Shochu Showers [Uruha/Kai/Kai, R, humour]

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Shochu Showers [Uruha/Kai/Kai, R, humour]

ViestiKirjoittaja Nera » Ti Tammi 31, 2012 11:48 pm

Title: Shochu Showers
Author: Nera
Rating: R
Beta: None
Pairings: Uruha/Kai/Kai
Genre: Attempt at humour, romance.
Warnings: Cursing, alcohol and more alcohol.
Summary: “Well I figured so much... Wow dude!” Kai exclaimed and looked stunned when he rounded the counter and looked closer at the bottles. “It has my name all over it! How cool isn't that?”
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story.
Comments: the uruai comm hosts the best challenges. Ja Suomeksi: On olemassa havajilainen vodkamerkki nimeltä Kai. Siitä se ajatus sitten lähtikin.

Uruha bit his lower lip and tried to not show on his face how many dirty films played inside his head the instant he saw that bottle in the liquor store. That bottle was part of his wet dreams, had been for quite a while too, to be honest and it wouldn't stop haunting him. That bottle, with a price tag of approximately 8000 yen, imported shit as it was, made the bartender in him squirm and the alcoholic who also resided in him (Uruha never admitted to any of this of course) moan and squeal like a little girl.

That bottle.


Vodka. And shochu.

“Taste the pleasure...” Uruha read out quietly and marvelled the bottles and the varied selection and had a hard time choosing which he'd like the best. He could buy all of those if he'd like, but despite being able to, he didn't enjoy overkill. That was Ruki's type of business.
Uruha ended up buying one bottle of each flavour anyway.

Kai, the real one, had been Uruha's crush for some time already. Uruha was just a little antsy of how he should present his feelings toward their drummer, whom he knew was gay, so it really wasn't a problem in that sense. He was just incredibly shy when it came to Kai and the ways he had displayed his insecurities hadn't been fruitful for any future progress. Kai had thought Uruha was pissed at him for even looking in his direction and every time Kai scrambled away Uruha wanted to smash his head into his amps. It sucked, to be honest. His wet dreams sucked too, pun not even intended.

That's why Uruha think he came up with an ingenious plan. He had had Reita snoop around, because Reita socialized more with Kai than Uruha did, and see if there would be something, or someone, blocking his plan. Apparently Kai had a row of fuck-buddies, but nothing serious going on. Uruha had tried to not look too happy about it, but Reita had suspected something and looked at Uruha in a way that made the guitarist shut up and say he'd buy Reita that new DS game if he forgot everything right now. Uruha was damn lucky that day.
Part two or eleven, or let's say the main point, in Uruha's plan was to get Kai pissing drunk. It wouldn't be so hard, because Uruha knew Kai had about zero percent body fat and was featherweight when it came to booze. He had done the calculations based on the ass-biceps ratio and his conclusion was that this would be easy, as long as Kai agreed to come to his place and taste the pleasure. Uruha shuddered a little and his toes curled.

It was fucking awkward to say the least when Uruha asked Kai to stay behind for two minutes after the other's have left and Kai had looked like a kid that had got caught with one hand in the cookie jar. Uruha scratched his neck nervously and smiled like an idiot, because he was actually going to make something happen!

“So uh...” He started and stared at his toes for a moment and Kai looked just as uneasy. “I was thinking, maybe you'd want to come over for drinks tonight?” He stuttered out and managed to sound a lot less confident than he would've wanted to.

“Oh, I uh-”

“I mean you don't have to if you have other plans already, I mean this was kinda last minute and stuff...!” Uruha interrupted and left Kai closing and opening his mouth like stranded fish. Uruha kept babbling for a while and Kai felt the embarrassment coiling in his gut.

“No, no, I'd be glad to come over,” He shot in as soon as Uruha paused for a breather. “I have nothing planned, I'm free.” He smiled and his cheek dimpled.

Uruha didn't at first understand Kai had said yes to his suggestion, but when he did he had a hard time containing a tiny squeal of excitement. He masked as a hiccup and repeated so Kai wouldn't look at him like he was an idiot.

“A-awesome! How about eight?”

“Eight sounds good. See you then I guess?” Kai nodded and smiled, and Uruha was thankful his knees didn't turn into mush. It was close though.

“Yeah. See you.” Uruha grinned and watched Kai leave. Now he had to get home and start his preparations for the night. Uruha almost forgot his wallet and keys in his excitement.

