Sunset Riders NC-17 (SCREW / AND )

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Sunset Riders NC-17 (SCREW / AND )

ViestiKirjoittaja Anraf » Ke Marras 03, 2010 8:45 pm

Title: Sunset Riders
Beta: Apinakapina
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Fluff / Slash
Pairing: Kazuki / Ikuma
Bands: SCREW / AND - Eccentric Agent
Chapters: One-shot.
Summary: Aside common interests and passion for certain things, these two friends also share a hidden desire - towards each other.

A/N: I made this to my friend, who happens to adore these two men almost more than anything in the world. After reading couple Rock & Read books that had interviews of these two, we came to conclusion, that they are a match made in Heaven. In this fic they realize it too. Enjoy~

P.S Ikuma is my hidden desire too. How could he not be? And he's awesome vocalist. ;)

Sunset Riders

"Hey, I need spanners. The smallest ones. Yeah, right there," Ikuma directed with his hand, half-turned to look at Kazuki, who was sitting next to the tool box. The other man stared at Ikuma deep in his thoughts and then shook himself, realizing that he had been asked to do something. He turned to look for the spanners and handed them over to the vocalist.
Handing over the spanners, their fingers touched a bit, almost too lightly to even notice. They smiled and Ikuma turned back to fix Kazuki's motorcycle, the guitarist behind him staring at his hand that had just touched the vocalist's. Kazuki felt a slight tingle on his fingertips and when he raised his gaze to look at Ikuma's back, he actually felt that tingle all over his body. Was it just the view - his boldly shining motorcycle and a blond, impudently beautiful man working on it? Or was it the fact that it was Ikuma, with Kazuki's motorcycle - his treasure - and the vocalist treating it just as respectfully and passionately as he himself did? Whatever the reason, Kazuki found that view special. Exciting. They shared the same passion for motorcycles, and they felt an affinity between them in many other things too.

"Alright, and now the rug, please. I have to clean this baby up a bit," Ikuma laughed and turned to look at Kazuki again. His brightly shining, very captivating eyes made Kazuki receive the command a few seconds later than it was spoken, and then the guitarist quickly started looking for a clean rug. He stood up and caught one laying on the table of the garage they were in. He walked back to Ikuma, handing the rug over and then sat next to him. Ikuma polished the bike where he had been fixing the screws, then rose to polish the overall body of the motorcycle. The guitarist just followed with his gaze the simple and smooth way in which Ikuma made Kazuki's beautiful bike even more beautiful. But Kazuki couldn't help but let his eyes wander from the shining bike back to Ikuma and his firm buttocks as the vocalist was bent over the bike to clean every part.

"Ah, this was fun. It's been a while since I have done this. When I was a kid, I used to do this often with my dad."
"Mm, I remember you telling me that. So, why don't you have your own bike now? You obviously love motorcycles," Kazuki noted and looked at the man who had stopped polishing the vehicle and now stood next to him, leaning with both hands on the saddle of the bike. Ikuma stared into the distance, then, with dreamy eyes, replied: "I will, one day. When my band has gotten more popular and we have more money. I want to have a huge, beautiful motorcycle…" Ikuma turned to look down where Kazuki met his gaze, looking so beautiful and tempting. The vocalist loved to pass time with the guitarist. They would just talk about anything and everything for hours and laugh and make the world a better place.
Wherever they went together, they turned heads, both being almost too good-looking to be real or true. But they both really just were that naturally beautiful and elegant. And after their bands' first two-man gig, they had started to hang out together. As friends.

Ikuma's smile faded a little as he gazed at the guitarist.
"Or, to make it quicker, maybe I just have to hope I'll find a special someone who comes with a motorcycle," the blond pondered but immediately regretted his remark as it gave his thoughts away. With a serious face Ikuma turned his head to stare again into the distance.
Kazuki just stared at Ikuma, wondering if he had heard right, wondering if he had understood right, wondering if the other man had just made a joke, which he didn't do often. Then he processed the words more carefully, not knowing what to say. Today Kazuki had been less talkative than usual, and he was not only quiet but also found it very difficult to decide what to do or say. All he could do was follow Ikuma's lead: answer when asked something and just watch him go about doing things the rest of the time.
Kazuki wondered if he already looked moronic in the eyes of the vocalist, but Ikuma didn't seem to really care whether he was silent today or not. The blond just chatted away, perhaps himself being more talkative than usual. So probably there was something wrong with both of them today, or they had just started to perfectly complete each other.

