I missed you too [NC-17, PwP] Tatsuro/Satoshi

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I missed you too [NC-17, PwP] Tatsuro/Satoshi

ViestiKirjoittaja Anraf » Ti Marras 06, 2012 9:25 pm

Name: I missed you too
Author: Anraf
Beta: No
Rating: NC-17
Genre: PwP, oneshot, a little humor too, as always
Summary: Tatsuro vanishing once again without a warning and acting overall like a jerk makes Satoshi anxious and irritated - and they both know where that leads...

A/N: I just had to. I tossed and turned around in my bed last night, haunted by this "story". Despite that, I woke up this morning two hours earlier than I had intended to and felt that I just had to write this. So, that's the reason for this fic. That, and Shuu tweeting from Taiwan to Tatsuro how Satoshi misses him while Tatsuro was having Halloween Junky Orchestra party in Japan with Hyde & co. I don't need much more prompting than that to write something like this. To my OTP. ❤

I missed you too

Tick tock... Satoshi paced around in his hotelroom, glancing at the window and the clock on the wall alternately. Tatsuro was better come soon before the others would get back from dining. Satoshi had skipped the dinner and sent his bandmates out along with the other bands they were performing with in Taiwan. But Tatsuro... Tatsuro had just disappeared a couple of days ago, and when Satoshi had noticed and asked about it, he had learned that the older vocalist had returned to Japan for other activities. Why did Tatsuro have to take so much responsibilities? Seemed that the older vocalist had always multiple projects going on at the same time, like Tatsuro just had to be everywhere, noticed and adored. Including Satoshi's head. Tatsuro was there always. And Satoshi hated it as much as he loved it too. He hated it when the older teased and played pranks on him, but he also hated when Tatsuro ignored him or seemed to have forgotten him. But he loved it when Tatsuro smiled at him, listened to him and even kissed him.

Their relationship was a complicated one. It wasn't an actual relationship, but it was still more than just being friends with benefits. Satoshi had a love-hate relationship for Tatsuro and Tatsuro seemed to love it when Satoshi showed it in bed. They had no need to label their relationship to an actual one, but should they want it, they'd definitely be an item. Satoshi turned around from the window when someone knocked the door and he strode to open it.
"Finally! Where have you been?!" Satoshi shouted, frowning in a manner that made Tatsuro always more amused than scared.
"Well, working," the older uttered a laughter and closed the door behind him. "And I heard from Shuu that you missed me, hmm?"
Satoshi stared at Tatsuro's confident, amused expression, and once again hated its teasing tone. Of course he had missed Tatsuro, but when the older teased him about it and seemed to take it for granted, he just...
"Hnngh!" Satoshi growled and cupped Tatsuro's face, kissing him hungrily.
Tatsuro laughed, cupping Satoshi's face too, and answered the kiss, sweetly and lovingly.
"I take that as a yes."
"Next time would be nice to hear about you disappearing beforehand and not from Twitter or your bandmates!" Satoshi snorted as he took a step back from the older.
"Not my fault you're not on track of these things and interested enough to find out about my schedule from our homepage or asking from me," Tatsuro noted, raising his eyebrows with a playful smile.
"Or you could just tell me when you're about to vanish," Satoshi noted back, sourly.
"How do I know you'd be interested to hear if you don't ask?"
"Of course I'm interested, you idio..." Satoshi's sentence was cut by Tatsuro's lips that met his again, and he couldn't help but place his hands on the older's back and hold him closer.
"Besides, I'd rather not waste the rare time we barely ever have alone by talking about work," Tatsuro said in a hoarse voice, nibbling Satoshi's lips and caressing the younger's cheek with his thumbs.
"In other words you just want sex," Satoshi murmured, closing his eyes as Tatsuro began to press kisses on his jaw, moving towards his neck.
"That's one way to put it. You're in a fierce mood today, Sato-kun. You apparently have missed me very much...," Tatsuro smiled and grasped Satoshi's hair to tug his head and kiss his neck deeper.