Uruha wondered if it would be too much and obvious if he would light candles in his apartment for tonight. He didn't want Kai to immediately understand he was trying to seduce him and that they then would make out and end up making passionate love the entire night, because no. That was not what Uruha had intended. He had fantasized about it a couple of times, that he admitted, but... Uruha didn't light candles, instead he put on the TV, and dimmed some lights in the living room, so it wouldn't be too obvious. Everyone did that, right?

He nearly jumped out of his skin when the summer rang and he ran to the receiver, telling himself to act cool and collected and let it ring for a couple of times, otherwise he'd seem like he had been waiting on his hands and knees for Kai to arrive. Which wasn't entirely untrue, because it was already ten past eight and Uruha had almost thought Kai had ditched him for better fun. None was better fun than him right?
Uruha breathed in and out before picking up the receiver and pressed the button to answer the call.


“Hi, can I come up?” Kai was smiling, Uruha could hear it and he noticed he was smiling too. Like an idiot to be precise.

“Yeah, seventh floor.” Uruha pressed the button to let Kai in and hung up. So far so good, despite him being very, very nervous. He paced back and forth for a while, before he decided he'd light at least one candle. It wouldn't be too cheesy, right?

Kai took his merry time to get up, apparently he had climbed the stairs instead of using the elevator. Why, was beyond Uruha, because he himself would never use the stairs if there was a functioning elevator. But Kai smiled, huffed a little and presented Uruha with a bag of snacks and a bottle of apple juice. He apologized for being late, a detail Uruha already had forgotten, because Kai was in fact in his house and he was now feeling insecure about that candle. He accepted Kai's offerings and helped him with his coat like a true gentleman.

“I see you lit candles,” Kai commented off-handedly and Uruha decided it was definitely a huge mistake. Kai would think he was a creep now. “I like candles.”

Uruha sputtered and almost choked on the air he was breathing.

“Ahhah, that's cool. How about drinks?” Uruha decided it was now or never. He would get Kai and himself tipsy and then they could do what ever they'd want to. Uruha mostly wanted to gain courage to confess to Kai and hopefully do a more elegant job than he had done so far.

Drinks it was. Kai complimented Uruha on his skill with mixing spirits. Uruha didn't know if it was a compliment or a polite remark from Kai's side that he was an alcoholic in the making. Uruha smiled against the rim of his glass and reached for more snacks, which was a polite way to keep himself busy while he was making Kai less and less sober. Oh God he sounded like a sexual pervert in his own head and tried to concentrate on Kai's happy babbling. His ass-biceps formula seemed to be working like a dream and Kai's glass was slowly getting emptier as the drummer was getting tipsier.

“Want another drink?” Uruha interrupted Kai's metaphysical analysis on bananas and why their peals appear slippery in comedic acts. He had lost Uruha when he had said metaphysical. To Uruha it sounded like a drug you got off the street.

“Sure, these are awesome! What do you put in these?” Kai beamed, a hint of intoxication in his eyes.

“The apple juice you brought and some vodka.”

“It's nothing I've ever tasted before... I haven't had vodka with hints of ginger and lemon.” Kai's sense of taste was sharp to the degree it seemed almost creepy to Uruha. Maybe he just wasn't drunk enough yet. He nodded and hummed in agreement. Yes, it was an unusual flavour. Uruha grabbed Kai's glass and headed for the kitchen where a row of bottles were on display on the kitchen counter as on a makeshift bar disk.
Bottles of Kai.

“Wow, dude, you really keep yourself well boozed up!” Uruha flinched at Kai's voice, because he hadn't thought the drummer would follow him.

“Yeah... I like to collect bottles...” Uruha tried and wished the big, bold letters on the etiquettes would just disappear along with the pink on his cheeks. He was thankful Kai had shitty eyesight so he most likely didn't see the text from this distance.

“I've never seen this stuff before, where did you get this?”

“The liquor store. It's a new import.” Now Kai was making his way towards the bottles with new, drunken interest and Uruha just wanted to grab him and usher him back into his living room and the snack bowl to keep him from embarrassing himself further.

“Well I figured so much... Wow dude!” Kai exclaimed and looked stunned when he rounded the counter and looked closer at the bottles. “It has my name all over it! How cool isn't that?”

