kouyou nodded.

“How did you and leader-man get together?” Tsuki asked with a wry smile. Kouyou's face heated up and he told her how it all had began as a joke from Ruki's side and that they now were more or less in a serious relationship. He fiddled with the duvet and Tsuki sighed dramatically at his coy demeanour. Kouyou was so cute.

“Ruki still doesn't believe you're a boy?” she sniggered.

“Never in a million years.” Kouyou sighed and rubbed his forehead in exasperation.

“Maybe you have to whip out your dick in front of him.” Tsuki laughed.

“He's only five! That would be vulgar!” Kouyou gasped and stared at Tsuki in bewilderment. Truth to be told, he hadn't expected anything less from her. Both ended up laughing afterwards, because it painted a pretty comical picture.

“It's good to have you back though...” Kouyou admitted softly when they calmed down. Tsuki smiled gently.

“And you.”

“Good night, Suzuki.”

“Good night, Takashima.”


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Re: Godspeed. [Kai/Uruha, R - NC 17, AU] update: 2/3

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warnings for this chapter: extreme violence, character death and bloodshed

About a month after Tsuki had left Ajihama, Mao had thrown the mother temper tantrums. Everyone was avoiding him to the best of their abilities. He had realised what a massive error sending her away actually was. She had probably told the other clan every little detail of how they housed, what they ate and what a charming character he was.

The cherry trees had started blooming and everyone else were in a considerably better mood after the depressing and cold winter. But then Mao had decided that no one would have fun, because he certainly wasn't feeling like having fun. Mally almost got herself a new right ear, after Mao had thrown a knife in her direction. He had told her her laugh was irritating and that she should consider keeping her trap shut. After that, Mally didn't appear in the same room with Mao. Ever.

“I should've killed her!” Mao boomed and slammed his fist into the table so hard the pottery on it rattled and one tea cup rolled over the edge and onto the floor with a dull thud. Tora followed it with mild dis-interest and looked back at Mao.

“Probably, but crying about it now it doesn't help, now does it?” Tora stubbed his cigarette into his tea cup and blew an inelegant plume of smoke into the air. “So, what are you going to do about the mess, huh?” Tora was a pacifist at heart, but wasn't afraid of using violence if it was the only way out.

“Kill everyone, perhaps?” Mao sneered and got up from the floor where he was sitting and paced around the room where he and Tora usually meet up for what they called official business meetings. Usually they just bitched about things that bummed them and occasionally they made plans for the clans future. Otherwise the leadership sailed itself, because there wasn't many rules they had set up. Just show up to dinner and do your chores in the village and everyone would be happy. And it had worked. Winter had the tendency to fuck things up for them all though, because it was a time of need and misery.

“That wouldn't solve anything, and you know it.” Tora raised one eyebrow. “Sit down, your pacing is distracting me.” he barked at Mao who didn't even flinch at Tora's tone, but sat down and glared at the older teen.

“I'm not stupid.” Mao murmured viciously.

“I know. Now, let's figure things out, shall we?” Tora suggested. “We still have the bitch's brother in our camp, now don't we? We could bargain with him, right?”

“We could, but do you think they in Futawatashihama would be interested?” Tora dug in his pockets for another cigarette.

“For all I know, I don't know.” Mao huffed. “And then there's that idiot half-brother. I can't stand his fucking face! I should kill him too.”

“You mean Yutaka, right?”

“Don't say his, name! I can't stand it!” Mao growled.

“Calm down, it's just a name, not a jinx...” Tora lit his cigarette and took deep a few breaths. “I'm running out of cigarettes, do you think they have any in their storage areas down there?”

“You and your fucking cigs, is it all you bother with?” Mao clenched his fists. Tora seemed unimpressed by the accusations of his disinterest in the matter and pursed his lips as he glared at Mao.

“What are you going to do about this, then?”

“We'll see...” Mao flopped down on his back and stared up in the ceiling. “We'll see.”

Come the end of May and on a particularly dry evening, Mao picked up a whetstone and sharpened the knife he carried for self-protection. He had made the decision he knew Tora would never make. He rallied the small troupe of old enough kids to go with him, along with Akira, who bravely stood up against him.

“Shove it, Suzuki, or I will break that nose – again.” Mao had smiled coldly. He had had Akira's bound to eliminate his possibilities to escape, for he was now hostage, not a guest any more.