Satoshi growled a few objections that weren't really as much objections as they were attemptions to hide his embarrassment, but he shut his lips tightly when Tatsuro's nibbles on his neck became thirstier and the older's hands began to wander around his body.
"Perhaps you'd want me to coo sweet words to appease you?" Tatsuro suggested in a soft voice, nibbling Satoshi's earlobe.
"No, you don't need to do tha..." Satoshi's words were cut once again when Tatsuro kissed him and pulled him closer.
"I don't want just sex. I also like it when we conversate," Tatsuro said and pulled Satoshi's shirt off, starting to press kisses on the younger's collarbones and chest. "I like it how you look when you lean on your hand on the table and just look at me when I talk."
"You just love attention," Satoshi uttered a laughter.
"And I like it when you share your opinions. And when we kiss. And when we do something else...," Tatsuro grinned, moving lower on Satoshi's stomach.
"And quickly you got into sex. Proved my point," Satoshi stated with a chiding smile.
"Like you had anything against that," Tatsuro noted, pressing one more kiss under Satoshi's navel before he got up again to take off his own shirt too.
"Well, never said I did...," Satoshi muttered, looking at his tall lover's exposed, slim body.
"And I like it how you watch me when I strip," Tatsuro smirked, letting his gaze wander on Satoshi's body as well.
"As said, you like attention."
"Your attention."
"Any attention," Satoshi hemmed, but closed his eyes again when Tatsuro's lips returned to his neck as the older began to open his jeans.
"Stubborn. Well, I know a trick or two to make you stop answering back...," Tatsuro said in a hoarse voice and slid Satoshi's pants down.
"Your cockiness irritates me...," Satoshi murmured, stepping out of his jeans.
"Show me your irritation...," Tatsuro prompted, pushing Satoshi gently on his bed.
"Oh, I will," Satoshi whispered and pulled the older to lay on him, starting to kiss Tatsuro's neck, needingly, as his nails scratched softly Tatsuro's bare skin.

Tatsuro growled in pleasure at Satoshi's overt desire and affection the younger showed him by kissing, biting, scratching and rubbing his lower body against his. Tatsuro slipped his both hands into Satoshi's messy hair and moved higher to let Satoshi continue his kisses and bites on his chest. He let out a hoarse moan when Satoshi found his nipple and began to tease it with his tongue along with soft nibbles. Tatsuro felt his pants getting already too tight so he had to force and rid himself from Satoshi's tempting kisses. Astraddled, Tatsuro began to unzip his jeans, his intense gaze fixed on the younger vocalist who just stared at him quietly, biting his plump lips, expectantly. Tatsuro freed himself from his trousers and laid on Satoshi's side, letting his hand start caressing the younger's body as he pressed a soft kiss on Satoshi's lips. But Satoshi seemed too anxious to cuddle this time as he turned a bit over Tatsuro and kissed and bit his lips as his hand began to wander needingly on Tatsuro's body, heading towards his boxers.
"Bet you had your fun also with Aki and Hitsugi and who else were you working with on these past couple of days...," Satoshi murmured with a slight frown and tugged Tatsuro's lower lip with his teeth.
Tatsuro sneered at the remark, amused, and moved his hand to caress Satoshi's cheek.
"Yes, it was pleasant to get to tease them for the longest time."
"I know your teasing," Satoshi snorted and pulled his own boxers off.
Tatsuro laughed and did the same to himself, then turning to lay partly on Satoshi to kiss him.
"I like it when you sound jealous...," the older vocalist hemmed and let his hand start a slow sliding down along Satoshi's body.
Satoshi shivered at the gentle yet confident touch and drowned his hands into Tatsuro's long, black hair. He loved the way Tatsuro touched him - so wantingly, desiringly, owningly and yet caressingly. Tatsuro's hand met Satoshi's hardened member and he began to stroke it tenderly, pulling soft moans out of the younger.
"Be jealous all you like, but I have a secret...," Tatsuro said with a cunning smile and continued rubbing the younger a little more before he reached for his idling jeans next to them and groped a condom and a small lube from his pocket. "And I got to bring some souvenirs from Japan too!" the older smiled widely.
Satoshi sighed and shook his head, chidingly. Of course Tatsuro had brought the equipments with him. It was all so calculated always. Tatsuro knew he would get Satoshi into his bed anytime. Or into Satoshi's bed, like now. Then again Satoshi didn't see a reason to complain, really; it just meant that Tatsuro still wanted him, and that was all that mattered, right?
"I hate rubbers, but at least in Japan I can find my size, unlike here in other parts of Asia," Tatsuro murmured to himself as he opened the wrap and began to roll the condom on his majestetic cock.