“Uhm.. Very, I guess?” Uruha scratched the back of his neck and tried to avoid Kai's face in general and his socks were suddenly very interesting.

“Is this what we've been having all night?”


“Taste the pleasure...” Kai read out loud and Uruha didn't dare to look at him after that. He was having so many dirty thoughts running through his head when Kai read the slogan. It was innocent, but it sounded like dirty talking to Uruha. He swallowed and was sure Kai and everyone else in the world could hear it, along smelling his sweaty palms and feel the air vibrate because of his throbbing -

“Did you want another drink? We could take shots, you know?” Uruha walked up and snatched the bottle from Kai, his smile brilliant like a thousand suns. “How about we do that, yeah? Would you be a friend and take the shot glasses from that cabinet over there, I'll bring the booze and then we'll watch that film that's playing on TV, okay?”


Uruha got so far that he was feeling quite randy and depressed at the same time. Kai was mere steps away from being shit-faced. Uruha still hadn't got his feelings off his chest, and now he feared Kai was too drunk to even know what he meant if he said I love you, now kiss me and molest me you lean, mean drumming machine. Uruha took another shot of the lychee flavoured vodka, which Kai had declared was one of his favourites of all the bottles Uruha had bought.

“Hang in there drummer boy, I need to go pee.” He mumbled to Kai who blinked a couple of times, then laughed like a hyena and waved him off. Actually, Uruha needed to get away for two minutes and make a distressed help-call to his best friend. The phone rang a good few times before a disgruntled voice moaned into Uruha's ear.


“Reita, I'm so fucked.” Uruha hissed and and eyed the bathroom door suspiciously.

“Well good for you?”

“Not in that way. What am I supposed to do? Kai's just getting drunker and drunker for the minute and I'm-”

“Uruha. The fuck should I know. What do you gays do when you're together? Paint each others toenails or something!” Reita yawned and huffed. “Now with all due respect, can I go back to bed?”

“No! I'm not finished!”

“Good night Uru-chan.” The phone clicked.

“Reita?”Uruha felt panic rise in his chest and he really wished Kai hadn't overheard his wailing through the door, but a big explosion and the laughter that followed suggested otherwise. Sometimes Uruha was thankful Kai's alcohol tolerance was a sad case. He tried to re-dial Reita's number but that bastard had turned off his phone altogether. Great.
And he was still feeling aroused and sad at the same time. He was the worst host ever.
He flushed the toilet for effects, even though he didn't pee. Kai didn't seem to notice, because he was getting worked up over the action scenes in the film. Uruha slouched down on the couch and let his dooms day cloud hang heavy over his head. He sat there moping for a second before he groaned and threw his hands up in the air, startling Kai and knocking over an empty bottle of Kai.

“God I'm such a failed specimen of a man!” Uruha wailed and covered his face with his hands. Kai blinked and looked at Uruha with limited interest, as the film and bottles of alcohol had his full attention.

“Uruha, let's drink some more,” He then offered and handed Uruha an unopened bottle of shochu. “You're not a fail, you're just awkward at times.” Kai hiccuped. Uruha didn't know if he should feel any better about himself. He huffed and accepted the bottle from Kai, opening it and taking a long sip. He felt like getting as shit-faced as Kai.

“Thanks man... Made me feel loads better.” He moaned and frowned, his lips pursed and forehead wrinkled.

“Stop sulking, we were supposed to have fun, remember?” Kai's sarcasm detector was hyperactive even when he was drunk it seemed. Uruha sulked even more, his posture horrible and he stared at the end credits of the film he never really watched anyway. Well great. Nothing seemed to go like planned tonight for him. Except making Kai drunk. Said person sat beside him and swayed a little, eyes cloudy and trying to focus really hard on Uruha and not tipping over.
Uruha felt the weight shift on the sofa and soon Kai was really close, almost too close for comfort, and the drummer looked Uruha straight in the eye.

“Man, you're depressing me too with this shit. Cheer up!” Kai flung an arm around Uruha's shoulders and pulled him against himself. Uruha tensed and glared back at Kai and his pinkish cheeks that the booze had tinted. They stayed like that for a moment, staring each other down. Uruha found Kai a little intimidating despite the drummer's drunken state and Kai felt like the world was spinning and that he was super brave. “Jesus, you're such a baby...” Kai sighed and leaned in to kiss Uruha's pouting lips. It was messy, because Kai's aim was poor, the kiss landing more on the side of Uruha's mouth. Uruha flinched and tried to pull himself further away from Kai who looked at him with a calm smile.