The monks, Shou and Kyo, didn't agree on coming with them, because it was against their beliefs to harm any other living creature. Tora had agreed to come with them, as long as there wouldn't be any blood shed. Mao had snorted with arrogance and told him that no, there wouldn't be any violence. Just some exchange of words. It didn't make Tora feel at ease the slightest, but he kept it to himself. He would rise to the occasion, he said. To end it if needed.

Some of his accomplices armed themselves with bows, others with knives and whatever they could find useful. Kyo and Shou said they would pray for them all, for safe returns and wise decisions. Tora was sceptical. Mao was arrogant and prone to dumb mistakes. Nevertheless, by nightfall they marched out towards Futawatashihama, intending to reach the other village by morning.

Mao was counting on being noticed. He would be very disappointed if they would go unnoticed.


Kouyou was feeling blissful. It felt almost too perfect to be true, he mused as he laid naked in Yutaka' s bed and watched the scrawny chest rise and fall evenly. After their unfortunate first time together, their sex had improved greatly and had become satisfactory for both. Yutaka was still gentle and he made Kouyou feel like he was special. The way they had kissed afterwards felt like heaven on earth and Kouyou wished that moment would last forever. Both had fallen into slumber after the romp and Yutaka was currently mumbling something funny about how Ruki shouldn't use crayons on the walls, because it was a bitch to clean up. Kouyou who had woken up earlier, grinned and snuggled closer to his love. He wondered how on earth Yutaka had managed to bribe Ruki to stay with his favourite uncle, Takamasa, because as soon as Kouyou and Yutaka were together somewhere, the kid stuck with them as if he was glued onto them.

Kouyou was in love. He felt he could do anything for Yutaka. Kouyou laid his cheek against Yutaka's chest and felt him shift closer to him.

“'i.” Yutaka yawned.

“Hello.” Kouyou kissed one of his clavicles and Yutaka hummed, feeling content laying there with Kouyou and taking it easy between the sheets.

“'ow's it goin'?” Yutaka smiled.

“Fantastic, I suppose,” Kouyou leaned over Yutaka and planted a wet kiss on his lips, which the other responded to with a wide, dimpled smile. “Kind of happy too.”

“That's good to 'ear.” Yutaka hugged Kouyou closer and inhaled the smell of his bed-head. Kouyou's lanky body felt good against his own scrawny one.

“I bet you that Ruki will come running as soon as Takamasa and Ayumu get up.” Kouyou mused.

“Sound just like 'im.” Yutaka grinned. “But Ah'd rather focus on ye now, luv.”

“You're a cruel man... Forgetting about your baby brother like that.” Kouyou drew a heart on Yutaka's chest.

“Shush,” Yutaka grinned and flipped them over in playful banter. “Ah won't 'ear any more blabber now.” he kissed Kouyou on the lips, silencing his attempts to contradict him. They kissed and cuddled, and Kouyou felt he was getting aroused and Yutaka was equally responsive.

“Feelin' like doin' it again?” Yutaka murmured against Kouyou's lips as he settled between Kouyou's legs. Kouyou nodded, his breathing heavier by the second. Kouyou wrapped his legs around Yutaka's waist and combed his fingers through Yutaka's dark locks. The other teen reached between their bodies and pumped them both into full life with a few quick strokes. Kouyou moaned as they started moving their hips together, rubbing up against each other and it felt so good. Yutaka rubbed his nipples and kissed his sternum and neck repeatedly, telling Kouyou how amazing he was in his own broken accent that became even more incoherent when he was aroused.

Kouyou and Yutaka's cheeks were red alike when they finished, their kisses sloppy and containing more tongue than lips. But it was oh-so good. Kouyou refused to let Yutaka roll off of him. 'Stay' he groaned and entwined their legs and nuzzled Yutaka's neck.

“We'll 'ave to get up soon, the ankle biter's goin' to be 'ere any second now.” Yutaka tried and Kouyou whined. He had no desire to get dressed any time soon, even though he liked Ruki and his company.

Kouyou had barely gotten his shirt on when the door slammed open down stairs in the two-storey house and hurried footsteps echoed through the house.

“Kou-chan! Kou-chan! Kou-chan! Guess what, guess what, guess what!” Ruki beamed when he ran through the bedroom door and almost tackled Kouyou.

“What?” Kouyou laughed and picked the boy up into his arms. “You're getting big, soon I can't lift you any more!”

“It's Saturday!” Ruki grinned and bounced up and down in Kouyou's hold, until Kouyou had to put him back down on the floor, because he simply didn't have the muscle power to keep a flailing six-year-old in his lap.

