Baby, you and I. [Toshiya/Uruha, R, PWP]

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Baby, you and I. [Toshiya/Uruha, R, PWP]

ViestiKirjoittaja Nera » Ke Touko 29, 2013 11:19 pm

Title: Baby, you and I.
Author: Nera
Rating: R
Beta: None
Pairings: Toshiya/Uruha [Dir en grey/the GazettE]
Genre: PWP
Warnings: Vanilla sex.
Summary: ““Your dick adores me too.” Uruha rubs his behind against Toshiya's front and laughs when the other groans."
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story, the title is borrowed from Lady GaGa's song Yoü and I.
Comments: Santtu and me felt like writing porn in the midst of all the depressing school work, so we did an ficlet exchange. (I got some Destiel nom.) Borrowed the title from GaGa, because GaGa is pretty awesome like that.
This is a mere 800-something words of vanilla sex and doesn't strive to be anything more than just that. I was in the mood of some cutsey stuff, since my personal life is now quite depressing. Anyway. Enjoy the fic and the beautiful pairing these two make!
If you want, you can imagine this as another part of the UruTotchi continuum I'm cultivating with my writing. :)

Toshiya kisses the back of Uruha's knees. Uruha wriggles, because no matter how much he tells everyone he isn't ticklish, Toshiya seems to know just where to touch to make him squirm. He runs a forefinger down his calf and lays the limb down. He counts Uruha's freckles and birthmarks with gentle kisses. He pampers Uruha's pouting bow shaped lips, because they are the home of several small spots. Toshiya loves every single one of them, and loves them a little more every time Uruha says he could do without them.

Uruha sighs at the tickling sensation of Toshiya's breath against his sternum and he feels like if he's sinking further into the bedding. He's high as a kite and still grounded firmly. It must be love, he muses softly and chuckles when Toshiya lays, not one, two but three kisses across his chest. He wonders why at times, but does nothing to stop it. Uruha merely basks in the attention he is showered with and allows himself to be selfish this one time. He knows Toshiya doesn't mind it the slightest and kisses him back when their lips meet. Uruha turns around and looks over his shoulder, and Toshiya grins. He leans over the slender body and traces Uruha's spine, vertebrae by vertebrae. Chills run down and leave goosebumps in their wake.

“You are gorgeous.” Toshiya hums and Uruha smiles into the duvet. Almost shyly and he grabs hold of Toshiya's arm and pulls sharply. Toshiya lands on top of him, all but gracefully. Toshiya is all long limbs that sprawl in every direction all too easily, but Uruha was never a ballerina, so he can't and won't complain. He laughs and Toshiya laughs and wraps his arm around Uruha's torso while he peppers the freckles on his shoulders with kisses. Toshiya nuzzles Uruha's neck and tells him again just how much he adores him.

“Your dick adores me too.” Uruha rubs his behind against Toshiya's front and laughs when the other groans. Toshiya grumbles in Uruha's ear just how much his dick likes it, before he licks and tugs on the lobe. Uruha sighs and arches into Toshiya's rocking hips, because he would lie if he said he wasn't turned on as well. Toshiya fakes some massaging moves on his chest and steals every opportunity to pinch and rub his nipples.

“I dreamt of sex last night.” Uruha confesses, his cheeks pink with arousal as Toshiya prepares him with long and talented fingers. The keening noises he makes when Toshiya hits his prostate makes him fuck the sheets for some friction.

“And didn't wake me up? How rude of you,” Toshiya smiles and adds a third finger into Uruha who bites his pillow and then his lower lip, hips undulating. “Does that feel nice?” Toshiya massages Uruha's ass cheek with his other hand and Uruha nods multiple times.

“I was denied sex the entire dream. And then I had to watch it as the third wheel. My dream was rude as hell.” Uruha manages to rasp and whines sadly when Toshiya removes his hands.

“Hm, you're lucky you have a considerate lover.” Toshiya chuckles and pushes inside Uruha smoothly, without any warning and it feels so good he has to bite down on his lower lip to keep his composure. Uruha quivers underneath him and spreads his legs further, so Toshiya can sink in deeper into him. Toshiya wraps his hands around Uruha's torso again and hugs him close to himself. Toshiya has always been a man of simple pleasures, and he was scared of Uruha in the beginning of their friendship. Nowadays he finds Uruha's complexity, perfections and imperfections the most beautiful things in the world.
He moves up a bit to steady himself on his hands and starts rolling his hips against Uruha and he moans from the warm tightness around his cock.

“Feels so good.” Uruha growls, his black and white hair sticking to his neck and some of it falls into his eyes.

Their sex is slow, rhythmic. Far from perfect, but just as they want it this time. Uruha meets Toshiya's thrusts as good as he possibly can laying flat on his stomach. Toshiya nibbles at his shoulders and whispers mismatched words into his ear and kisses his high cheekbones. Uruha feels so lost in the rapture, it doesn't take long for him to come gloriously, muscles shuddering and bones turning into jelly. His hands clutch the sheets roughly and Toshiya follows him shortly and they both become a boneless heap basking in orgasmic bliss.

Toshiya's arms find themselves around Uruha for the third time when he spoons him later, legs tangled and sleep heavy in their minds. His smile is childlike on his boyish features when Uruha laces their fingers together and hums his love for him.

I love you too, if you comment on this, jsyk. ;o
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Re: Baby, you and I. [Toshiya/Uruha, R, PWP]

ViestiKirjoittaja gnrbu » Ke Heinä 31, 2013 7:18 pm

Hi there. This is not the sequel I was planning to read, but what the hell, this one has Totchi and Uruha and sex, too, so I'm not going to spend the extra thirty seconds it would take me to locate the other one.

Clearly, thousands of dicks adore Uruha. Just look at their foreign fanbase. (God, why am I so bitchy today? Sorry, I'll try to behave.)

The fic was sugar sweet. Possibly the cutest thing ever. You should never apologize for vanilla sex. (No missionary though? Still breaking the stereotype. ^_~) I loved the sensuality of the kissing, and the dialogue was hot without sounding porn-y. Also, your English is good. I love it when I can just throw myself into reading without tripping over broken grammar every two sentences.

So thanks for writing this. ^^ I'll be sure to check out that other Toshiya/Uruha fic... later.

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Re: Baby, you and I. [Toshiya/Uruha, R, PWP]

ViestiKirjoittaja Nera » To Elo 01, 2013 7:34 pm


AHAHHAHAHHAHHAA best one so far! <3 Calm down grumpy pants. :D

(No missionary though? Still breaking the stereotype. ^_~)

I suppose the missionary position would've made this unbearable ahahhaha~! I'm glad you like it tho. :> And thank you very much for your kind words. I'm happy you like this, despite it's so corny and cheesy. I just... LOVE to make them a happy couple. I just can't make them unhappy, because they're my favourite ship in my armada. I'm also super happy you found the dialogue good and same goes for the language. I'm sometimes a little insecure about it, because I don't want to be repetitive or too simple in how I choose to word things. :') My life as a writer is so hard!

So! Thank you so, so much! I'm glad you commented on this cheese. <3

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