“I'm not Jesus...” Uruha sputtered and tried to look angry, when he really was just confused at the many possibilities that just had opened up for him.

“I know. Jesus has a beard,” Kai smiled and hiccuped again, before he took another shot of vodka. “I don't like beards.” He licked his lips and stared at the empty glass in his hand, his arm still around Uruha.

“Me neither,” Uruha relaxed in Kai's half embrace and looked up at Kai from his slouchy position. “Let's make out.”

Kai cocked one eyebrow, hiccuped and set his glass aside before he let Uruha pull his face down in a messy kiss with more tongue than maybe necessary, but fuck it was good to their all-but-sober minds. Uruha's fingers curled in Kai's black hair and he could taste the liquor in his mouth. Kai's hand was still around his shoulder, the other rested on the cushioned arm rest of Uruha's sofa and he needed all the support he could get, because the way Uruha kissed him back was just as intoxicating as the alcohol. His mind was dizzy and he had a hard time focusing on what was happening around him. They parted for a second, eyes half-lidded and breaths heavy. Kai leaned his forehead against Uruha's and his cheek dimpled from his smile.

“This is nice.” He commented. Uruha just nodded and pulled Kai back into a kiss and he could feel the drummer smiling against his lips. Kai sucked on his tongue and Uruha wished it was something else entirely he was sucking on, because one devious hand was sneaking up under his shirt and caressing his waist with affection. Now he was drunk and horny and Kai's warm hand was under his shirt and it felt so good. Kai's mouth strayed from Uruha's lips, down his jaw and onto his neck, sucking and lapping affectionately. Uruha couldn't hold back the moan that escaped from his swollen lips and one of his hands stroke Kai's chest suggestively.

“Let's go back there...” Uruha motioned towards his bedroom, or the general direction of it, and Kai nodded and hiccuped. Uruha found it adorable. Getting up was a task on its own. Uruha wobbled and Kai wobbled even more, drunk on alcohol and arousal and he couldn't resist grabbing Uruha's ass and squeezing it with new-found affection.

“Mr. Kai, you are hopeless...”Uruha snickered, pulled Kai's polo over his head and threw it on the floor, before he helped Kai to remove his shirt, which had a lot of buttons. The buttons were a challenge for the hazy mind, but after some frenching and fighting all buttons were defeated and Uruha could rid himself of his shirt. He got onto his bed and pulled Kai with him, the latter more like falling flat on him instead, but it didn't bother him. Kai's hands and mouth were everywhere on his body and Uruha found himself arching into the touch.

“Wait there, just a second.” Kai muttered, before he stumbled back into the living room, Uruha heard some clinking and clanking, most likely bottles colliding with Kai's fumbling self. Uruha tried to make the room stop spinning too much. Kai was soon back and stumbled onto the bed and straddled Uruha's lap as graciously as a drunken raccoon and smiled down at the guitarist.

“I'm going to taste the pleasure now.” He announced and poured vodka all over Uruha's abdomen and some on his bed too. Uruha shuddered at the feel of cold alcohol against his body and shuddered even more when Kai's greedy mouth sucked and that devious tongue licked up the fluid.

“Mmmh, Kai. Baby need you up here.” Uruha crooned and pulled Kai up from the hem of his pants into a messy and wet kiss that tasted of coconut and vodka. Uruha's hands busied themselves with opening the fly of Kai's jeans and tugging at them, at the same time as he tried to control the spinning feeling he was experiencing. He got them open and then concentrated on his own pants, which was harder because he had a lump of randy drummer on top of him, with an nice tight ass he would've loved to make closer contact with.
Kai offered him the bottle of shochu, the same Uruha had opened at the couch, and the guitarist accepted the booze, taking brave swigs out of it, tasting pleasure, tasting Kai. Uruha shuddered and set the bottle aside to concentrate on the more living version of Kai, who was more pleasurable right now. Uruha moaned into the kiss Kai initiated and arched into Kai's chest. One thing that bothered him was that he was feeling more and more drowsy and his vision was getting foggy. Uruha remembers Kai going rather limp in his lap before everything became pretty dark.