“Yeah it is!” Kouyou smiled and he pictured the grin on Yutaka's face, who had walked out of the room three minutes earlier to go fetch the things that made Ruki's Saturdays so special; namely daifuku. The kid was mad about daifuku and could've eaten a whole storeroom of it in one go. He only got three pieces at the time though, because the sugar in them made him hysterical and hard to control.

“Look, there he comes!” Kouyou turned Ruki around by the shoulders and the kid bounced up and down on his feet when Yutaka waltzed in with the goodies.

“Wha' does aye good lad say before 'e gets 'is treats?” Yutaka hid the sweets behind his back and waited for Ruki to ask for them nicely. The transformation was always mind blowing, because Ruki straightened his back, spoke politely and held out his hand like the picture perfect child would. It kind of spooked Kouyou a bit, but the micro second afterwards he was back to the mischievous, little rascal he was. Ruki ran downstairs and huddled into one of the thread bare arm chairs, savouring his sweets, one piece at the time.

“He's adorable.” Kouyou remarked when he and Yutaka followed him down. Kouyou then proceeded to pull on his shoes and a dark blue flannel shirt.

“'e is when 'e tries. Otherwise 'e'll try to make yer life as bothersome as possible,” Yutaka shrugged and pulled on his shoes as well. “Ruki, me and Kou are goin' down for breakfast.” he called over his shoulder like he always did on mornings like these. Ruki waved and went back to poking and stretching his daifuku before taking careful nibs of them to make them last longer.

Saturday felt good today. It would be a hot day, for all Kouyou knew and he breathed his lungs full of fresh air, as he strolled through town, hand in hand with Yutaka. They met with other inhabitants along the way to the community centre and they played games of guessing what would be for breakfast now that it was Takamasa and Ayumu cooking. Kouyou remembered what a catastrophe it had been when he and Toshiya had been assigned for breakfast duty. Pretty much everyone, including themselves, had gone hungry that morning. The rice had been decent, at least. The rest, not so much. Takamasa and Ayumu were good chefs, so Kouyou looked forward to this meal, even if it probably was only rice and mackerel or some other fish.

Ayumu was very pregnant and told them she was dying to get the kid out of her belly, despite she was scared of the procedure that awaited. Kouyou smiled and nodded. He didn't really know what pregnancy and expecting a baby was, because no one had ever been pregnant in his family when he was younger. Not even his married, older cousins. Ayumu's stomach was the shape of a football and it was kinda cute in weird way.

Kouyou had barely finished his piece of fish when a bloody mess to Aki burst through the doors and into the canteen. Someone gasped, terrified. Yutaka got out of his chair like he was on fire and ran towards Aki, who was slumping dangerously against one of the tables.

“Masao's coming!” he moaned as he fell onto the floor before Yutaka could make it to him. His eyes were googly as he stared in front of him and his breathing was shallow. Yutaka knelt beside him and gathered him in his lap.

“What 'appened Aki? Where's 'iroto?” Kouyou got closer to the bleeding mess that Aki was. He cringed when he saw how fragile the younger boy looked in Yutaka's arms.

“The woods. Up north along the free-way...” Aki coughed and writhed. “Hiroto stayed behind to keep them back.”

Someone expressed deep worry in the background and curses were heard through the building. Yutaka looked deeply disturbed by this news.

“What 'appened to ye?”

“Rocks,” Aki laughed with no humour for the situation. “Watch out for those. Their aim isn't poor. They have one archer, but the rest are armed with knives and axes.” Aki added and grimaced.

“Ye ought to take it easy now,” Yutaka pressed. “'ow far away are they?”

“Maybe a good hour. Hiroto knows to be distracting,” Aki estimated. “Just hurry.” he managed before he slumped against Yutaka's shoulder. Yutaka tried to shake him awake to no avail. Aki was out like a candle and the wounds he had didn't help the situation the slightest.

Yutaka got up from the floor and motioned to a couple of younger kids to take over from there, because he wasn't okay with arming them with something longer or sharper than their own hands. He ordered the older teens to get anything they could defend themselves with, preferably something that would in the worst case also intimidate the opponent. Yutaka was aware he was now out of his two best men – the other passed out on the canteen floor and the other in the hands of the opponent.

“Who is this Masao?” Kouyou ran up to Yutaka a good fifteen minutes later. He had found a baseball bat and he had a pretty mean swing from the baseball club he had been in. Yutaka looked at him with the eyes of a considerably older man and it terrified Kouyou.

