Sex and take-out. [Toshiya/Uruha, NC-17, PWP]

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Sex and take-out. [Toshiya/Uruha, NC-17, PWP]

ViestiKirjoittaja Nera » La Maalis 02, 2013 12:26 pm

Title: Sex and take-out.
Author: Nera
Rating: NC-17
Beta: None
Pairings: Toshiya/Uruha [Dir en grey/the GazettE]
Genre: PWP
Warnings: Explicit sex and a little fluff.
Summary: “This wasn't how I planned for things to go...” Toshiya rubbed his hands up and down Kouyou's hips.

“Me neither...” Kouyou admitted softly and reached behind himself for Toshiya's dick and gave it a few strokes. “But I'm certain you'll like it anyway.”

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story.
Comments: This is written as a sequel to “A naughtier hello.” and in hope of love and sexual favours, to daysofdistress.

Kouyou laughed softly as he and Toshiya play-fought over the last piece of meat in the box of Chinese take-out. There was something trashy and romantic about having wine with spring rolls and roasted Peking duck. Neither men were particularly good chefs – sure they could cook rice and maybe even fry some meats, but it didn't really go further than that – thus, it was easier to order take-out.

“Chinese tastes better here than it does in the USA.” Toshiya commented and sipped on his wine.

“That's somewhat funny, don't you think?” Kouyou smiled. “I mean, it's pretty much the same people cooking it.”

“I don't know man, I don't know. Maybe they have some weird magic going on here.”

“Maybe you just were home-sick.” Kouyou teased and earned a playful laugh from Toshiya.

“Maybe I was.” the other admitted softly, looking at Kouyou from under his slightly wavy hair. A smiled played on his lips and Kouyou could feel the pit of his stomach tingle with affection for this man. He bit his lower lip, their eyes holding each other gazes for a while, before they broke it with an amused chuckle.

“It's good to have you home, Toshiya.” Kouyou's voice wasn't louder than a whisper and his hand slipped over the surface of their kitchen table, to gently caress Toshiya's knuckles.

“It's good to be home, love.” Kouyou could feel his heart flutter a bit, as if he had just fallen in love for the first time. Toshiya put down his chopsticks and grabbed hold of Kouyou's hand, and squeezed it tight between his hands before he brought it up to his lips. He kissed each finger individually, marvelling the calluses caused by years of reckless guitar playing.

“We're such a cheesy love song in my head,” Kouyou smiled, withdrew his hand from Toshiya's gentle grip and got up from his seat. He rounded the table and straddled Toshiya's lap. “Just look at us.” he smiled and pressed his forehead against Toshiya's.

“I'm getting cavities, we're disgusting.” Toshiya chuckled and wrapped his arms around Kouyou's waist, Kouyou's hands resting on Toshiya's shoulders.

“Mhmm.” Kouyou hummed, nuzzling Toshiya's face, laying occasional kisses on his high cheekbones and the corner of his mouth. “I must say I don't mind much.”

Toshiya laughed and pulled Kouyou closer, saying his sweet-tooth was terrible and he should have it removed as soon as possible. Kouyou grinned and leaned in to kiss his face further, cradling Toshiya's face in his hands.

“How come you're this cuddly?”

“The wine does that to you... Mostly me,” Kouyou grinned and pecked Toshiya on the lips. “It makes me terribly warm too.” Kouyou leaned back a bit, supported by the other and removed his shirt like it was nobody's business.

“Oh?” Toshiya caught the playful tone of Kouyou's voice and his eyebrows shut up in mock-surprise when the first article of clothing came off. “I say, good man, you're getting quite restless. No more booze for you.” it didn't to stop his hands form moving over Kouyou's stomach, as if he was tracing the slight contours of muscles. Kouyou snorted with laughter and shuddered when a calloused thumb rubbed over his left nipple. Toshiya smiled and leaned forward to kiss and nibble at Kouyou's collarbones, while his hands kept touching his body all over, slowly and carefully. Kouyou leaned into the treatment and nuzzled Toshiya's neck, breathing the familiar scent of his lover, and he let his hands sneak up underneath his big sweater.