Uruha doesn't remember much from last night, other than that it indeed contained alcohol. He could smell it. His stomach churned and his shoulder felt wet. But it was warm. Too warm and a little stuffy. Someone had left the TV on too it seemed. Uruha cracked one eye open, something he regretted pretty quickly. Some idiot had left the drapes open too and the sun shone into his bedroom with all its bullying might. Uruha tried to turn away, but he had some dead weight on his chest that prevented him from doing anything.

“What the...” He groaned and against all odd, opened both his eyes. “The fuck?!” He exclaimed, panic rising in his body. Well, at least he knew why his shoulder felt moist. Kai, that fucker, had drooled on him and his arm was keeping Uruha in place.

“Oww... Shut up, Uruha.” Kai stirred and pressed his face closer to Uruha's chest, obviously still very much unaware of their compromising position.

“No! Aren't you bothered we are in bed? Together! Mostly naked!”

“What...?” Kai's head shot up from Uruha's shoulder, then in the direction of their feet, sighing in relief when he noticed their pants were still on. “Dude, stop scaring me like that... I almost thought we'd done something.”

“We did, if you don't remember.” Uruha dead-panned and covered his embarrassed face with both hands.

“.... Oh.”

Uruha was more embarrassed now than he was two minutes ago. His head was killing him, just killing him and now Kai didn't remember shit. Fuck, fucking fuck fuck.


“Shut, up. I'm trying to die here.”

“Stop it...” Kai laughed, clearly not suffering as much as Uruha would like him to do. “You seem disappointed that I don't remember much.” Kai mused and pried away Uruha's hand. Uruha's face was red and hot from the accusations. Maybe he was. Uruha huffed, lips turned down in a frown.

“It's nothing.” He sighed. Kai sighed too and crawled closer, their faces mere inches apart. Kai bit his lower lip and leaned in a little closer still.

“Want to remind me of what I'm forgetting?”

- -

AN: Kiitsa hinua beibe, kun autat wanhaa mummoa keksimään nimiä ja random läppää heitettäväks, farssi on meidän tyylilaji ah ah~ :D

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Re: Shochu Showers [Uruha/Kai/Kai, R, humour]

ViestiKirjoittaja Anraf » To Elo 30, 2012 11:06 am


That's all I can start with. As I realized what Uruha was about to do, I could really relate to him. I have also turned to the power of alcohol in hopes to make it... spice up the evening a bit. Or in most cases I've actually used it on myself to make sure I'd be a bit nicer and more tolerant towards other people... xD Oh well. Anyway, I understand him!
Getting the other tipsy and relaxed and then try to make a smooth move on them.... Unless you get the other too tipsy. I guess Uruha didn't see that one coming. At some points he seemed to get even a bit sober himself for that irritating fact. Has happened to me too! xD
Because sometimes people just are a bit too much, no matter how much you'd drink to make it all better and happier.

So, you described the course of the evening so deliciously realistically that all I could do was read, read and wait that finally something happens (and wish I'd get a sip of Kai too. The alcohol, you know). Then they FINALLY made it to the bed (and I'm surprised but glad that nobody got hurt along the way considering their condition) and I just smacked my palm on my face. Drunken sex. Is not. Romantic.
And definitely not good when you actually do have feelings for someone and want to make them feel special and yes, Uruha, to remember you and your lovemaking on the next day. Well, you still got them their sweet ending that wasn't too fluffy and unrealistic, but purrrrfect to cause mental images of their round two. But I still want that drink too. Preferably on Uruha's body too.

I am amazed that Gazette fans haven't literally rampaged on your fic archive and showered you with comments. Well, I know in LJ they have, but here. Here is so many Gazette fans. And your fics are like honey. Yes, I compare them to honey, because I am very fond on honey. Everyone should be.
Anyway, hopefully you'll get more readers and comments on these so you could keep up the good work. You are overall talented, though you always say you get those nasty blocks when your hands just won't do what your brains says to. Every writer has those, but at least don't let the lack of comments in Lafi to prevent you from writing. You are good. :)

Love, F
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Re: Shochu Showers [Uruha/Kai/Kai, R, humour]

ViestiKirjoittaja Nera » To Elo 30, 2012 6:34 pm

Awww feels good, missus. I like aww. :)

I guess we've all tried to rely on alcohol sometimes, to become more relaxed and what not in front of the ones we fancy. I think I'd just become more clumsy. :'D Anywho, Uruha is good with his alcohol, sometimes even too good. He's the one with the hardest booze tolerance in the band anyway, so it's just something you'd expect would happen; he stays somewhat sober and everyone else get's more or less drunk.