“'es me 'alf-brother,” Yutaka gritted his teeth and palmed the thigh holster containing the big knife he thought he could've lived without. “'e's aye bit of aye tosser. Lost it when 'is mum died from the flu.”

“Sorry to hear that.” Kouyou if someone knew what it was like to be left with your step-dad when your mother died from the pandemic which had spread all across the nations.

“Is alright,” Yutaka touched Kouyou's hand softly. “Ah'm sorry Ah'm draggin' ye into this shit.” he pecked Kouyou briefly on the lips. Kouyou shook his head and grabbed hold of Yutaka's hand. He brought it up to his lips and kissed the knuckles softly.

“Maybe we don't have to fight.” he said hopefully and stared in the direction in which the free-way stretched. Yutaka followed his gaze and sighed deeply.

“One never knows,” Yutaka pulled away from the touch, distancing himself. He was saying goodbye, just in case. Kouyou didn't read this in him and maybe it was better that way. Yutaka flashed him a quick smile and pulled him along and away from where the other clan would be marching in. “Ah don't want ye to be in the direct line of fire in case this gets really ugly.” Yutaka confessed, Kouyou's hand still in his.

“I can fight.” Kouyou pressed.

“Ah know. But ah don't wantcha to. Yer better than that. This ain't yer fight.” Yutaka looked down at his worn tennis shoes.

“It is. They've got my friend,” Kouyou followed Yutaka's gaze. “Hey. Don't be sad... I'm not going anywhere.” Kouyou tried to cheer him up with a light squeeze on the shoulder and a friendly smile. Yutaka nodded and pulled Kouyou into a tight hug.

“This feels so final, ye know?” he murmured into Kouyou's neck. Yutaka was scared and he hoped it didn't show much, because he wasn't supposed to be scared. He was supposed to be the leader who knew what he was doing and keep the moral high within the group. Yutaka wasn't really feeling it now.

“I'm not going anywhere.” Kouyou smiled and pecked the shorter boy on the cheek. Yutaka hummed something, far down in his throat and leaned away from the taller boy, just slightly.

“We should go,” he frowned. “The others are waitin'...”

Kouyou tried to be brave for the both of them. It was a foreign feeling, for he was used to only having to be brave for himself. As an only child, it was the only way he knew of being. But Yutaka was afraid and it scared Kouyou as well, for he wasn't used to the idea that even the intimidating Yutaka, could be afraid of the things that were to come.

The sun rose high on the sky as the town of Futawatashihama fell eerily quite, as if everyone were waiting for the first needle to drop. Kouyou shivered despite it was at least plus thirty degrees in the direct sunlight. Not a cloud in the sky. He thought of the things he could do instead of pacing around and waiting for a band of teens with a murderous intent. It was disheartening. Kouyou didn't even understand why they would have to fight, except that Masao apparently was a little trigger happy.

Kouyou wasn't the only one who was ready to give up the thought of confrontation because they had passed one hour long ago. They waited on the outskirts of town, in front of some empty houses with the intent of keeping the fight outside of their homes. Yutaka was picking at his shoe strings and Aoi was going through his tenth cigarette. Toshiya was trying to get him to stop, because the grass was dry and easily flammable. It only made Aoi more irritated and stressed about the situation, since he handled pressure very poorly. He paced around a bit, crouched down and repeated a couple of times.

“They're not coming,” Aoi stood up the millionth time and pulled at his t-shirt. “Fuckers.”

“What is that?” Takamasa stood up and stretched to his full height. He thought he saw something in the rippling horizon. A flare maybe? Whatever it was it rouse the other teens from their half-slumber and everyone looked off into the direction Takamasa was pointing at.

“What did ye see?” Yutaka walked up to him and tried stretching himself to equal height and see what Takamasa had seen.

“Not sure, but it looked like a flare of gunmetal,” he answered and squinted in the harsh sunlight. “Could be anything.”

“Ah'm not takin' anythin' for certain,” Yutaka grunted and touched his right thigh for reassurance. The knife was still placed snugly against his leg and it provided some sense of security. “Listen, everyone!” he raised his voice the slightest. “If it turns into a fight, I don't want you to kill anyone if it isn't absolutely necessary.” he gave a weak smile and pursed his lips right after.

“Aye captain.” some called in return, some saluted. Kouyou smiled encouragingly at the love of his life who tried so hard to be the man the group of kids now needed. Kouyou wasn't envious of the situation Yutaka was in. Not the slightest.

“It's Masao.” Toshiya murmured nervously when a tuft of black hair appeared in the distance. They weren't many of followers behind him, but they were enough to cause harm if they wanted to.