Satoshi sneered at the remark and allowed his gaze to remain on Tatsuro's shaft. Indeed, it must be hard for Tatsuro to find the right size condom. On their common tour around Asia they had been able to escape only twice before from the looks of the others and satisfy their lust on one another, but on both of those times Tatsuro had complained about the small rubbers and even managed to break them when they had got too wild in their pace. Satoshi didn't mind, really, since as much as he feared that Tatsuro would have other partners, he also wanted to believe that he didn't, and should he, after all, he would probably use condom with them too. Of course it was less messier with condom and they didn't really have the time for proper preparations and cleanings afterwards as their comrades might return from dining any minute now, but Satoshi was at the point where he just wanted to feel Tatsuro as close to him as possible, condom or not. Tatsuro noticed the younger's impatient look, and a small smirk grew on his face.
"You really have missed me," Tatsuro noted. "And I was gone only two days...," he hemmed, happily.
Satoshi snorted and rolled his eyes as Tatsuro leaned to lay on him again and seeked for his lips with his. They kissed awhile, Satoshi letting his hands wander again on Tatsuro's warm back on which part of his wild and free hair ran while the rest of it caressed and tickled Satoshi's chest. Satoshi loved also Tatsuro's bold lion mane. It suited the dark, powerful vocalist whose Zodiac also happened to be a Leo. Satoshi pressed multiple kisses on Tatsuro's cheek and hair and raised his hips to rub against Tatsuro's, like prompting him to enter him. Tatsuro uttered a laughter at the younger's eagerness and started a trail of kisses from Satoshi's lips, moving slowly but surely lower by every kiss.
"Aren't you going to ask what secret I have?" Tatsuro smirked, creating a playful glance at the younger.
"If I did, you'd just reply that it wouldn't be a secret if you told me," Satoshi replied, knowing Tatsuro all too well.
"Might be. Or I just might surprise you and tell. See, this is the problem; you never ask such things and then you complain when I don't tell you them."
"Then tell if you want," Satoshi commented, tilting his head back in pleasure as Tatsuro's lips found his inner thigh.
"I just might...," the older teased in a playful tone and lifted Satoshi's legs to get a better view and reach of his rear.

The younger vocalist shivered at the sudden expose and barely dared to move his gaze to Tatsuro who he felt looking at him victoriously like a feline who had hunted his prey. And he was right - Tatsuro looked more than happy and content having Satoshi exposed, vulnerable and completely at his mercy. Creating a seductive glance from the corner of his eye, Tatsuro continued kissing and nibbling Satoshi's inner thigh and moved his other hand petting and stroking Satoshi's member. Tatsuro's lips moved closer to the area where Satoshi didn't want them to, but still he enjoyed of it too much, letting out an opposing yelp that remained only as a pathetic try, sounding more like a sigh of pleasure. Tatsuro uttered a small laughter and bit gently Satoshi's lower buttock, then licking it quickly.
"You're gross!" Satoshi complained.
"Nah, I know you've waited for me and have prepared yourself. Your skin still smells like soap...," Tatsuro smiled and gave another lick to Satoshi's delicate skin.
Satoshi wasn't sure of which he should be more embarrassed - being so obvious, or for the overt tokens of affection and desire Tatsuro showed him.
"Perv...," Satoshi muttered, trying to relax but finding it hard.
"But you like it," Tatsuro cooed and gave a long lick to Satoshi's shaft.
"Yes...," Satoshi gasped, clenching his hands into fists by his sides.
Letting Satoshi's legs down, the older vocalist smiled and reached to take the small lube that was sufficient for one time only. He usually kept those near him, since they were easy to use and unnoticeable enough to carry with. And they usually had nice flavors. This one was cappuccino. Tatsuro broke the cap and squeezed a small drop to his fingertip, bringing it to Satoshi's mouth.
"A small coffee break," Tatsuro smirked.
Satoshi sucked Tatsuro's finger and flashed a playful smile at the older, making a quick flash of aggressive desire pass the older's gaze.
"Too bad we're short on time. I would have made you enjoy more of this flavor," Tatsuro murmured, beginning to spread the lubrication on his cock.
That's true - Tatsuro loved blowjobs, and for some odd, unknown reason Satoshi loved to give them to him. But Tatsuro was right - there was no time for foreplay now. Sadly.
"Well, what took you so long to come here," Satoshi hemmed, playing indifferent.
"Traffic and these streets that are not familiar to me. Don't think I didn't try," Tatsuro said, his eyes widening a little in appall, which amused Satoshi.