Tossing and turning these thoughts in his head, Kazuki noted that, unknowingly, he had grabbed Ikuma's hand and that the blond was looking straight at him from above. Why does he have to look so heavenly? Kazuki shook his head and stood up, still holding Ikuma's hand. The vocalist just laughed a little and with his free hand wiped some of his fallen hair away from his eyes. And Ikuma's eyes were like magic. They were beautiful with contact lenses, but also their natural brown was temptingly smooth, like velvet, and Kazuki could have stared into them for an eternity. Now in front of the shorter man, the guitarist looked down at him, and, after gazing the other man's eyes for a while, he turned to look at his bike and stroked it softly with his hand.
"Well… This has space for two," he coughed carefully, still looking at the bike.
Ikuma next to him just stared at him expressionlessly, making Kazuki feel slightly nervous. The vocalist, on the other hand, wondered if this was just typical Kazuki, participating in jokes, as usual. He turned it over in his mind for a moment and then slowly commented: "My dad always taught me that before making any commitments or contracts, I should always ask for a test ride."
The guitarist turned to look at the shorter man, and an amused smile rose to his lips. Rapidly like a cat he jumped on the back of his motorcycle, surprising Ikuma completely.
"Come on, let's go for a test ride then."
Ikuma tilted his head questioningly, then hesitantly reached his hand towards Kazuki and the bike, and finally found enough courage to take hold of the other man's waist and to sit behind him.

Kazuki kicked the engine running, ready to head out of the garage.
"Wait, what about the helmets? And are these clothes okay for this?" Ikuma started worrying. Kazuki just laughed, tilting his head back, so that Ikuma could smell his sweet scent of shampoo.
"What, are you next going to tell me that your dad also taught you to always use protection?"
Ikuma blushed a little and just squeezed Kazuki's hips in his hands. The guitarist was obviously making fun of him with these kinds of little innuendos. In which case they probably weren't talking only about a ride on the motorcycle, but indeed about a relationship. Or whatever was supposed to start between them. In which case it wasn't really so bad being teased by the guitarist. Ikuma just wrapped his arms tighter around Kazuki and leaned against his back.
"Hmph," he snorted as he laid his cheek against Kazuki's hair spilling down his neck.
The guitarist just laughed and started their ride towards the sunset.

They sat on a wide cliff that gave a beautiful view down to the city. It was early autumn and its colors competed with the gold of the sun. They sat side by side, Ikuma playing with the leaves on the ground and picking up many different kinds of them to play with them on his lips. From the corner of his eye, Kazuki watched him do it, and felt a huge urge to move the leaves away and replace them with his lips. However, the other man seemed to like just sitting there in peace, playing, so Kazuki tried to hold himself back. He didn't want to ruin anything between them, so he'd hold back until he was sure about what the other man felt for him.

"So… as you saw, it has space for two," Kazuki carefully tried to continue the previous topic.
"Uhuh, yeah, I guess it's good that I'm small…," the other man said, with a little sigh. Most of the time his lacking height and size were such a bother.
"You are perfect," Kazuki hurried to fill in, but then swallowed nervously, afraid of Ikuma's reaction.
Ikuma just gazed at Kazuki, still holding the leaves under his nose, as if breathing in their scent. But his eyes were shining bright with the descending sun and were fixed on Kazuki's. Those eyes gave away that behind the leaves, Ikuma was actually smiling.
"Then, what did you think of the test ride? As you can see, the protection is not needed when you're in such a good and knowing hands as mine," the guitarist declared jokingly, inspecting the reaction of the other man.
Ikuma turned to look at the horizon where the city below them was covered with golden sunlight. It was a beautiful evening and Kazuki's company was making it even more beautiful. The vocalist leaned back to lay on his elbows on the ground and looked up into the orange sky.