“I'm glad you don't take off your clothes on stage any more,” Kouyou nipped at Toshiya's earlobe. “Makes this... More private.” he mused as he trailed his hands over Toshiya's strong back and he felt Toshiya smile against his chest.

“I again kinda miss you showing off your legs.” Toshiya abandoned kissing and lapping at Kouyou's collarbones and went for his mouth instead.

“That's because you're a sick pervert.” Kouyou grinned amidst the playful pecks.

“That's ironic coming from a man who's sitting in my lap, shirtless.” Toshiya's smile was lopsided, and he silenced any attempt from Kouyou to counter his accusations with a demanding kiss, quite unlike the ones they had shared that evening. Toshiya pulled away from the kiss and gave Kouyou a meaningful glance. Kouyou smiled down and answered with a suggestive grind in his lap. Toshiya growled dangerously and removed Kouyou from his lap with a rough push, before he led him by the hand into their bedroom.
“Let's get naked, shall we?” Toshiya grinned and pulled his sweater over his head.

“What got your motor running?” Kouyou smirked, letting his eyes roam over Toshiya's taut body. He was going to enjoy this a lot.

“The wine... The anticipation. You,” Toshiya raised one eyebrow and beckoned Kouyou closer with a finger. “Come closer, lover.” And Kouyou stepped closer, until their stomachs and chest were flush against each other. He looked up at Toshiya from underneath his eyebrows, a cheeky grin playing on his lips. With one hand, he started to rub along the hem of Toshiya's pants, keeping eye-contact the entire time. He leaned in a little closer and pecked Toshiya on the cheek.

“You talked about worshipping my body earlier at the airport,” he whispered against Toshiya's cheek. He felt Toshiya shudder and move his hands onto Kouyou's hips. Kouyou smiled and slipped his own hand into the sweatpants and fondled the growing erection he found there. “Would you like to do that?” he felt Toshiya's fingers move from his hips to the hem of his pants, and into his pants. He squeezed Kouyou's ass gently and Kouyou grinned against his cheek, returning the favour by petting Toshiya's balls.

“Yeah,” Toshiya murmured and pulled Kouyou closer towards himself, to feel how hot and bothered he was becoming. “First I' need to undress you, love.” he kissed Kouyou down the neck and over the collarbones. He nipped at the skin and Kouyou sighed softly. Toshiya took this as a sign to get down on his knees, pulling Kouyou's loose pants down with him, underwear and all with them. Kouyou stepped out of the pants and pushed them away. Toshiya looked up to Kouyou's face and smiled, and kissed Kouyou's flat stomach. He moved his hands up to Kouyou's thighs and massaged the back of them, just underneath the patch where thigh met ass. Toshiya licked around the bellybutton, nipping occasionally. Kouyou's skin tasted heavenly to him and the slight shudders made him smile. He kissed the left hipbone and then the right, before he kissed the head of Kouyou's erect cock. Kouyou hissed and Toshiya grinned.

“Get on the bed, love.” he cocked his head in the direction of their bed. Kouyou didn't give much resistance and laid down on his back on the double bed, his hair a halo around his face on the pillows. Toshiya was certain he hadn't seen anything quite like it in a while and had to shake himself to get out of his pants and onto that body. He shimmied out of his pants and climbed up over Kouyou's body. Kouyou combed his fingers into Toshiya's hair and pulled him down into a rough kiss. It held a lot of tongue and a little teeth pulling at lips.

“We're going to take it slow today. I'm going to tease you and make you squirm.” Toshiya smiled down at Kouyou who's lips parted and a sigh filled with expectations escaped from his throat. Toshiya took this as a sign to move downwards on his body, kissing every patch of skin as he went, paying special attention to his nipples, because Kouyou had a sensitive chest. He sucked on the erect buds and Kouyou shuddered under his attention.