Yutaka clenched his fists into tight balls and he swallowed. He wasn't really ready for this, but it was bound to happen sooner or later. The group of teens that approached them weren't more than seven, all carrying something which could cause massive damage if applied with force. Even Tsuki who had been pacing back and forth stopped and glared at the group of people. They were dragging something, or someone along with them and Yutaka's blood boiled when they were close enough for him to see who it was.

“'iroto!” he called and the small kid barely flinched at the sudden sound directed at him. “Jesus fuck, Masao, did ye 'ave to?” Yutaka screamed at the boy who walked ahead of the group.

“It's Mao, you peasant!” Mao shouted back, clearly pissed off. “Fancy seeing you, brother.” he smiled softly.

“What 'ave ye done with 'iroto?” Yutaka demanded, pointing at the bleeding heap beside Mao.

“Oh, this squirrel?” Mao gave Hiroto a shove in the side with his heel, earning a terrified gasp from Yutaka's side. Hiroto clutched his side and wailed, clearly in terrible pain. “Pest control,” Mao smiled down at him. “Okay, I'm kidding. He gave us a rather cold welcome, with arrows and all that jazz! Cost me the life of a very good friend of mine.”

“Lies! He lie-” Hiroto interrupted and earned a harder shove to the gut from Mao along with the hiss to shut up.

“Stop kickin' 'im, for God's sake!” Yutaka shouted, clutching the handle of the knife, ready to draw it any second.

“Don't worry, baby brother. I'm not here to kill anyone,” Mao looked around the group of teens. “I'm only here for a single thing.” he stared at Tsuki with a vicious grin. Yutaka stared at Mao, then at what he was staring at, disbelief written all over his face.

“Like I'm coming back to your camp!” Tsuki growled.

“Thought you might say that...” Mao grinned and turned around so much he could wave at a couple of boys who held onto a third. “You see, I come with gifts!” Mao took hold of the third kids collar and shoved him in front of him. He stumbled and fell forward and landed on his knees. His hands were bound behind his back and he groaned at the strain.

“Akira!” Kouyou couldn't keep himself from shouting and he would've ran out to him, hadn't Toshiya and Yutaka both grabbed hold of him to stop him.

“Ah! I see someone else knows this monkey.” Mao laughed. “Makes him even more valuable, I suppose.”

“He is not goods, you sick shit!” Tsuki shouted and would've gone up to Mao already if she hadn't known it wouldn't help her one bit. Akira shook his head and mouthed everything was okay with him, save from his jacked up face.

“What have you done to him?” Kouyou who hadn't seen Akira in almost a year looked upon his best friend's face with disgust and horror. The scar running over his face was atrocious and his broken nose was both comical and terrifying. It didn't make him seem any less like a monkey, and Kouyou felt a stabbing pain of longing in his heart.

“Now look, I didn't come here to argue. I thought I'd offer the squirming squirrel and monkey-boy to you in exchange for the girl there.”

“No.” Yutaka dead panned.

“No?” Mao's fake surprise was painfully obvious.

“They're not goods.” Yutaka pressed, his shoulders shaking slightly from the anger he was holding back.

“Nah, but I thought giving these two in exchange of one would be enough. I know how you like to collect strays...” Mao smiled patronisingly. Yutaka squirmed where he stood, wanting to walk over and punch the other boy in the face. He was concerned about how Hiroto was doing and if he would be able to save the boy from Mao's hold without causing more damage to him. It seemed hopeless now, when he was sprawled on the ground, bloody and sweaty and at Mao's mercy.

“Stop this Mao, this is unnecessary...” Tsuki pleaded and pushed her forelocks away from her face.

“Awh, I'm almost tempted when you ask me so nicely, darling.”

“Don't talk to my sister like that!” Akira growled and earned himself a kick in the back. Kouyou protested against Mao and at the hands holding him in place. Tsuki was two steps away from him when Mao drew his knife and pointed it at her.

“Seriously, don't.” Mao bit out. Tsuki backed off maybe half a step, but remained close to the foreign group, just in case. She had managed to collect a small pocket knife somewhere from the house she had been living in, but hoped she wouldn't have to use it. But for Akira's sake she was willing to make an exception. She glanced up at Tora who stood at the back of the group and pleaded to him with her gaze, but he shook his head 'no'. He wasn't going to get his hands dirty in this business. Why was he even here if that was the case? Tsuki's attention was torn from Tora, when Hiroto suddenly stood up and raised his fist to hit Mao over the head with the rock he held in his hand. Sadly for Hiroto, he was quickly tackled to the ground by other teens and the chaos was guaranteed.