"Hmm… Not bad. I wonder if there's more... I'm curious to know what else such contract might contain, apart from rides like these…"
Not long after saying this, he noticed a shadow above him and then felt warm, soft lips on his. His eyes widened, and he could see Kazuki's closed eyelids as they kissed. Paralyzed, Ikuma still leaned on his elbows and just let the guitarist kiss him a long time. When the other man pulled away, Ikuma moved to sit up straight again.
"What was… that?" he asked, surprised.
"I'm… I'm sorry. I don't know what got into me. I just couldn't resist," Kazuki tried to explain, seemingly embarrassed.
Ikuma looked at him, then looked at the ground in front of him and with an expressionless face sat still for a while.
"Ikku… I'm sorry. Really am. I thought… I mean… Well, it just sounded like… So I… But never mind, we can pretend it never happened, right?"
"No," Ikuma replied shortly, not turning to look at Kazuki.
"No?" The guitarist felt his heart throbbing. The last thing he wanted was for the other man to start avoiding him.
"I can't pretend it never happened… Because now I'm really curious to know more!"

Appalled, Kazuki looked at Ikuma, who now turned to look at him too, with a soft and teasing smile on his face.
"Then how about this…," the guitarist sighed softly as he took Ikuma's face into his hand and kissed him again, pushing him to lie on the ground. When their lips separated, Ikuma smilingly looked at Kazuki, only a few inches away from him. He wrapped his arms around Kazuki's neck and pulled him into another kiss, now investigating his mouth with a tongue too, carefully at first, but then fiercely, needily. Kazuki was still laying on his side and leaning on his right elbow, and with his free hand he started to investigate Ikuma's clothing.

"Kazuki… Are you sure you want to… share your motorcycle with me?" Ikuma asked gently, perhaps a little doubtingly too.
"If with anyone, with you. As I said, you are perfect," the guitarist replied and kissed Ikuma deeply again, sliding his hand under Ikuma's shirt, and caressed his stomach and ribs. Ikuma closed his eyes in pleasure and pulled Kazuki tighter against himself as he started to kiss the vocalist's neck. Soon, Kazuki couldn't hold himself back anymore and started unzipping their pants while placing kisses around Ikuma's neck and face.
"Hmmh?" The guitarist stopped kissing the vocalist and looked at Ikuma below him.
"I don't think I want to be the bottom."
Kazuki stared at him awhile, then burst into a laughter.
"You 'don't think'?"
"Hey… Don't tease me. I mean it. I may be little but I'm not… a girl. So I don't want to be the bottom," Ikuma informed him, more sternly.
"Neither do I. But are you sure you don't want to? Because I could make you feel special down there…" Kazuki grinned as he rose to lay on top of Ikuma completely.
"I'm… sure… seriously…," Ikuma muttered, definitely not so sure anymore. He closed his eyes as Kazuki's tongue invaded into his mouth again and then he just started pulling away Kazuki's shirt.

Kazuki moved down Ikuma's body and started pulling off his jeans with his help. Kissing and touching they removed all their clothes, letting the last sunrays embrace their bare naked skins. They were sitting in front of each other, entangled and very close, kissing and caressing their beautiful faces.
"Hey… I have an idea," Kazuki said all of a sudden.
"Yeah?" the vocalist gasped while sucking and biting Kazuki's neck and earlobe.
"You don't feel like you're the bottom if you're on the motorcycle."
Ikuma pulled away from the guitarist's neck to look at this face and saw a mischievous grin on it.
"It still means that you are going to…"
"Come on, you'll enjoy it. Give it a try. I'll make you enjoy this ride."