Satoshi was happy to think that Tatsuro had actually tried to hurry back to him. Tatsuro shook his head a little and answered to Satoshi's smile, continuing to spread the rest of the lubrication to Satoshi's entrance. Satoshi tried to hold himself in a position that gave the older vocalist a better access and gasped a little when he felt Tatsuro's finger diving in. The grin and pleasure on Tatsuro's face irritated and turned Satoshi on at the same time. The older always really seemed to enjoy having him at his mercy - granting him his pleasure or forbidding it from him - and this day wasn't an exception either although they were running out of time. Tatsuro twisted his finger in Satoshi and soon put another one in too. Satoshi's body convulsed when Tatsuro began to kiss his inner thigh again, as he had his leg resting on Tatsuro's shoulder while the other vocalist's two fingers scissored his hole. Tatsuro couldn't resist tasting the cappuccino lube so he gave a teasing lick near Satoshi's entrance, making the younger shiver even more. An amused smile grew on Tatsuro's lips, and he continued scissoring the younger harder, moving a bit higher himself to tease Satoshi's nipple with the tip of his tongue. Satoshi felt his member throbbing in pleasure and he grabbed it, beginning to stroke it in hard pace. Tatsuro nibbled and licked Satoshi's nipple awhile, watching from the corner of his eyes how Satoshi jerked himself and breathed every time harder in pleasure. After giving a couple of sucks to the younger's neck and a passionate kiss to his lips, Tatsuro pulled back and replaced his fingers with his shaft. Satoshi was about to shout out loud for the minimal amount of preparation Tatsuro had granted him, which had been nowhere near enough compared to how big Tatsuro was and how many days it had been since they had last done this.
"Hush," Tatsuro said, gently, and stooped a little to shut Satoshi's mouth with his.
Slowly, inch by inch, Tatsuro sank deeper and then grabbed Satoshi from his waist and back to pull him to sit on his lap so he could kiss the younger properly, suffocating their moans, and have himself finally completely in. Satoshi kept his eyes closed and tried to ignore the pain, focusing instead on the pleasure of being this close to Tatsuro and sharing mutual feelings. Satoshi moved his hands to cup Tatsuro's face and finally opened his eyes, meeting Tatsuro's. Breathing abruptedly, they just stared at each other in the eyes and began to rock their hips against one another in a steady pace. Tatsuro slipped his hand into Satoshi's hair and tilted his head to kiss his neck as his other hand started to stimulate Satoshi's nipple. Satoshi tried to keep his moans and gasps as quiet as possible, just in case if someone would happen to hear. But the more they rocked against one another, the more they began to forget about their surroundings and the time and everything.

Tatsuro's hand found Satoshi's cock again, and the older began to stroke it in the same pace with his movements inside Satoshi. Soon he laid the younger vocalist on his back and continued thrusting in Satoshi while his hand rubbed and stimulated the younger's precumming cock. It was fast and crazy and yet there was this certain delicacy that spoke of them sharing other feelings too and not only lust.
"I hate you, you arrogant dick. When I say that next time tell me when you're about to disappear, I really mean it," Satoshi growled in an abrupted, lustful voice, trying to look serious despite the pleasure that had took over his body.
Tatsuro uttered a tired laughter, out of breath and near to come already, and translated Satoshi's words as they were meant. Satoshi loved him and wanted to stay on track about his whereabouts and schedule. And Satoshi loved it when he was an arrogant dick. And Satoshi loved his dick. And heck, Tatsuro certainly loved everything in Satoshi too.
"Alright, alright. But you could still sometimes ask too, you know," he smirked at the younger and kissed his full lips again. "Ready to come?" he asked as their lips parted and received a nod from Satoshi, who closed his eyes and convulsed a little.
Tatsuro rubbed and stroked the younger harder and made faster and deeper thrusts in him until they both came at the same time, once again suffocating their heavy breathing and moans against one another's mouths. Tatsuro pressed kisses on Satoshi's lips and leaned his forehead against the younger's as they tried to calm their breaths. Satoshi nibbled Tatsuro's lower lip with whatever energy he had left in his relaxed, satisfied body, and held the older tight against him by his waist and back.
"Do you want to know that secret?" Tatsuro asked in a hoarse voice.
"Seems that you want to tell it more than I want to know it," Satoshi grinned, tiredly, and admired awhile Tatsuro's satisfied yet playful gaze back.
"But do you want to know?"
"Then ask."
"Tsk. Forget it," Satoshi snorted, moving his gaze from the older, but gasped a little when Tatsuro began to pull out slowly.
Instead of pulling completely out, Tatsuro thrusted back in and enjoyed of being in Satoshi a little longer. A tender, wide smile grew on Tatsuro's lips as he inspected Satoshi's face. He pressed a soft, unhurried kiss to his lips and stroke the younger's cheek with his thumb.
"Try it, it's not that hard to ask things."
"Fine," Satoshi hemmed. "What's your secret?"
If possible, Tatsuro's smile grew even larger.
"See? It wasn't that hard now, was it?"
"So, what's the secret?" Satoshi frowned.
"That's more like it," Tatsuro laughed. "My curious, impatient Satoshi."
"Hey! You told me to ask. So, tell me!" the younger growled.
Tatsuro laughed, heartfully, and kissed Satoshi again.
"My secret is that on these passed two days... I missed you too," Tatsuro smiled, and the way he looked and kissed Satoshi after saying that didn't leave the younger in doubt about those words' honesty.