“That feels so good...” Kouyou hissed and petted Toshiya hair with one hand, the other covering his face, because he was blushing like a virgin. Toshiya glanced up and smiled at the image of Kouyou so lost in his pleasure. He kissed him across the sternum and down his ribcage. He paid attention to Kouyou's rising and falling sides, rubbing his hands up and down along them. He moved downwards slowly, mapping out every little birthmark and the contour of his abs, kissing his way down to Kouyou's groin, following the tiny trail of coarse hair, until he could suck on the tip of Kouyou's dick. Kouyou wailed when he did so, the anticipation taking the best of him and he felt like he was laying on a bed of pins and needles. “Oh God.” he breathed and whined loudly when Toshiya stopped sucking him off, and moved over to give praise to his legs. Toshiya paid attention to kiss and almost make out with Kouyou's left thigh, lick at it and worship it. He couldn't get enough of his lover's legs. They were long and shapely, and fit perfectly around his waist or over his shoulders. Toshiya smirked and lifted the right one up in the air, so he could kiss and pay equal respect to Kouyou's calves. Everything about Kouyou was perfect to him.

Kouyou squirmed, because Toshiya's light breaths tickled him and he was getting impatient. He enjoyed the attention, he did, because Toshiya showed it to him in the best of ways, always. He was just getting lonely and really wanted to feel Toshiya's weight on his body and he wanted it to last and last, because there wasn't anything like it.

“Come down here for a moment, Totchi.” Kouyou pulled his leg away from Toshiya's gentle grip and with a rather clumsy tug with his heels around Toshiya's lower back, he pulled the other closer to himself. Both chuckled because it wasn't near as smooth as he had planned.

“What is it Kou? Did you get impatient?” Toshiya rubbed his nose against Kouyou's and settled between his legs, thrusting very gently against him. Kouyou didn't get a chance to reply, because he was overwhelmed by the sudden friction and the pleasure that shot right through him. Toshiya knew he was impatient himself. He wanted to feel and connect with Kouyou in the most intimate way possible, and he wanted to make it rough and claim him, but some sliver of control kept him at bay.

“Want you so much right now,” Kouyou's hips met Toshiya's in a less gentle way, his hands holding Toshiya in place by the neck. “Please.” he pleaded breathlessly and who was Toshiya to deny him? He got up so much he could reach into the bedside table's drawer and pull out some lube and a condom. Kouyou's breath hitched and he didn't know how to lay on the bed when he watched Toshiya uncork the tube. He scoffed a little when Toshiya made a show of warming the lube between his hands, but in the end he appreciated it, for he didn't like it cold. He forgot all about scoffing when the first finger penetrated him and he threw his head back and moaned in sheer bliss.

“Missed my hands?” Toshiya grinned and Kouyou made a pitiful sound somewhere at the back of his throat. “Did you touch yourself and think of me when I was away?” Toshiya knew it was a dumb question, since they had had phone sex a couple of times when he was overseas. But the image of Kouyou touching and maybe even fingering himself was erotic and it only served to make him more aroused. Kouyou nodded something in return and Toshiya leaned down to kiss his chest as he pushed another finger into Kouyou and searched for his prostate. The instant he found it, Kouyou let out a keening sound and Toshiya knew he had struck gold. He kept massaging it for a while, before he got too impatient for his own liking. He allowed himself to pull out and put on the condom, despite Kouyou's downright begging to finger him more.

“Patience lover,” Toshiya smiled down at Kouyou's blushing face. “Slow.” he reminded and Kouyou chuckled, maybe a tiny bit embarrassed he was so wanton and needy.

“Give me a kiss.” Kouyou demanded and sat up so much he could kiss the other. Toshiya didn't hesitate for a second, but was a little blown away when he all of a sudden found himself on his back and a smirking Kouyou in his lap.

“Kouyou...” he grunted but was silenced with a chaste peck.


“This wasn't how I planned for things to go...” Toshiya rubbed his hands up and down Kouyou's hips.

“Me neither...” Kouyou admitted softly and reached behind himself for Toshiya's dick and gave it a few strokes. “But I'm certain you'll like it anyway.” he rubbed the tip of it against his ass and it was Toshiya turn to hiss from the teasing.