Doubtingly, Ikuma rose and helped Kazuki up too. He wasn't sure what was to come, but he completely trusted the guitarist's words. And he wanted to be ever so close to that beautiful man, so he just decided to let him do whatever he wanted to do to him.
And Kazuki did, many things and many times. Ikuma leaned against the motorcycle, bent over so that Kazuki could prepare him and then start making way for the first thrusts. While moving inside Ikuma, Kazuki let his hands wander on the vocalist's body and hardened member. The smaller man felt, overall, utterly perfect and warm in Kazuki's arms and embrace.
"Kaz… I want you…," the vocalist gasped, seemingly enjoying what the guitarist was doing to him. Kazuki bit Ikuma's shoulder softly and hardened his strokes on his penis. Then, after a while, he pulled away and turned Ikuma to face him. While kissing, he helped Ikuma to sit on the bike, adjusting him so that he could enter the blond man again. The height was just perfect and soon they were swinging again in perfect harmony and pace.

Ikuma had his arms tied around Kazuki's neck, lying on his shoulders, and his head was tilted back in pleasure. Kazuki caressed his back and buttocks while moving inside him. The pleasure was getting too much even for Kazuki, who was ready to come anytime soon. He nibbled on Ikuma's lower lip, making slow but strong moves inside of the vocalist. Ikuma too was about to come; this position had stimulated his inner button to the point where he would soon lose his self-control and just crash into Kazuki's arms. He moved his other hand from Kazuki's neck to his own penis and started stroking it the way Kazuki had just a moment ago.
The guitarist watched him do it, then again looked at Ikuma's delicately artistic face, now full of pleasure and lust.
"You're so darn irresistible… I want you to ride with me into the sunset every day," the guitarist gasped into Ikuma's ear and then kissed and sucked his neck again.

Ikuma scratched softly Kazuki's back as they came at the same time. Ikuma, the smaller of the two, would have fallen off the bike, hadn't Kazuki had a good grasp of him. Powerless, Ikuma wrapped his arms again around Kazuki's neck and allowed the guitarist to pick him into his arms and then lay him down on the grass. Once they were resting side by side, Ikuma finally opened his eyes after a long while and saw Kazuki's face near to his. The guitarist was petting his hair and cheek and looking at him lovingly.
"So, how did the test ride feel like? Are you interested in making a contract?" Kazuki grinned a little and quickly kissed Ikuma's soft and temptingly full lips.
"Well… Depends."
"You see… My dad… He used to say 'never make part-time contracts about the things you want most.They will only bring you misery when they end.' So, I don't really know how this 'contract' of ours would be…," Ikuma admitted shyly and looked at the guitarist questioningly.
"Ah… I understand. Your father sounds like a wise man. The contract that I had in mind… well… how does it sound if I suggest we make it last a lifetime?"

Ikuma just stared at the guitarist in awe, then reached for him and kissed him fiercely. After a long and passionate kiss, he moved lower and laid his head on Kazuki's chest. The guitarist wrapped his arms around Ikuma and they laid there, bodies entwined.
"Not a bad deal, not at all…," Ikuma purred, satisfied, and kissed Kazuki's chest while held against it.
"Yeah, not at all. My beautiful prince," Kazuki smiled and kissed Ikuma's forehead.
"And you are mine…," the vocalist smiled, dreamily.

~Here lies what is left of me. The rest is mystery. Ignore thyself.~ (Stan Rice)

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Re: Sunset Riders NC-17 (SCREW / AND )

ViestiKirjoittaja shy-rebel » Pe Huhti 22, 2011 6:35 pm

Buenos tardesta jälleen kerran! o/

Toivottavasti ei haittaa, että kommentoin tällä kertaa enkkuficciä suomeksi, sillä tällä hetkellä en millään jaksaisi ajatella kommenttiani englanniksi, anteeksi. :"D Kommentointi kyllä sujuu ihan mukavasti, kun teki mieli lukea ficciä erityisesti tuosta Ikumasta, mielenkiintoinen henkilö kun hän onkin. ;) Lisäksi tietty sitä lukee aina mielellään hyvin kirjoitettua NC-ficciä. ;D