(I'd like some Kai myself too. Alcohol and drummer alike. ;D Here you can marvel the tastes.) Yes, I could also take body shots from Uruha's body and then suffer from some body image issues, because he's so scrawny. 8D Or then we could both agree to take shots from Kai's body, because Kai has the six-pack and arms everyone dreams of. He kind of rivals Aki's bod. 8D AHEM.

I'm glad you've enjoyed this piece of humor. I think it is pretty decent too, for being written quickly and handling a subject that can't end in anything else but farce. :D As for the lack of comments; I don't mean to sound ungrateful and rude towards anyone, but I apparently write in the unpopular language and for the wrong audience. I also have a fondness to the less popular pairings, since I don't write the nowadays almost deadly boring and common Aoi/Uruha or Reita/Ruki. I have no idea what the level of English comprehension is on this forum, but seeing the majority of the audience is young, it might be they're not getting what I'm writing.
But the few comments I get, I cherish. They're like honey to me, and I too, luuuuurve honey! :D A lack of comments won't keep me from writing, don't worry. Inspiration comes and goes and sometimes I go back and read old comments to see if it comes back to me. I'm glad you think I make up decent fiction. :3 I like to think I'm not that terrible, despite I always can get loads better.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. :) It makes me happy!


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Re: Shochu Showers [Uruha/Kai/Kai, R, humour]

ViestiKirjoittaja Pinja-Chan » Pe Touko 31, 2013 11:01 pm

Hey you~ ^^

I’m pretty tired, so I need to apologize the comment and also my English skills. I have had English today, last time this spring so I was like “no more” but I still wanted to try and comment in English. I mean, it’s totally different thing to read and write in free time than school. And all in all, English is a nice language.

I had my English exam on Wednesday, and on Tuesday I didn’t feel like studying at all. Anyway, I thought I’d should so something, so what would be better way to read English than reading some text, right. I pretty much always knew that you write well, so I knew where to find some great fanfics, written in English. I wanted to read some funny and quite short stories, so when I saw this, I was like “sounds good”.

I liked the story much. I especially liked the way you wrote it. It was realistic; everything wasn’t just perfect with people. For example, Uruha’s original plan didn’t go as it was suppose in the first place, though the result was same. I really liked that ‘cause… well, it kinda showed that life can be pretty tricky sometimes etc. :D I also liked the characters. Kai and Uruha were both so cute/adorable in their own way! ♥

Nera kirjoitti:“Uruha. The fuck should I know. What do you gays do when you're together? Paint each others toenails or something!” Reita yawned and huffed

I laughed Reita’s answers so much. Just an awesome friend you have there, Uruha~ :D♥

Also that little “Jesus conversation” made me giggle.
The ending was sweet, though not too sweet. And now Uruha and Kai can both remember it, yay~!

That Kai drink sounds so good. I’d like to have some too, lol. Sadly there isn’t some in Finnish shops, or are there? I really don’t know but~ Well, sometimes… maybe. :’3

I really don’t know if I forgot something… I feel so, but I can’t come up with anything else, so~ Anyway, thank you so much for this fic. It was nice to read it and I’m sure I’m going to check also your other stories! ^^ (and just to tell, I got 8 from my course number, so the exam didn’t go so bad even though I hadn’t read grammar so much ;3).
Life is tough but try to be postive always i will do my best So you will do your best.

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Re: Shochu Showers [Uruha/Kai/Kai, R, humour]

ViestiKirjoittaja Nera » To Kesä 06, 2013 9:35 pm

Hey, hey, hey!

I'm glad my text has helped you prepare for you English test, but I suggest reading real books instead of fanfics, because fanfics by non-native writers are still sub-par to real literature. :D
I'm still very happy you've liked this and also that you've taken your time to comment on this. :>

I laughed Reita’s answers so much. Just an awesome friend you have there, Uruha~ :D♥

Reita is a dumbass that I like too much, really. There's just something about him you have to love. And I'm happy I've made him lovable for other readers too, and not just myself, haha!

I'm glad you were brave enough to comment in English. :> I really appreciate it, but if you feel more comfortable commenting in Finnish, I will like it as much. How did you test go by the way? Hopefully it went ok! Thank you so much for your lovely words and I hope to see you come back for my other fics in the future too! <3

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