“Getting cocky, squirrel?” Mao sneered and kicked Hiroto harshly in the ribs, and the kid sobbed from the throbbing pain that shot through his body. “I'll teach you, baby boy...” he said so calmly and bent down to grab hold of Hiroto's hair. He yanked his head up harshly and the other teens moved away from them. Tsuki had a very bad feeling of what was to come and she bolted towards the two of them, hearing Yutaka and the others shouting behind her, as the northerners kept her at bay. Even Tora woke from his hibernation.

“Stop it! Stop it, stop it!” she shrieked. Even Akira tried to crawl to Hiroto who struggled against Mao's hold as the older teen placed the blade against his jugular.

“Happy birthday, Merry Christmas...” Mao hummed close to Hiroto's ear and slit his throat open. Blood splattered over the ground, some on Mao and bystanders who were too close. Hiroto's body convulsed a couple of times before he went limp and Mao dropped him into the pool of warm blood. He wiped the blood from his cheek with disinterest and shrugged at Yutaka and the southerners. Tora walked up to him and punched him hard in the face. Mao cringed and spat out a broken tooth.

“Now you went too far!” Tora shouted in the shorter teen's face.

“No I didn't.” Mao was stoic and smiled at the taller boy and touched his own nose to see how much he was bleeding. Whilst Mao and Tora were busy Tsuki had managed to pull Akira away from the commotion and into a safer distance.

“Ah'm goin' to fuckin' kill ye!” Yutaka shouted from where he stood and pulled out his knife. “This means war!”

No one held Yutaka back when he charged. No one stayed dormant either. It became the ugly blood bath that no one had anticipated, and something no one really wanted to participate in. Maybe it was a sense of solidarity towards the departed that made them go for it. The morbid grief needed an outlet which only tears and mourning couldn't soothe. They fought hand to hand, dodged knifes and stones.

Kouyou was terrified and his first priority was to get Akira out of danger. He untied his childhood friend and told him to stay away from those who were armed with ranged weapons.

“Throw rocks if you have to,” he told Akira. “But don't fight!”

Akira had wanted to protest and tell Kouyou how he could be of use, but admitted his defeat when a lone arrow came flying through the air and bounced of the wall. Kouyou turned around and went back to swinging his baseball bat at whoever threatened his life or Akira's for the matter. He felt bad when and he was scared for his life when he heard how bone and cartilage cracked and snapped on the other end of the bat. Kouyou was no killer. He didn't take any pleasure in defending himself against kids in his own age. But he was so angry and so disappointed in how it all had culminated. He swore he was going to speak with Yutaka, if both of them made it out alive. He left his opponent where they laid, howling in pain from their cracked shoulder and wiped away the sweat from his forehead that had mixed with dust. He wasn't proud of this. Kouyou muttered a brief sorry and looked around himself to see what was going on. The ground was littered with blood stains and people who had taken hits of various kinds, some even missing parts of their limbs. It was horrifying for him to see his friends in this condition, because he knew they wouldn't survive the aftermath.

“Masao! Let's play Kamen Riders!” a cheerful shout echoed through the battlefield and Kouyou's blood froze. The whole battle seemed to freeze for a second and every pair of eyes turned towards the source of the sound.

“Get out of 'ere Ruki!” Yutaka's panicked voice shouted from where he was standing, trying to fend off Mao's accomplice's axe. “Get out!” Yutaka knew Mao used to be one of Ruki's favourite play-mates, but what the little kid didn't know was that his old name ticked Mao off like nothing else. And Mao was too close for comfort now. Yutaka wouldn't be able to save him no matter how fast he would run and how many he would stab in his attempt. He made a run for it, his heart beating so hard in his chest. Mao wasn't allowed to take away the fragile family he had built himself over the past few years, he wasn't!

“It is Mao, Ruki-chan,” Mao growled with so much venom in his voice a person could possibly muster. He had always disliked Ruki. Now he could just get rid of him and hurt Yutaka at the same time. He smiled grimly as he got rid of the one fighting him first with a quick stab in the left side. Ruki didn't seem to get the gravity of the situation but stood there and stared in front of himself with fascination of what was going on. Adults playing war and a lot of red splatter? Yutaka was screaming and shouting at him, but Ruki was used to him telling him off and he ignored it for the sake of what was going on in front of him. Takamasa seemed to play dead and Hiroto too. Seemed like fun to him, albeit a little scary too and he smiled his baby smile as Mao raised his hand to throw the knife. It would hit and if not kill, at least make a deadly wound. “Happy birthday, Ruki.” Mao said in a sing-song voice.