Heti alkuun minun on ihmeteltävä ääneen, miksei tätä ole kommentoitu aiemmin. Screw'llä kun on kuitenkin Suomessa oman käsitykseni mukaan aikas paljon faneja, eikä bändistä kirjoiteta paljoakaan ficcejä (vai olenko väärässä?)... Lisäksi Ikuma näyttää ainakin minun mielestäni vähän Rukilta, joten tämän ficin voisi lukea myös pelkästä uteliaisuudesta, millaiseksi hahmoksi Ikuma kuvataan fanifiktiossa. Ja myönnettäköön, että kuuntelin tätä ficciä selaillessani myös ANDoa. ;D No, toivotaan, että saisit lisää kommentteja näin hyvään tarinaan! ;)

Mutta niin, itse ficciin varmaankin sitten.

Olen lukenut sinulta aikas monta ficciä viimeisen puolen vuoden aikana, joten olen alkanut pikkuhiljaa tunnistaa teokset aivan sinunlaisiksisi. Tarkoitan, että teksteissäsi vallitsee edelleen se jokin omaperäinen juttu, joka tekee tarinoista siten tunnistettavia, että ne ovat sinun kädenjälkeäsi. :D Jokin tunnelmaperäinen seikka sen täytynee olla. Ehkä se, kun tuolla tekstissä on sellaisia romanttisia söpöstelykohtauksia, joita on aina mukava lukea. :) Tai se, kuinka soljuvaan tahtiin ficcien tapahtumat etenevät. Tykkäsin tämän tarinan etenemistahdista, kaikki tapahtui ikään kuin varkain, mutta silti samalla vähän "yksi asia johti toiseen ja se kolmanteen". : D Jees, ehkä minä vielä selvitän tämän itsellenikin kunnolla, mutta pointti on se, että tämä ficci oli tunnistettavissa sinun kirjoittamaksesi. (:

Tai sitten sinun hahmoissasi on aina sellaista söpöyttä, joista heidät tunnistaa sinun kirjoittamiksesi. ;) Ikuma varsinkin oli kovasti mieleeni ollessaan yksinkertaisesti niin söpö tapaus. Mietin tosin monessa kohtaa, miksi hän mainitsi isänsä niin usein. Oliko isä ollut pojalleen suurikin miehen malli, jollaiseksi Ikumakin tahtoi tulla vai miten...? Ainakin tuli mieleen se, että isukki oli Ikumalle hyvin tärkeä mies. Mutta anygays, Ikuman hahmosta pidin kovasti, tosin Kazuki ei jäänyt yhtään hänen söpöytensä varjoon. Päinvastoin, herrat tasapainottivat tarinaa hyvin eikä kumpikaan jäänyt toista vähemmälle osalle, hyvin onnistuneet ja ihanat hahmot siis jälleen kerran. ^^ Kaksikon luonteista (toinen vakava ja toinen huoleton miekkonen) pystyi erottamaan sen, kumpi oli seme ja kumpi uke, mutta heidän luonteensa olivat silti hyvin kirjoitettuja, ei ylilyöntejä niissä. ;)

Ja on edelleen ihanaa, että uskallat kirjoittaa epäröimättä pienemmistäkin bändeistä, joista suurin osa lukijakunnasta ei olisikaan koskaan kuullut. Toivoisin, että moni muukin lukisi tämän ficin ja kiinnostuisi sitä kautta vaikkapa juuri ANDosta! :)

Plussaa myös siitä, että olit perehtynyt tuohon moottoripyöräsanastoon, sillä oikeanlaiset sanat lisäsivät tarinan uskottavuutta moottoripyörien osalta. Yhteen väliin mieleeni tuli jollain tavoin jopa Transformers-leffat (joista minulla on edelleen kakkososa katsomatta, angst) ja sekunnin ajan jopa ajattelin, että kohta tuo Kazukin moottoripyörä muuttuu Autobotiksi. XD Et tahtoisi kirjoittaa jrock-versiota Transformers-leffasta/-leffoista? :D Ajattelin myös ennen kunnollista lukemista, että tämä kertoisi moottoripyöräjengistä, mutta oli oikeastaan parempi, että moottoripyörä näyttäytyi tarinassa enempi intohimoisena harrastuksena kuin elämäntapana. :)