~Here lies what is left of me. The rest is mystery. Ignore thyself.~ (Stan Rice)

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Re: I missed you too [NC-17, PwP] Tatsuro/Satoshi

ViestiKirjoittaja mayabi » Pe Helmi 15, 2013 1:39 pm

You know I really admire people who are so creative. Well, what can I say? You wrote long oneshot just about them having sex and it was even interesting ! I could never do that. Well, excuse my crappy english, I'm not that good but I wanted to try and comment.

I really like Tatsuro's character in every fic you write. As well as Satoshi's. Satoshi is just perfect character because I love feminine guys and yeah, and Satoshi is really the feminine one - but he's not too feminine. It's a good point too. Satoshi... Oh god I love that man. And well Tatsuro... He's the dick. But pretty nice dick ;D

Satoshi loved him and wanted to stay on track about his whereabouts and schedule. And Satoshi loved it when he was an arrogant dick. And Satoshi loved his dick. And heck, Tatsuro certainly loved everything in Satoshi too.

I think that was the best part in this. Really, I love the humor you write! Your fics are always genuinely funny, not like "wanna be too funny" you know? I'm always laughing. Well, not in the serious parts :D There I'm crying... I'm not sure what to say anymore, because I have already praised your writing skills many times before and... yeah. It's just, usually I don't like to mix pairings, and I mean like when I'm reading Aki/Satoshi then I don't read Satoshi with someone else... If you understand? :D But it's not my style to read anything else than Aki/Satoshi but with your texts... I just like them too much no to read. So here I am reading Tatsuro/Satoshi. Whoops. ( Oh well I'm still not used to Mao/Aki...)

"Try it, it's not that hard to ask things."
"Fine," Satoshi hemmed. "What's your secret?"
If possible, Tatsuro's smile grew even larger.
"See? It wasn't that hard now, was it?"
"So, what's the secret?" Satoshi frowned.
"That's more like it," Tatsuro laughed. "My curious, impatient Satoshi."
"Hey! You told me to ask. So, tell me!"

If I could I'd quote all of this fic... But I'm not doing so. That's just, IDK they're nice combination. Well what can I say ? Nice sex ;-)
Why don't you brake the mirror just what you need now

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Re: I missed you too [NC-17, PwP] Tatsuro/Satoshi

ViestiKirjoittaja gnrbu » Ke Touko 29, 2013 2:40 pm

Okay, first of all, get a freaking beta. Writing and posting half asleep is never a good idea, especially when you're using a language that does not have expressions like "[he] was better come" or "much responsibilities". Also, please revise word order. "Always" usually comes after an auxiliary verb, not at the end of sentence. (Although I have to give you credit for "astraddled". :D There you go, throwing me off in the middle of a good rant.)

I probably would have enjoyed this fic more if I hadn't been tripping over broken grammar every two sentences. The language you used was partly too simple, partly misused, and gave the whole text a childish overtone. As much as I love Satoshi and Tatsurou, I just couldn't take them seriously here.

Your Finnish has improved. So have your plots and writing skills, at least in Finnish. You're just not showing it here. You've written some nice plotty fluff, but here you've regressed to pointless fluff. Take Satoshi and some angst, add Tatsurou, shake well in bed. Not a bad recipe per se, but I've seen you do it so many times already it feels like you're just repeating yourself.

Okay, so what did I like here? The part about condoms was nice, and the blink-and-you'll-miss-it rimming was good. Penetration, too. I might have liked it more when the characters weren't talking. And I guess the ending was sweet, too.

I don't know, I feel like I should have liked this more than I did.

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