“Such a tease.” Toshiya huffed and Kouyou only grinned. That very grin turned into a groan when he slowly lowered himself onto Toshiya's dick. It penetrated him inch by inch, until he was fully straddled onto the other man's hips. His head was tilted back, throat exposed and his Adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed, breath laboured, and Toshiya wished he could just sit up and suck at it and bite on that neck. He laid there on his back, clutching Kouyou's thighs. Kouyou's hair was sticking to his neck and cheek, a light sheen of sweat covering his entire body, and Toshiya marvelled the sight and slight shudders that travelled through Kouyou's body.

“Oh God, Kou, you feel so good,” Toshiya growled. “Why did I ever go on tour without you?” he thrust upwards and Kouyou laughed but it morphed into a long moan, his fists curling against Toshiya's body. Kouyou bit his lower lip and matched Toshiya's movements the best he could.

“You feel so perfect in me... ” Kouyou sighed. Toshiya raked his fingers down Kouyou's thighs, his blunt nails leaving faint streaks of red in their wake. The bed creaked under them as they moved, slow and steady, savouring each second they were sharing. Kouyou loved – adored even – how Toshiya felt when he almost slipped out of him, just to push back and rub over the sensitive gland inside him, electricity coursing through his body. Kouyou's toes tingled and he marvelled how Toshiya's chest rose and fell rhythmically, his abs undulating perfectly. Kouyou leaned back and steadied himself on Toshiya's thighs, his breath hitching at the sensations the new angle brought them.

They moved in perfect, slow sync. There was no hurry and Kouyou's heart ached from the immense love he felt for the man under him. He had missed this and him, this feeling that was all-consuming. Kouyou's mind was hazy from the love and lust, and he yearned to be closer to Toshiya, to get lost in his presence.

“- on top of me,” he mumbled and got up from Toshiya's body, missing his closeness the few seconds they were apart. Toshiya didn't waste a second moving in between Kouyou's spread legs and pushed back into his willing body. Kouyou wrapped his legs around Toshiya's waist and his arms around his shoulders to pull him even closer. “Stay.” he murmured.

And Toshiya stayed still. He returned the tight embrace, nuzzling Kouyou's neck. He laid one or two kisses on Kouyou's skin and combed his fingers through his tousled hair.

“I love you so...” Toshiya smiled against Kouyou's jawline, peppering it with kisses. Kouyou sighed deeply against him, his arms tightening around his shoulders. Toshiya pushed Kouyou's forelocks aside and smiled down at his lover, eyes hazy with lust and love. His heart felt brittle, almost as if it couldn't hold the intensity of the love he was feeling for Kouyou. “You're the best thing in my life.” he confessed, almost shyly. And Kouyou adored how the otherwise outspoken man became so self-aware from an uncomplicated string of words. Kouyou smiled into the kiss that followed, before they started to move against and with each other.

“You too.” he moaned into the kisses, arching his back to meet Toshiya's careful thrusts. Toshiya's hands were everywhere on his body, exploring the familiar grounds of his body and not leaving a single goose bump untouched. He kissed Kouyou's shoulder and nipped softly on the flesh. He didn't want to leave marks now, that was for later when he would claim Kouyou. Now he just wanted to make the sincerest of love to him and pleasure him. Toshiya wrapped his arms around Kouyou's shoulders and his thrusts became even more shallow and slow. Kouyou whined and Toshiya kissed his ear, telling him there was no rush, because he would please him slowly and savour this moment they had together. Toshiya knew he would've wanted to ravish Kouyou and take him hard and fast and make him scream amidst his moans, but he refused himself and concentrated on thrusting slowly and to make it perfect. Instead he met Kouyou's hooded gaze as they moved, drowning in the emotions they held and he couldn't but feel awe at how beautiful Kouyou was. Plush lips parted, eyes almost closed and cheekbones dusted with a tinge of pink.

Kouyou's fingers pressed into Toshiya's shoulder blades every time he felt the tip of his cock brush and almost linger, against his prostate. Kouyou shuddered each time, feeling electrified. His fingers tingled and he felt pressure building in the pit of his stomach and he was almost frustrated he was so close. He didn't want it to end yet and at the same time, he couldn't wish for anything more than release.

“I don't want this to end...” Kouyou rasped and his breath hitched at the end of the sentence.