Myöskin tuo NC-kohtaus oli oikein onnistunut ja mukavaa luettavaa, sillä siinä oli kyllä omaperäisyyttä. Hauskaa, että sait moottoripyörän liittymään tuohonkin kohtaukseen jotenkin eikä kyseessä ollut ihan se perinteisin NC-kohtaus. :D Sinä se osaat aina yllättää ficciesi kanssa. Minun piti lukea tuo seksikohtaus varmaan kahteen kertaan, kun en meinannut ensin uskoa lukemaani todeksi. XD Mutta siis tuota kohtausta oli mukava lukea, pitkästä aikaa pääsi lukemaan NC:tä, joka oli kovasti mieleeni! ;) Se oli vain niin hienoa luettavaa, kun hahmojen kemiat toimivat niin hyvin toistensa seurassa. Tosin hajosin kyllä tälle lauseelle tarinan yhteydessä:

"Come on, you'll enjoy it. Give it a try. I'll make you enjoy this ride."

Arvaa vain, hajosinko ja pahasti, kun kuvittelin Kazukin ilmeen tuohon kohtaan! Kohtaus näkyi aivan elävästi mielessäni. XDDDD

Jees, sitten voisin varmaan paneutua tuohon ficcisi nimeen. Vaikka tässä tosiaan mainittiin, että kyse oli alkavasta syksystä, mieleeni piirtyi näkymä keväästä. Kenties se johtuu tästä aurinkoisesta säästä, että mieleni on liiaksi siirtynyt ihkuttamaan kevättä. :"D Mutta tämä tarina olisi mielestäni toiminut keväänkin puitteissa, mutta syksy ja auringonlaskut kuuluvat yhtä lailla yhteen. ^^ Tykkäsin siis tuosta ficcisi nimestä, se oli sopivan romanttinen tähän tarinaan ja kertoikin jo vähän, millaista sanastoa tarinassa tulisi olemaan. ;)

Eipä minulla taida olla muuta sanottavaa tällä kertaa. Voisin mennä vielä itsekin nauttimaan tuosta auringosta, ennen kuin se laskee kokonaan. Mutta yhteenveto tästä lukukokemuksestani on seuraava: Hieno ficci, joka ansaitsisi ehdottomasti enemmän huomiota! Ihanat hahmot, jotka olivat aivan luodut toisilleen, että kyllä tästä parituksesta lukisi mielellään lisääkin - vaikkapa sitten niinä kapinallisina motoristipoikina. ;D Ja kun Lafi-gaalastakin täällä ollaan puhuttu, niin taidan tietää, missä kategorioissa sinua tulenkaan äänestämään... ;) Siitä äänestyksestä ainakin pidän kiinni, vaikka eduskuntavaalit feidasin täydellisesti. :"D Hei, sinä osaat kirjoittaa hyviä ficcejä ja onnistuit jälleen kerran täydellisesti tämänkin ficcisi kanssa! ;D Respect ja tätä lisää, kiitos! ^^

Kiitoksia tästä! <3

P.S. Suosikkireplani oli ehdottomasti tämä:

"Kazuki… Are you sure you want to… share your motorcycle with me?" Ikuma asked gently, perhaps a little doubtingly too.

Kyllä tuo perinteiset iskulauseet voittaa mennen tullen! XD <3
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Re: Sunset Riders NC-17 (SCREW / AND )

ViestiKirjoittaja Anraf » Ke Touko 04, 2011 11:11 pm

Buenos vain sinnekin! Ihanaa kun poimit näitä hieman unohdettujakin tuotoksiani ja löydät niistä jotain kommentoinnin arvoista. Kiitos. :)

SCREW-faneja ehkä onkin, mutta valitettavasti AND tuntuu yhä olevan monelle liiankin uusi tuttavuus. Ehkä vähäinen kiinnostuksentaso johtuu siitäkin. Eikä PwP ehkä pure kaikkiin niin hyvin. Voisin harkita joskus ehkä kirjoittavani Ikumasta jotain pidemmältikin, niin kenties ihmiset havahtuisivat etsimään bändistä lisää.