And it was over in a heartbeat. The knife stood proudly between Kouyou's shoulder blades.

“Kou-chan?” Ruki looked at the older boy, all puzzled for why he suddenly was hugging him so tightly. Kouyou coughed and smiled at Ruki, tears threatening to roll down his face.

“Ruki, I need you to go with Akira to safety, ok?” he prodded and waved to Akira that he should come take the kid away from there. “He's a pirate, he'll show you his treasure map.” Kouyou smiled wider, but grimaced as the world slowly became darker. The back of his shirt felt clammy and his breathing shortened with each second. Akira caught him in his arms just before he slumped onto his side, coughing up more blood. Akira pulled the knife out of his back with shaking hands and threw it as far as he could. It made Kouyou cry out in pain. He clutched at the front of his best friend's t-shirt, tears running down his face, because he understood he was dying. He didn't care Mao walked around them and collected his weapon with a smile on his face.

“But Kou-chan-”

“Kouyou!” Ruki was interrupted by Yutaka who pushed through the mass of bodies in total disregard of that it still was dangerous and people were fighting each other for their lives. “Kouyou!” he knelt beside Akira who held Kouyou to his chest like an infant.

“Yutaka...” Kouyou's face brightened when he saw his lover. “Hey.” Yutaka was dirty and bloody all over and it worried Kouyou a lot. Yutaka was too good to go now.

“Shh love, don't speak aye word, okay?” Yutaka's hands shook as he held onto Kouyou's face. “Everythin's goin' to be fine, ye'll see...” he whispered and kissed Kouyou gently on the lips and on the cheeks, tasting the salt of his tears.

“Don't cry...” Kouyou muttered. “I love you.” he coughed up more blood, his fingers feeling numb.

“Ah love ye too, Kouyou,” Yutaka smiled and let Akira wipe some of Kouyou's hair away from his face. Kouyou smiled up at Akira and crinkled his nose at the boy. After that, his features relaxed and he became limp in Akira's hold. “Kouyou? Kouyou!” Yutaka tried but got no response.

“Kou-chan?” Ruki pulled at Kouyou's hand. He startled when Yutaka screamed his anger and frustration into Kouyou's chest. Akira wiped the tears from his face and laid Kouyou's limp body down on the ground. He would have time to say good bye. Now he would have to honour Kouyou's dying wish.

“Come Ruki, let's go find my treasure map, ok?” he took Ruki by the hand, despite the kid struggled against his hold. “Kou-chan is only sleeping...” he lied through his teeth and hurried away from the danger zone.

Yutaka crouched over Kouyou's body, gripping his shirt tight, petting his face and he cried out his grief. He felt sick to his stomach and dizzy all the same. Kouyou, his Kouyou couldn't be gone? Right? He had to be sleeping, his body was still warm and his hair soft to the touch. Kouyou's lips were still plump and his freckles were adorable and Yutaka wanted to kiss them and count them. Yutaka's heart broke. The battle didn't exist around him for now and it was his great mistake.

Demons were on the prowl, a certain demon named Mao circled the field, looking over his next big kill. He hadn't realised killing off this Kouyou kid was such a big deal to his half-brother. Otherwise he would've made sure he died first and not now when there were heaps of bodies and writhing, half-dead teens scattered all over the place. Those who still were alive with one or two minor cuts had lost interest in fighting altogether and tried their best to tend to their wounded comrades. Mao saw his chance to rid himself of the final memory he had of his failed childhood. He stepped up to Yutaka's quivering form and raised his blood drenched knife to send Yutaka to wherever it was Kouyou had gone to.

“No you will not, you son of a bitch!” Tsuki's shout woke Yutaka from his sorrow and he only saw her whirl past him with an axe in her hands. She waved it mindlessly in front of her, her only objective to cleave Mao's skull for what he had done. Her own life didn't feel important any more.

“Fucking hell,” Mao growled and backed away from Yutaka who got up and was shouting at Tsuki to stop it. “Go to hell, you bitch!”

“Suck my dick for all I care!” Tsuki cried, her eyes void of any other emotion than utmost hate and despise towards Mao. She had no mercy for him.

“Fuck you, whore!” Mao dodged a close swing of the axe and managed to get close to Tsuki. Too close. “Just die already!” he shouted in her face as she struggled to get free from his vice-like grip.