“It won't, love, it won't,” Toshiya smiled. “But I'm so close.” he kissed Kouyou up and down his neck. Kouyou chuckled and moaned loudly when he felt Toshiya detach from him and move one of his hand between their bodies to stroke his cock.

“Oh God...” Kouyou groaned and his whole body convulsed from the pleasure he was experiencing. Toshiya smiled and rubbed the spots he knew Kouyou liked the most. “Do it again, please.” Toshiya grinned at Kouyou's breathless plea, and thrust a little more forcefully against Kouyou and squeezed his erection a little harder. The pressure knotted in Kouyou's stomach and his grip on Toshiya's shoulders tightened. His entire body quivered and he was oh-so close.

“Let go, Kou,” Toshiya murmured. “Come, love.” he smiled and kissed Kouyou's jawline gently. Kouyou laughed softly and it morphed into a long moan when he arched into Toshiya's body and came over his fingers and his own stomach. Toshiya smiled at the image Kouyou presented him and with a few angled thrusts he came with a low groan.

Kouyou pulled him close again and they laid quiet for a while, evening out their breaths and marvelling the aftermath of their lovemaking. Kouyou shivered slightly and he moved his legs down from Toshiya's waist. He groaned softly and re-adjusted under Toshiya. Toshiya grunted as he gently pulled out of Kouyou's body.

“That was awesome...” he smiled and rolled over to his side, taking Kouyou with him. Kouyou smiled softly and tangled his legs with Toshiya's.

“Yeah,” Kouyou moved some hair out of Toshiya's eyes. “I love you.” he confessed with a smile.

“And I love you,” Toshiya grinned ear to ear. “How about I make you breakfast tomorrow? In bed?” Toshiya reached forward to peck Kouyou on the forehead.

“You don't cook, silly.” Kouyou chuckled, and petted the long expanse of Toshiya's back with affection.

“I can try, right?”

“Sure you can.” Both laughed and embraced each other while nuzzling each others necks. Toshiya teased Kouyou about not trusting him, before he pulled the other man on top of him and covered his face with butterfly kisses. Toshiya was happy. Kouyou was happy.

“We need to shower.”

“Later, Kou. Now shut up and cuddle me.”

A/N; Now I'd really want to hear you thoughts.

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Re: Sex and take-out. [Toshiya/Uruha, NC-17, PWP]

ViestiKirjoittaja gnrbu » Ke Heinä 31, 2013 8:28 pm

Okay, so it's me again. "Later" didn't turn out to be late at all.

Why isn't anyone else commenting on your fics? I mean, come on, it's TOSHIYA. And I heard that Uruha guy was kinda hot and popular, too.

Now that the most urgent matter has been dealt with at the airport loo, it was nice just seeing them interact. They're my favourite kind of cheesy love song, though my dentist probably wouldn't agree here. Totally cavity-inducing. Just like Baby, you and I, just longer and with more positions, so pretty much everything I said about that one also applies to this.

You need to make this a longer series. I could totally get used to a regular Toshiya/Uruha hit. More, plz?

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Re: Sex and take-out. [Toshiya/Uruha, NC-17, PWP]

ViestiKirjoittaja Nera » To Elo 01, 2013 7:57 pm

Ohai thar!

Why isn't anyone else commenting on your fics? I mean, come on, it's TOSHIYA. And I heard that Uruha guy was kinda hot and popular, too.

Diru fans are hating on Uruha and Gaze fans are hating on Toshiya, so I create an unpopular combo, despite it reeks of sexy + "wrong" language (ENG) on a Finnish forum. There's my theory. :D Feel free to add your's! I don't mind reading comments in Finnish either, if it's too much of a hassle to comment in English. :D

Anyway, now it's me who's bitchy. The shade of it all, to quote Latrice Royale.

I have to confess I love to write them as a couple that keeps falling in love with each other and having crushes on each other every other day. As a couple, they make me so happy, ugh! <3 So I'm happy to know you enjoyed the interaction and I'm so happy to hear they are your favourite kind of cheese, haha!

Don't you worry! I'll cook up some more UruTotchi as soon as I'm done with this big uruai challenge I'm writing. :> I think you'll like it too, btw!
Anyway! Thank you so much for reading, liking and commenting! <3

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