Tuo on todella rohkaisevaa palautetta, ja otan sitä vastaan mielelläni, etenkin kun tälläkin hetkellä koen taas jonkinlaista apatiaa tekstejäni kohtaan. On mukava kuulla, etteivät kertomistapani ja etenemistahtini karkoita kaikkia lukijoita, vaan että ne antavat joillekin hyvän mielen jopa siihen pisteeseen asti, että lukija haluaa kommentoida. Oletkin ollut tässä todella aktiivinen, kiitos siitä. ♥

Ikuman isästä ja näiden suhteesta en rehellisesti sanottuna tiedä mitään, joten tämä oli ehkä kaikinpuolin fiktiivisin ficci, minkä olen kuunaan kirjoittanut. xD
Olen vain nähnyt Ikumasta ja Kazukista kuvia moottoripyörän kanssa, joten mielikuvia tuli paljonkin siitä, sen lisäksi, että heitimme näistä kahdesta miehestä L'Oreal -läppää kaverini kanssa, ja lopulta näin miehet sieluni silmin ratsastamassa laskevaan aurinkoon moottoripyörineen. Voi ei, autobotteja tässä olisi vielä kaivattukin! haha

Siinä missä muusikoille ovat heidän instrumenttinsa pyhiä, niin on monelle myös heidän menopelinsä, kuten tässä tapauksessa moottoripyörät. Ne symboloivat vaikka mitä salaisissa fantasioissa ja saavat pulssin kiihtymään vain katsellessaan niitä tai keskustellessaan niistä. Joten täytyihän moinen uljas menopeli ottaa mukaan myös "tositoimintaan". Huh, kuulostan nyt itsekin ihan moottoripyörätytöltä. (okei, ehkä olenkin, jos sen mukana vielä tulisi joku tuollainen mies! :D )
Myönnän, että moottoripyöräflirttikin sujui ilman sen suurempia pohtimatta. Hmm. Ehkä alan hengaamaan näissä piireissä ja tsekitän tarjonnan tänä kesänä. (tai sitten en.) Hyvä että tykkäsit siitä!

Huojentavaa kuulla, että vaikka en tiedä näistä herroista paljoakaan verrattuna suosikkijiiruihini, onnistuin silti mielestäsi hahmoluonnehdinnoissa ja henkilökemiassa. Ehkä en olekaan ihan täyspolo, vaikka siltä välillä tuntuukin. Olet ihanan kannustava. Toivottavasti pystyn jatkamaan samoilla linjoilla ja pysyt lukijanani! o/
~Here lies what is left of me. The rest is mystery. Ignore thyself.~ (Stan Rice)

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Re: Sunset Riders NC-17 (SCREW / AND )

ViestiKirjoittaja gnrbu » La Elo 31, 2013 6:50 pm

So, I have no idea whatsoever who these people are but I need to comment two more fics in the next four and a half hours and I've drunk too much and said too little and now I'm quoting Stone Sour and you won't mind, right? Good. It's not like you ever visit Lafi or reply to your comments anymore.

You just might be the only one in Finland to listen to AND, but that vocalist's pretty cute, so I'll give you that.

You actually made them fix a motorcycle. Where's all the gay? I'm appalled. Truly. Thank god you had them fuck. And joke about protection, that made my night even if it was interlaced with the cute vocalist's daddy issues. Wouldn't have been surprised if he had started calling the SCREW guy his daddy while they were at it.

Fast-forwarding the awkward kissing, we get to sex. Yay! This is obviously one of your earlier works, with good boys and focus on sex and very little plot to get in the way. And that's all just fine.

And Ikuma got his guy with a motorcycle. Yay for him. And motorcycles.

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