“Fuck you! Fuck you, Masao!” Tsuki spat in his face. Mao stabbed once. Tsuki groaned in pain. “Die in a fire!” he stabbed twice, three times and a fourth. Every time he was met with a curse worse than the previous, until Tsuki was a bleeding mess.

“Fuck you...” Tsuki spat the blood in her mouth into Mao's face and collapsed on the ground. Mao tch'd and kicked her lifeless body for good measure.

“You should've just come back to my camp and none of this would've happened,” Mao shouted and spread his arms to his sides to emphasize the massacre. “Stupid whore.” he stomped on her chest and the sternum cracked. He barely had the time to wipe the blood off his face, before his next opponent was up and close to him. Mao cursed his failed attempt to stay hypersensitive to his surroundings.

“Don'tcha dear blame this on 'er...” Yutaka growled in his ear as he held onto Mao's head and his knife pressed into the skin of his neck.

“Baby brother! You wouldn't, now would you?” Mao tried to smile over his shoulder, but Yutaka only tightened his hold and pressed the knife a little deeper into Mao's windpipe.

“Sorry, pest control,” Yutaka grinned like a wolf as he ended Mao's days with a deep cut from one side to the other. “That was for them all...” he muttered when Mao's body convulsed like Hiroto's had done, before he went limp in a dark red pool of his own blood.

Yutaka looked around himself and the mess his home had become. Blood, the stench of death and whimpering friends and strangers. Yutaka's chest felt heavy as he walked over to Tsuki's body. She was still staring in front of herself, as if a curse was just to fall from her lips. Yutaka took the liberty to close her eyes and he clapped his hands in honour of her spirit. He couldn't stop himself from feeling absolutely powerless when he looked over to Kouyou's body. He knelt down next to Kouyou again, took his hand in his own and held it against his chest.

“Ah'm sorry Kouyou...” he cried silently. “Ah'm so sorry.”


The reminder of both clans decided there was no use in fighting any more. Tora, badly wounded, accepted responsibility for what his comrade had caused and promised they would help clean up the mess and heal the wounded to the best of their abilities. Tora let one of his clan members travel back to Ajihama and ask the monks to come down with the rest of the villagers so they could hold a proper funeral for the deceased.

Yutaka never told Ruki what really happened to Kouyou. It was better that way. Akira bit his lip, but agreed it was the best in the situation. He ended up standing at his sister's and Kouyou's graves a day in late August with Yutaka and Ruki on his side, both holding back packs in their hands. Yutaka had decided he was leaving for a new home. This one was too broken for him and the red on his hands would never wear out enough for him to not see it. Most of the clan was leaving with him, to the other side of the bay to the city of Kurosaki.

“Ah'm sorry...” Yutaka muttered to the two white painted stones that stuck up from the ground. He held on a little tighter to Ruki's tiny hand. He had come here last, to say good bye.

“Let's go. The pirate boat's leaving.” Akira patted Yutaka on the shoulder and smiled softly to Ruki, who squeezed his toy tractor tightly to his chest. Ruki lit up and pulled at Yutaka's hand. He was ready to go.


A/N; Towards the end of this fic I started to hate it for not ending, lol. I just wanted to throw in the towel so many times and now I'm sitting here with this mastodon to fic. I hope you will love it, even just a little bit.

My favourite part was that I got to make another AU. I like to write these, as much as I dislike it as well. The dislike comes from having to invent a whole new universe from scratch, or at least a whole new back story and then keeping it from flat-lining in the middle. I hope I delivered this safely and with a hint of quality. And I have to admit I'm not very fond of writing teens...

My prompts were: Your world is a post apocalyptic AU. For some reason all adults and old people have died already on Earth - this is an information you can explain or not the way you please giving an actual reason in your fic. There are only children and teenagers left. Most of them are organized in gangs.

& this image


Ruki is inspired from hinua's nephew, who has either said or done most of the things Ruki did. The two OC girls you've read about a lot in this fic are girls you might see more often in my fanfics and are also inspired of real life people.

I'm looking forward to your comments and thoughts about this fic. I think I will find myself loving it in a week or two, when I've taken a short distance from it. But I'm definitely looking forward to writing shorter fics with lesser plots.

The meaning of Godspeed is the following:

Godspeed [ˈgɒdˈspiːd]
interj & n
an expression of one's good wishes for a person's success and safety
[from God spede may God prosper (you)]

Thank you all for reading!

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